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    1969 – Part 2 – Slutwife Sex Story

    26 May, 2018 (19:49) | loyal | By: admin

    PART 2

    Telling Tom

    Melissa really didn’t want to tell Tom anything about
    what was going on. Tom had his own cute little swinger
    girl on the side for quite a while. That was one of the
    reasons that he told Melissa to go out and pick up
    someone. With all the discussions of free love, open
    sex, orgies, etc., it was Tom that opened the door for
    Melissa. And Melissa would have just left Tom out of
    the communications. Remember, he said that she didn’t
    even have to tell him.

    Tom was so egocentric that he missed out on learning
    about Melissa’s hardcore fantasies. Oh, he heard her
    say a couple of times that she thought about big black
    penises. But he never bothered to try to get the
    specifics – like that she wanted to be stretched big,
    that she dreamt of huge blacks pounding her over and
    over, that she thought that she would have made a great
    whore in another life, or that she recently became
    interested in the way that Nigerian men use the label
    Jezebel. And he certainly didn’t know that she had a
    masochistic bent for being beat with large penises
    until her vagina was completely changed. That is a
    fairly long list of what Tom did not know.

    But, now Tom also did not know that Melissa had just
    been stretched, and that some of that stretch is
    already permanent. That condition, and the fact that
    she wanted to go back for more, drove her need to tell
    Tom. Fucking around was one topic. And she thought Tom
    should be fine with that, since he suggested it and
    partakes of it himself. But Melissa was quite sure that
    her vagina being split, healing larger, then split
    more, and then healing still larger, over and over and
    over – well, she was sure that Tom should probably be
    prepared for that reality. And by telling him the
    truth, she might find out just how kinky he really is,
    as opposed to how kinky he says that he is.

    Martin told Melissa that he was planning a big weekend
    for her. He thought, in the days prior, she should just
    heal and smoothly stretch from now through Thursday. He
    wanted her to use her ice dildo several times each
    evening and leave a more typical but large dildo in her
    vagina at all other times. That made complete sense to
    Melissa and generally matched her own, well thought
    out, plan. It would certainly help heal her closer to
    the level that the guys would need to restart with.

    Besides, she wanted a routine that she could use
    throughout all the future intense fucking that she
    hoped would happen. She startled, realizing that the
    planning, alone, was making her hot.

    And that, in turn, gave her another realization that
    she must really be a hardcore Jezebel. She was one who
    was into a very special S&M. The thrill of giant
    penises physically remaking her vagina? With all the
    changes already done, and the many changes that might
    happen soon, she thought Tom should know what was

    She called him at a time previously scheduled for a
    standard check in. At first, both bounced the mundane
    daily activities off of each other, with assurance that
    each person was doing well in those types of functions.
    Then she told him that she wanted to discuss a new sex
    perversion that happened right after he left town.

    He acted surprised and definitely was very excited.
    “Give me all the details ”

    And she did give him the details: the visiting post
    docs, the friendly work place, the slow increase of
    personal stories, Martin’s stories of ritualistic sex
    practices, specifically the Jezebel stories, the photo
    album, being turned on by something so perverse, seeing
    that Martin had a bigger and harder penis that she
    imagined in her fantasy, fucking Martin, fucking all
    three, that they had already enlarged her, and that it
    was all done within the view of the graduate residence
    hall under bright light.

    There was silence on the phone.

    “Melissa, Jim Wroth called me in the middle of the
    night, Monday, stammering about looking out his hall
    window with his scope and clearly seeing my wife being
    violently screwed by a black man. He was fairly sure
    that there was a second black man later. If two, then
    they both had huge penises. Jim even thought that they
    fucked you so hard that you might have bled. And, now,
    you confirm much more than he dreamed of.”

    Silence again. Melissa could not immediately think of
    anything to say.

    Tom jumped in again. “I love it, love it, love it. You
    dirty little bitch. You’ve outdone me. I thought some
    of my extreme stuff could never happen. But you went
    out there and did more than I dreamt.”

    “You’re not mad?”

    “Honey, when Jim gave me that report, now I am not
    kidding you, I called home and verified that you still
    were gone. Then, I must have jacked off about three
    times that night. And I didn’t even know the details,
    until you just told me. Now I know that the night was
    much more than poor ole Jim saw. It is as if we were in
    psychic sync and just did not know it. I mean, I have
    wanted a lot of filthy things to be done to that pretty
    little bod of yours, and was actually afraid to tell
    you because some were so bad. And here you have monster
    penises doing more to you than I did ever imagine.”

    Melissa laughs. “Tom , you’ve reminded me why we
    married and went on this crazy trip together. We’re
    both way out there.”

    “Hmmm… You know what, I even had one of those awful
    nasty fantasies where I contracted out a lot of work to
    be done to you. Of course, it covered my turn ons. But,
    by golly, I think that you have found the guys who
    would like such a deal. When are you supposed to see
    them again?”

    “I am resting up right now. You’d laugh at my therapy.
    Don’t ask. But Martin wanted me to be back in action by
    this weekend. I’m already looking forward to it.”

    “Ha I’ll bet you are. Hey, any pics, juicy details, or
    just anything that you think would entertain me, you
    make sure and send it all to me.”

    “Oh, I am sure that I will get something, and I
    certainly will send it over when I do.”

    “I’ll be waiting, that is, for the details… (snicker)

    “Ha yourself. I really appreciate your perversion.” And
    she smooches goodbye.

    And they finished up their phone call in good spirits.
    Now Tom knew or should she say already knew. And he
    liked the idea When Melissa told Martin of the phone
    call, he was pleased to find out that Tom was going
    right along. However, Martin was most impressed by
    Tom’s friend Jim. That report that Jim gave to Tom
    confirmed that hall residents were actually watching.
    In Martin’s mind, Jim had to be just one of many who
    watched closely.

    There Is A Whore At The Door

    On Friday, Melissa was supposed to drop over to the
    fellows’ house at 9:00 PM. With the length of the
    summer days, there was still some light outside when
    the doorbell rang. Robert opened the door. There stood
    Melissa, with two long dark pony tails, red high heels,
    red thigh high hose, a red sparkle tank top and no
    skirt. She did, though, have a red thong on.

    “Get in here.” And Robert and Martin both yanked her
    through the door. Everyone was laughing at the audacity
    of this woman. Robert had both pony tails held out,
    while looking straight into her face and was saying,
    “You are so sexy, very brave, and maybe quite insane.”

    Martin had fallen back into a chair near the stairway,
    breaking into fits of laughter. And Christopher was
    caught coming down the stairs again, this time asking,
    “What happened?” Then, upon seeing Melissa, he said,
    “Oh, wow, she happened.” Everyone complimented her on
    her outfit and its minimalist style.

    It was quite suspect, when, looking for any immediate
    excuse, Robert suggested that they go out somewhere to
    celebrate, uh, maybe just to celebrate the beginning of
    a weekend, or maybe celebrate Melissa’s outfit? For
    either reason, Robert said that he knew where to go.
    Melissa was wondering where they could possibly take
    her, dressed the way that she was dressed. Robert told
    her not to worry, and they all headed for Robert’s car.

    In about ten minutes, Robert pulled up at the city’s
    infamous xxx book store. They all piled out and headed
    inside. Robert knew the black man behind the counter.
    He enjoyed seeing his friend’s eyes almost fall out of
    his head. Robert introduced Melissa to “Kai”, and said,
    “We’re just looking…” Laughs all around. Kai came
    from Nigeria also and was just working the evening
    shift for extra college money. Robert knew that Kai had
    a very large penis, because he had seen him use it back
    in Nigeria.

    “Have many customers?

    Kai replied, “There are few in the book racks and
    several more back in the film booths.”

    Melissa began strolling down the magazine aisle,
    looking at all the xxx covers. A white guy came around
    the corner and turned whiter, when he saw Melissa.
    Martin, Robert and Christopher brightened up, and
    Martin said,

    “Have you met our girl?”

    “Noooo.” in a low tone, was his only response.

    “Melissa, show him your thong.”

    She spins around in front of the man showing her
    beautiful figure and outfit.

    Martin again, “No, Melissa, I meant show him your

    Now she understood the dirty joke. She smoothly slipped
    off the thong and held it up for the man to see. He had
    a difficult time keeping his eyes on the thong. Rather,
    his eyes kept shifting to her fantastic bare pelvis.
    Martin called her back over to him, and then the white
    guy got to watch her ass move over to the counter. He
    appeared very happy; beaming might be the word.

    “Kai, is that sex seat still on display?”

    “Sure is Martin. It’s around the corner.”

    Everyone, including the white guy, peered around the
    corner. Against the outside wall was a multi-colored
    metal tube frame contraption. It had a sort of bicycle
    seat central, and a way to stretch out the girl semi
    reclining, with her legs supported wide in many
    possible positions.

    It would hold her at a level for a guy to stand normal
    and fuck away. Actually, the height was quickly
    adjustable; so, any stature of man could be
    accommodated. Martin told Melissa to try it out for

    She went over, climbed in, spread her legs real wide on
    the middle rungs, and looked very comfortable. The
    white guy is about to have that heart attack. Martin
    just pretended to scratch his chin.

    “I don’t know. Something is missing. Kai. Why don’t you
    go over and show us how it works.”

    Kai was very cooperative, and started stripping off his
    shirt and pants. Martin leaned over and whispered in
    Kai’s ear that this was their American Jezebel, and
    that Kai was free to use everything he had. Kai smiled
    real big. And Melissa suspected what Martin had told
    him. At that moment, his baggy boxer shorts dropped.
    And the biggest penis yet started filling immediately.
    Melissa thought this unbelievable. Where had these men
    been hiding? In another world, or just another country?
    And how could they get bigger? Kai was really
    monstrous. He had at least another full inch in length
    on Robert, not as wide as Robert maybe, but wider than

    As he walked over to Melissa, his penis was coming up
    to full staff. He liked to chew on nipples, so he
    pulled Melissa’s tank top up over her head and threw it
    over to Martin. Then he bent over and did chew on
    Melissa for a few minutes. She was stimulated very
    well. His fingers touched her opening. He had brought
    over some house lube and, even though she was wet, he
    placed some in her opening. Then he placed the head of
    his penis on target and started to enter her. That head
    was slightly smaller than Melissa’s fist.

    Yet, soon, his the head was in her. She was arching
    back in the seat. The seat was made to push her opening
    forward and spread it; its structure had gravity,
    angles and just about everything going for it. Kai was
    very happy with this white woman. So small. Yet, so
    muscular. And so good on his penis. He pushed forward
    three to four inches, and starting the true screwing
    motions. Melissa was already squealing and cumming. He
    put it in farther. Farther. Farther.

    She was stuck on two thirds of him. Kai’s large head
    was easily seen poking up and around in her gut as he
    did the twisting, screwing motion. Kai looked around to
    Martin, and gave a questioning look; it was as if to
    ask if Martin was sure about the classification of this
    little woman. Martin fanned his right wrist and hand in
    a ‘go on, go on, go on’ motion.

    That was when Kai started to pump deeper and harder.
    Soon, the thumping sound within Melissa was filling the
    room. She held onto handles that were built into the
    chair, with her legs remaining wide, and her high heels
    now planted in stirrup type rings. She panted, grunted,
    groaned, and moaned, all while her vagina tried to take
    the penis. It looked like a forearm going in and out of
    her. In addition to the thumping that he was doing, he
    was making her pop, both going in and coming out.

    He bent over her and bit her right nipple. She screamed
    and came harder. Then he bit the left nipple.
    Screaming, cumming, arching, ugh type sounds; there was
    a little bit of everything. The nipple distraction had
    allowed him to surprise her with more length. A minimum
    of ten inches slipped into her. Kai looked over at
    Martin once more. Again, the ‘go on, go on, go on’

    Kai began plowing her big time. After only a few more
    minutes, he buried it in her and met her pelvis to

    While still buried, he pulsated and jerked the large
    penis, just to see the tiny white body be flipped up
    and down with it. She smiled and laughed each time that
    he did the maneuver. Now Kai was getting more excited,
    he felt her become just a hair wider at the same time
    that she screamed loudly. A small rip, perhaps, and a
    small amount of blood. But it was insignificant to
    Melissa. It was becoming obvious to Melissa that it was
    going to take a lot more shocking fucking to continue
    anything like the changes that occurred earlier in the

    She may have not quite understood how nice Kai was
    being at that moment. He was, in fact, capable of
    making more of a major type of change in Melissa, the
    kind that she was thinking would be necessary. And he
    could have made Melissa much bigger during just this
    one session. Martin knew that about Kai. Martin had
    indicated to Kai that he personally OK’d such changes.
    But Kai felt uneasy, he still did not believe that this
    miniature American beauty was subject to a full Jezebel

    So, in a very real sense, he was holding back. He was
    actually frightened to physically attack the little
    white in her own country. Unlike the police and other
    authorities in Nigeria, the police in Midwestern USA
    would probably not tolerate anything like, say, a
    beautiful and defenseless white woman being ripped to
    her ass. So, Martin could motion ‘go ahead’ all he
    wanted. Kai was not going to be anything like his wild
    unhindered version might be like.

    Now three white patrons were peering around the corner
    into the room with the sex seat. They focused on a
    spread eagle Melissa, with this very black man now
    slowly moving almost 13 or so inches in and out of her.
    Each man considered that he had never seen anything
    like this in one of the back room pay booths. A fourth
    man came around the corner. He was the janitor on the
    bio sciences floor where Melissa managed her lab. He
    immediately recognized Melissa and just as immediately
    almost came in his pants. In his own book, he had done
    the proverbial ‘died and gone to heaven’.

    Kai decided that Melissa could take straight on now.
    That is, she might remain with the minor ‘glad to meet
    you’ tear only, if he was just careful to go straight
    now. No pivoting, no twisting, no prying. And, so he
    did start speeding up, with a straight line fuck that
    even the white guys might be more comfortable with
    seeing. He stroked her that way for another ten
    minutes, rocking the tubular chair back and forth and
    watching Melissa cum. Then he came, with Melissa
    bucking in the air. And Kai could cum a lot.

    Everyone watched the white goo spurt out around the
    sides of his penis. A steady stream ran down between
    her cheeks and then started to form long rubber band
    type drips that eventually made it all the way to the
    floor. He kept cumming. The crack between her cheeks
    filled solid with creamy white. He kept cumming. The
    cum began to fall to the floor in larger amounts. He
    rested it in her all the way, with the muscles of his
    butt and upper legs pinching and pressing in every last
    fraction of an inch and every last drop. Melissa
    started having spasms around his penis, jerking and
    quivering intensely. Much more white goo oozed out of
    her. A large puddle of cum began to form at the base of
    the chair. Kai certainly deserved to be the store
    worker who mopped up that night.

    Everyone watched Kai slowly pull completely out. Robert
    joked that they had time for commercial break. Lots of
    laughter, including some gasp, laugh, giggle, gasp,
    laugh sequences from Melissa. He finally popped out.
    She stayed open. Red, a little more ragged and wider,
    otherwise, she was in amazing condition; for
    considering what had just been done to her, her opening
    could not have looked much better.

    She thought she would relax for a moment and recover.
    Christopher had already begun stripping as Kai
    finished. Now he was nude and hard and walking into
    Melissa’s spread. Just for a very smooth start, he was
    also using some of the house brand oil that Kai handed
    out as samples. He slipped into Melissa’s large hole
    and immediately bottomed out with no problem. Whites
    and blacks all watched Christopher start his very rough
    brand of fucking.

    He went directly into a fast hard hitting fuck. And
    Melissa was screaming pretty loud to have just started.
    Christopher looked down at her lovely belly, saw his
    penis moving up and down in her, and did something that
    Martin and Robert had seen him do only once before. In
    fact, Christopher could only do it to a woman who had a
    thin and muscular abdominal wall; and Melissa was a
    prime candidate in his mind. While keeping a strong
    right hand on the frame of the seat for support, he
    reached down to her belly with his left. He actually
    grabbed for his penis with his hand. Melissa startled
    and looked down at what he was doing.

    He pushed his hand into her tight little abdomen, just
    enough to grab everything that happened to be around
    his penis. Finally he narrowed the grip to her vagina
    that surrounded him and his penis beneath. It was easy
    for him to feel the hard penis inside that vagina. He
    began to poke his penis deep while, at the same time,
    he pulled down on her vagina. That way, by using her
    vagina as a soft sleeve, it all became a velvety smooth
    jack off. His hard grip, along with a synchronized
    thrust, forced her vagina down over every minor detail
    of his penis. The more he pulled her down over himself,
    the more he molded her vagina into an extended length.

    Christopher loved feeling her vagina getting soft and
    stretchy. Soon, he had his hand tightly encircling the
    base of the vagina and penis in one very accurate and
    powerful grip. That way, he was holding the bottom half
    of her vagina within the gripped fist. That required
    the unrestricted top half of the vagina to do his
    entire 10 inch stretch. In effect, that distance of
    overly stretched top vaginal muscle would be added to
    the already well stretched section that he had within
    his tight grip. He had developed this unique way of
    going directly to what needed to be changed.

    She gave off true guttural sounds, repeatedly watched
    him jacking her vagina down over himself, and
    repeatedly fell back into the chair with powerful
    orgasms. This technique that he was using almost made
    her feel that he might pop right through the top of her
    vagina . He would even occasionally just hold it down
    as far as he could pull it, and stand there flexing his
    penis within for that last little stretch. He would
    hold her like that for 20 or more seconds.

    With his dedication and stamina for Jezebel stretching,
    Christopher was rather well known for making major
    changes. From the moment he had first seen Melissa’s
    super trim pelvis on Monday, he had planned on doing
    this forceful stretch. As he proceeded, he would grab a
    little more of her vagina into his fist, making the
    smaller section that was left above do the stretch for
    the entire length of his penis. It was suspiciously
    similar to the way socks are put on. Perhaps that is
    where Christopher got the idea. Still, to apply the
    idea to a woman was an interesting adaptation. And in
    any adaptation or application involving a Jezebel,
    Christopher had one consistent standard. ‘Over do it ‘

    Ten minutes later, Christopher finally came in her now
    baggy vagina. And more cum dropped to the floor, just
    as he pulled his hand away from Melissa. She had made
    all her best sounds as Christopher worked. And though
    she was not sure what just happened, it somehow fit her
    own perverted idea of what feels good. There were deep
    impressions where his fingers had been. She rubbed
    herself, trying to buff up the indented sections. It
    was slowly working.

    It was Martin who decided to change the location again.
    He offered his hand to help Melissa out of the sex
    chair contraption. She stood up wobbly. As she came to
    vertical, a large amount of cum drained out of her
    vagina in long gooey stringy drops. He paused with her
    for a moment, so that everyone, including the white
    guys, could see the cum oozing out. She looked sharp,
    with excess rosy cheeks and her beautiful bod still
    intact. Still she would have had to be considered a
    very bad girl for having no real clothes on, being
    fucked in public, and, of course, draining massive
    amounts of cum.

    She was going to put on what limited clothes that she
    brought, and head to the bathroom for clean up. But
    Robert had the tank top, and Martin had the thong, and
    neither were going to let her have either item. They
    said that they wanted her to stay like that, with the
    cum draining down both legs and onto the thigh highs.

    “Let’s go.” And Martin led the way with Melissa in
    hand. Everyone walked with her out into the bright
    parking lot, which was next door to the mall. Even the
    whites piled out into the lot. Martin had Melissa
    slowly spin around in an open area of the parking lot
    that was next to an adjoining night club. A few lone
    males and several couples were outside the entrance,
    watching that dynamite 62 body spin. Then, he had her
    wave goodbye to both establishments as he put her in
    the back seat of the car.

    Needed: A Bigger Audience

    Martin chewed on Melissa’s nipples and stuck one, two,
    three, then four of his large fingers in her ass while
    they drove back to the house. Call it, just something
    to do. When they arrived at the house, they had the
    city sidewalk to traverse and then the walk up their
    own short sidewalk. Seemed like it should be a quick
    trip, and without incident. But foot traffic, around
    there, on a Friday night, was usually pretty heavy. So,
    it was no surprise to the fellows that there seemed to
    be groups of 4 to 8 walkers at a time flowing past
    their house.

    They weren’t going to wait for what might be a rare
    break in the flow. They told Melissa to get out and
    walk very slowly to the door. Martin had the others
    wait, while he took all the time that he needed to wipe
    the back seat clean. Melissa had gotten out of the car
    just in time to be on the sidewalk with about five
    guys. They started to whistle and give the standard
    “hormones only” greeting, but soon they were
    overwhelmed with the look of this nude woman. They
    became a sort of worshiping audience, as she walked
    through them and casually headed for the door. The
    walkers walked no more. They just stood there watching
    her ass travel up the sidewalk to the front door.

    Martin, Robert and Christopher hopped out of the car.
    That started the walkers walking again. The three
    traveled up their sidewalk to where Melissa had turned
    around to strike a real pose. They patted her on the
    shoulders, breasts and ass, as they passed to unlock
    the door and finally take her inside. Martin told her
    that she had plenty of time to go to the bathroom,
    “refreshen”, take off her soiled hose, and, “Oh yeah,
    put the pretty red heels back on.”

    She still had her two pony tails with red ties, and her
    red heels, when she came back into the living area.
    Everything else was nice and bare. Christopher was
    watching TV Melissa guessed that he was very relieved,
    and chuckled a little to herself. However, Martin and
    Robert looked hungry. Now, that was more like what
    Melissa was hoping for.

    The ride home, the rectal probing, and her easy
    acceptance and enjoyment of such probing, all helped
    Martin think of what to do next. Melissa smiled, as
    Robert took her right hand, Martin took her left, and
    both walked her into the atrium area. The svelte white
    sex muscle on heels was headed for a big show time.
    Martin let go and let Robert lead her away. Over in
    what had become the central display area, the lounge
    was in the center of the tiles, with all other chairs,
    stools, and cabinets moved completely out of the area.
    That left the lounge as the clear single focus. No
    doubt that a true focus from above was in mind with
    this planning.

    Melissa’s sexual curiosity was rampant. Wondering what
    in the world they had next for her was itself a
    ‘stimulating’ entertainment. Robert led her straight
    toward the lounge. On their way, he flipped the halogen
    light switch. The spot lights had all been
    repositioned. Now they all were targeted on that
    central area where the lounge sat. From just out of
    what would be the picture, and coming from 360 degrees
    they now bathed that lounge in super white light. A
    high quality view could be beheld from any angle.

    But Robert had personally oriented the lights at the
    east edge to combine their spots most intensely upon
    the central and lower portions of the lounge. In
    another words, if you just happened to be viewing from
    above and to the east, you got the most help for your
    visual acuity. And it was no accident that the foot of
    the lounge was pointed directly east. Melissa
    understood that this was real showmanship for the
    residence hall. She also knew that Tom had verified
    that Jim Wroth, and an unknown number of other people,
    would make certain to periodically check the atrium
    out, certainly after the halogens came on and alerted
    all watchers on a late Saturday night.

    This all seemed set up to make this as public as they
    could possibly do, while still being within their own
    house and being able to claim that all walls shielded
    from pedestrians and the view from passing cars. After
    all, the open night sky was an innocent place to have
    sex directly under, right? True, especially in your own
    home. The people peering in, especially when using
    scopes and binoculars, would be the ones in violation
    of peeping Tom laws. She laughed out loud, thinking
    that her ‘Tom’ would love to sneak a look.

    “What?” Her laugh had come out of no where and
    surprised Robert.

    Melissa reassured him with a simple, “Oh, nothing, just
    thinking of something funny.”

    “Well let’s do something funny, strange and, perhaps,
    very entertaining for both you and our audience up
    there.” And he walked her into the bright light, and
    stood her at the head of the lounge, facing that now
    famous east direction. Then he got busy. All the lounge
    angles could be adjusted for head or leg lift and
    interesting combinations. He raised only the bottom
    half up, with as steep of an angle as it would allow.
    He sat the Vaseline down by the lounge and began
    stripping. And he sat down nude on the flat portion of
    the lounge, at first facing south. He motioned for
    Melissa to come on over.

    She got there, kneeled down, took his penis into her
    mouth, and gave a wonderfully delicious blow job. It
    only took a minute or so for him to fill quite nicely.
    She was thinking that she could get quite used to
    these, large, hard, direct connections to men. Then,
    for the most unusual move yet, Robert swung around to
    lay back on the flat portion of the lounge. Rather than
    put his long legs straight up the incline, he just put
    one foot on each side of the lounge and moved his own
    pelvis slightly up the incline.

    He lubed up, and told Melissa to straddle him. She put
    her legs between his and the lounge, stood over him and
    slowly squatted down. That projected the maximum view
    angle up, and east. Along with the lighting, it became
    a spectacularly clear viewing. She very slowly slipped
    down. Robert was quite pleased with Christopher. He
    thought that Christopher had done an excellent job in
    stretching Melissa, for she felt much larger than
    Robert remembered. That made the slide up into her much
    easier, much smoother than it was on Monday. In fact,
    Robert finally decided that it was delightfully
    astonishing, and that she had slid down on most of his
    length in what he believed to be less than a minute.

    The last few inches were worked in by him beginning to
    upward thrust, while she rotated her ass downward.
    After less than, perhaps, five minutes total, he was in
    all the way. She looked down at him and smiled, then
    threw her head back, wiggled and quite literally went
    orgasmic on him. She bucked and twisted while he
    rammed. As she would come forward with the top of her
    body and grab his shoulder and later his neck, her ass
    would pick up and show that crystal clear view of his
    penis spreading her as it went all the way in and
    almost all the way out.

    They fucked intensely in this position for 15 to 20
    minutes. From his angle, Robert could see the cheaper
    cameras flash, since their owners could not turn that
    function off. He knew the better ones were seeing
    straight through excellent lenses and using the great
    light that he provided for them. He had no idea how
    many of those were clicking. But, even with no camera
    attached, those hall residents with scopes or
    binoculars were getting images that would last a
    lifetime for them anyway.

    He asked Melissa if she would look around and up at the
    hall. Her ass was pumping violently on him, with her
    gasping and usually not even capable of making the
    decision to make such a movement. But under her
    gasping, panting and her high frequency squeals, there
    began to be that wicked smile. She took her hands off
    of his shoulders, where she had been bracing with them.

    Those hands moved to her waist in a proud show stance;
    she licked her lips, and twisted her waist and her head
    all at the same time. She gave a great cheesy smile to
    the hall. While holding that top half of herself frozen
    in pose, she did a great proud flip up of her ass,
    which revealed Robert’s penis stuck into her. Quite an
    easy contortion for her. It was a beautiful pose for
    anytime, anywhere. But here, at this moment, she
    figured it would be perfect. Robert was thinking that
    there could be a no more brazen Jezebel on Earth.

    Martin walked into the bright light at that exact
    moment. Already hard, already well greased, he walked
    over to the lounge. Melissa spun her head back around
    to her right in order to see Martin. She was able to
    leave her ass flipped up high all during that move.
    What a showgirl

    “Well, hello there.” Was her smiling greeting to
    Martin. He smiled back real big, but did not say

    He walked over, threw one of his long legs over and to
    the left side of Melissa, and then straddled her just
    slightly above the bottom of her waist. She twisted her
    neck even more to get a look back at him and her rear.

    “Oh, my…” Were her favorite two words of

    He had some Vaseline on his right finger tips. He poked
    that in her ass, rounding it out once again and making
    sure the Vaseline went deep.

    Melissa continued, “Oh my. Oh dear.”

    And then Martin started into her ass with his penis.
    There is great doubt that a woman’s eyes could open any
    farther in startle mode. And there is no doubt that
    Melissa’s ass had absolutely never opened as much as it
    was opening now. He got the head to finally pop in.
    Robert was holding about halfway into her vagina.
    Martin kept greasing his shaft, just where it was
    disappearing into Melissa’s ass. She was tossing and
    shaking her head and yelling Ohs, Ows, and chains of
    combinations of those sounds.

    When he was halfway in, he angled to her left side so
    he would begin to slide up her colon. After all, he had
    to put it somewhere. As he did that, Robert started up
    again. Melissa was driven fairly mad at that moment.
    The breath was mostly out of her, but what was heard
    was more like “uuuuh” in short, medium and very long
    variations. Robert made sure to bury himself before
    Martin got in too far. Everything inside needed to be
    pushed aside properly, so that each might fit and so
    that both would able to work. Robert held deep in her
    vagina, and Martin continued to push a little left and
    up her colon. He was already eight to ten inches into
    her ass. There were only a few inches on the outside.
    Both he and Robert decided that she was actually too
    silent. Martin looked at Robert, who could see
    Melissa’s face. Martin nodded for Robert to check her

    “Melissa. Melissa. Hey, Melissa ”

    From tucked down, her face came up slowly. Her eyes
    were wild, and beads of sweat were on her forehead and
    red face.

    “Y..e..a..h ? W..h..a..t?”

    “Are you alright?”


    “Are you sure?”

    “Y..e..a..h.” And she let her head fall forward to
    right beside his ear, “Do… it… to… me.”

    Robert grinned and looked up to Martin, while keeping
    the grin and giving Martin the tiniest of nods.

    They both started very slowly into fucking their
    assigned holes. If someone were telescoping this
    picture right now, they saw her butt full and her
    vagina full. The area between her vulva and anus, the
    perineum, was very narrow and very taunt now. Soon
    their penises were trying to saw Melissa in half. At
    least that is what it looked like. And the ‘perineum’?

    Just as slowly as they started, they were speeding up.
    The residence hall population, that part that knew to
    look, was watching these two dark Africans, both over 6
    � feet tall. And they were watching them sawing their
    hard and, what no one could deny, unusually large
    penises into what must be a ‘sweet’ ‘innocent’ and very
    beautiful 62 , 104 pound, white woman.

    Many were probably thinking, ‘there ought to be a law.”
    And, indeed, there were a lot of them in various parts
    of the USA. But luckily for these three fuckers, there
    was no such law in this “god awful” liberal state. And
    the guys sawed away. By less than 20 minutes into the
    whole procedure, they were getting their entire lengths
    into her. Her pussy was stretching to be an even more
    loose bag, one that Christopher could be proud of.
    Plus, now, her lower colon was being dilated big time.

    This was ‘hard’ work. And no one appreciated that more
    than Melissa. She had regained her breath and a few
    senses, just in time for them to start fucking her the
    hardest. So, now, she could scream, yell, huff, puff,
    gasp and do all the other things that reassured Martin
    and Robert. Sort of what might be called, ‘that’s our
    girl ” vital signs.

    For quite a while, Martin, as soon as he knew she could
    take it, had been prying up as he thrust. That would
    pull her ass up a little, similar to when she popped it
    up herself early on. It helped stretch the ass,
    perineum and even pull against what Robert was doing.
    All of her ‘worked over’ area was on perfect display.
    That perineum middle ground was under great pressure
    and showed it.

    She looked up at Robert and almost asked if this is how
    the 19 year old African woman got the scars. Just as
    she was going to ask, the guys changed the rhythm to
    one of taking perfect turns with her holes. And they
    sped up the rate. They were both doing an excellent
    full length plungering of Melissa. Melissa looked up at
    Robert again.

    He looked down at her, but looked under her face and
    down onto her abdomen. There he not only could see the
    outline of himself going in and out of her, he could
    see Martin doing the same. That was too much for even
    Robert. After seeing that done to her, he got excited
    and came within the next few seconds. Since he was
    under her, there was a major leakage that drained back
    onto him.

    Martin fucked her ass for a few minutes more before he
    came. In his case, his cum went deep and stayed deep.
    He pulled out of her and left the famous absolute hole.
    Robert pushed her up and over to the side, laying her
    down sideways onto the lounge, as he slid off. She
    rolled to her back.

    As she laid there, breathing like a long distance
    runner, she spread her legs. Her vaginal opening and
    her anal opening were temporarily the same size.
    Neither was closing up much. And only now did Martin’s
    cum start to gush out of her ass. She was surprised,
    very surprised that she was not completely torn. She
    looked closer and did notice extreme true stretch marks
    just behind and under the vaginal opening or vulva. To
    her, they looked strong enough to possibly be

    She looked up at the hall, waved and threw herself
    backwards onto the lounge in a dramatic feigning of
    exhaustion. Her arms and legs all flopped over the
    sides of the lounge. Those who might still be watching
    could readily believe that this scene was just as real
    as what they had been watching for the last half hour.

    It was really quite believable, in fact most probable,
    that the woman they saw double penetrated so extremely
    well for over a half hour could be collapsed, laying
    there oozing out of both grossly stretched holes.

    Saturday Fun

    Melissa had gotten home at about 2:00 AM Saturday
    morning. After dildo icing, one in each hole, she
    finally got wound down and fell asleep around 4:00 AM.
    She slept till noon. When she got up, she remembered
    that Martin said they were taking her out of town
    tonight. He gave her instructions to wear a knock about
    jean outfit for the trip, but bring the killer stuff,
    including some great heels, in a tote bag. He told her
    several times that they were going to leave around 6
    PM. The only thing more that he said about where, was,
    “Somewhere special.” True, that did not narrow down the
    possibilities, but the thought of more surprises was
    turning her on again.

    A steak and egg Australian type meal, then she hurried
    off to the gym, where she did an aerobics class and
    went through a 24 station weight circuit. She could
    think of a multitude of reasons why she might need some
    good conditioning. For one, her new friends seemed to
    be trying to exhaust her.

    Melissa laid out a couple of outfit combos, just in
    case, and a couple of pairs of heels, just in case.
    Lots of personal clean up stuff, including a first aid
    kit, a Kotex panty liner and her little igloo cooler,
    which was also full of ‘just in case’. By then, it was
    after 5:30 PM. So, off she went to meet the guys, and
    find out more about her Saturday night.

    Melissa had some interesting past times during her car
    ride to Chicago. It was less than 60 minutes from the
    university. Still it was hard to keep hands off of her,
    or, frankly, for her to keep hands off of them. Poor
    Robert was driving while Melissa gave Christopher and
    Martin both great blow jobs. She both relieved their
    travel tension and got to find out how it was to get a
    double load of cum in her mouth. She thought both
    salty, but much thicker and more creamier than Tom. And
    then there was that volume, a good 1 to 2 oz. each.

    They arrived, and it was still very early in the
    evening for this, Martin’s very perverted swingers
    club. Martin had the membership that was going to admit
    them all. More than private. This was a fairly secret
    club. It was held in a converted warehouse. One of the
    rich members owned it and still presented it to the
    authorities as a warehouse. The cars did not park
    outside. Rather, they came through a special automated
    door and parked inside, so no one could even verify
    that anyone was at the building.

    The greeter was very impressed by Melissa, who was
    still in her jeans. He directed her to the nearest
    restroom and dressing area. The guys looked around, but
    few people were there yet. So, they had a few drinks at
    the cash bar. Soon, that Melissa doll walked up in all
    purple. A purple bow holding the base of her one sided
    tail, purple eyeliner, purple beads around her neck, a
    purple sleeveless half top with a violet butterfly
    central, her beautiful tight abdomen showing, a purple
    mini (another one of her 14 ones), naked super toned
    legs and purple high heels. This girl could

    They walked around, just looking where the various
    activities would later be. Martin said the rooms were
    sized according to the normal amount of participants
    for the particular interest. Each had its own label,
    such as: Gang, Fist, Take On The Big Man, orgy room 1,
    orgy room 2, and so on. But, again, few people of any
    type were around. Martin took his party of four into
    one of the most tucked away rooms. There he gave
    everyone a small tab of mescaline. Melissa had tripped
    numerous times in the past and felt comfortable with
    such activities. Just as the guys might be wondering
    about sex enhancement, so was she, especially tonight,
    in this place.

    Though the guys had a few beers spread over the next
    two hours, Melissa deferred the alcohol. She preferred
    a more pure mescaline effect. And the drug did begin to
    hit just as the volume of patrons became very
    noticeable. There must have been 140 or more in the
    building by 9:30 PM. Most were there as part of a
    couple. Unlike most similar functions, this one
    appeared to have enlisted primarily the young and
    handsome. It was a visual bias, but the standard also
    considered and chose for the physical conditioning and
    stamina that was associated with this club’s particular

    Melissa enjoyed her floating enhanced perception, which
    included how she saw body parts. And that topic
    suddenly got quite interesting. All four walked into
    the ‘Fist’ area, where about 20 to 30 people were
    either standing or sitting on the floor. All the
    visitors were sharply dressed. Men were in the closest
    thing to dress muscle shirts and pants, with women in
    great variations of the type of outfit that Melissa was
    smart enough to pick out for herself.

    On a slightly elevated stage section of the room, three
    very young teenage boys had prepared a very special
    kind of stockade device. It sat central. Each boy had
    only a Speedo type bottom on. Melissa’s group had
    arrived just in time to see the boys do a simple
    drawing of numbers. They held up and called out number
    8. A beautiful 67 , 120 pound, blonde raised her right
    hand while sheepishly smiling as she began to stand up.
    The rest of the crowd applauded. She was wearing a
    black tank top, a bare midriff, a black mini, black net
    thigh highs, and shiny black 6 heels.

    She was a very nice vision, as she turned to her male
    partner. He smiled, raised his eyebrows very high and
    gave a ‘what can I do about it?’ gesture. Girls and
    guys in her own section of the room began applauding
    again. The blonde nervously approached the stage. When
    she finally stepped upon the stage, all three boys
    turned her back around to face the crowd. She continued
    to be very nervous, now adding a nervous laugh as she
    faced that crowd. As she stood there, one boy pulled up
    and off her top, while another unzipped and pulled down
    and off her skirt. Top and bottom were tossed back to
    the section where she had been sitting.

    After the tosses, they spun her around so that she then
    had her rear to the audience. Her thin black bikini cut
    undies had side snaps. One of the boys used both snaps
    simultaneously and tossed the panties in the same
    direction as the other clothing. Now, she had only her
    black net hose and the black heels. The boys had her
    bend forward, while they spread her ass cheeks for that
    crowded audience. As one boy started stretching her ass
    wide, another sat directly under her standing spread
    and reached up to firmly pull apart her vaginal

    After they showed everyone how she looked at this
    start, they moved her over to the strange stockade. The
    end facing that crowd had two thick cushions at ankle
    level. The boys placed her left foot on the outside of
    the left cushion and her right foot on the outside of
    the right cushion. Those cushions were there to
    maintain over a three foot spread. Once the ankles were
    exactly where they needed to be, the boys spun a
    shackle out from behind the cushion. Each shackle went
    completely around her ankle and latched in place. Then
    they had her lean forward, placing her abdomen over a
    barrel type pillow.

    That and the spread popped her ass up high. After she
    was in that position, one boy grabbed a wide leather
    belt that was already bolted on his side. He threw the
    end of it across to his partner, who threaded it under
    his side of the apparatus, and pulled it snug and
    latched it through a metal buckle. The table like
    surface where she laid had holes for her breasts to
    hang through. As she laid there, wrist straps were put
    in place and a large, sort of blinder section was
    placed as a bridge over the back of her neck and along
    each side of her head; that kept her from seeing the
    audience or who might be working on her.

    When she was finally in place, the third boy produced a
    pair of specially made devices. At one end was a super
    sealing suction cup that could suck up tight to fit the
    ends of most breasts. Her size was just right to
    immediately be cupped. A silly putty type substance
    sealed all around. At the other end of the device were
    large handle bar type grips. One at a time, he placed a
    cup over each breast. He then connected an electronic
    suction to a valve just above each handle.

    He held the suction on long enough to suck each cup
    extremely tight over each nipple/areola area. Each
    sealed as well as any commercial suction cup. He needed
    to test them, so he laid down under the breasts,
    reached up and grabbed a handle with each hand. He then
    pulled himself from flat to within about 30 or so
    degrees of a sitting straight up by using just the
    handles and her attached breasts. He felt a rock solid
    connection and a good stretch of her breasts. She
    screamed when he did that, as much out of surprise as

    The other two greased into her ass and vagina with lots
    of lubricant. While one kept her spread to the max, the
    other boy started probing her vaginal opening with
    three, four, then five finger tips. When he got her
    wide enough, he put the palm of each hand inside her
    edges and pulled her apart. He kept an increasingly
    strong pull in place as he moved his hands all around
    her 360 degrees. For many minutes, he massaged and
    pulled outward.

    When he had what he considered a wide enough gap, he
    stuck his hand directly into her and began fist fucking
    her. She squealed and shook. The boy underneath her
    breasts grabbed the suction handles again and pulled
    himself up again. But this time he just held on in that
    ‘almost’ sitting up position. He waited like that while
    the fist fucker was warming up.

    The boy in her vagina was now very roughly deep fisting
    her, ramming her and twisting his fist for more space.
    The boy who was holding her spread earlier no longer
    felt that was necessary. He reached for his own
    lubricant, got a lot, and shoved it in her ass. He
    poked, probed and stretched until most of his hand was
    in. At that moment, the punching strokes into her
    vagina helped cause the second fist to slip completely
    into her rectum. Then both fists were brushing by each
    other inside. Melissa was watching all of this as her
    mescaline hit. She was in awe.

    The blonde beauty’s lovely legs quivered all the way
    down to her ankles; the tips of her stiletto heels were
    even shaking. At the head of the unique stockade,
    Melissa noticed that the woman’s breasts were still
    holding the boy in his semi-incline position. His grip
    on her handles was strong. The boys then started to
    back off. Her breast handles were released, and the
    other two slowly pulled out of her bottom. The audience
    applauded in appreciation. The blonde’s date,
    boyfriend, or husband was one of the persons
    applauding. Her breasts were hanging an inch or so
    lower and both her ass and ‘pussy’ were red gaping

    The boys feigned reaching to release the wrist straps,
    the belt and her ankle shackles. They all paused at
    each location, and looked to the crowd for an
    indication of permission to unhook her. At first, there
    were people giving a sweet satisfactory type of
    applause. That was slowly replaced by a staggered, but
    always increasing, “More… more… more.” In fact,
    those who initially applauded a release joined in
    requesting ‘more’. The boys gave a dramatic jerk away
    of their hands, as if to indicate that they would not
    think of releasing her now. On the other side of the
    blinder, the blonde was muttering, “Oh my god!”

    Those boys knew a good way to intensify the show, and
    probably finish the girl. The boys began a very
    purposeful selection; the boy most up front pointed his
    finger at certain audience members, “You, you and you.”
    Melissa was the first one who he pointed at. The other
    two were a white guy, who looked like a 250 pound
    football player on steroids, and a, just as big, black
    man, who looked like he might be on the same team (the
    Bears?). When the three got to the stage, they were
    assigned locations. The two guys were positioned at the
    blonde’s rear. Melissa was told to position herself
    under the handles attached to the woman’s breasts.

    Melissa, tripping away now, thought this was all very
    entertaining. She had never messed with a female in any
    manner. But, this setup, with its strange way of
    sadistically changing the blonde’s breasts, well, it
    was pushing a button deep within Melissa. She
    immediately decided to contribute to the show. In order
    to fit under the table portion of the stockade and not
    mess up her little mini, she pulled it above her waist.
    An action that revealed a purple string bikini bottom.
    The crowd applauded that alone. Melissa had temporarily
    forgotten about them. She turned and smiled to them, as
    she sat down and slid herself under the blonde’s

    The guys were greased up by this time. The white guy
    was given the vagina to start on. His hand was twice as
    large as the boys’ hands. Only because of the prep by
    the boy, he was able to at least get four fingers in at
    first. Later he got all five in, lubricated his
    knuckles and slowly stretched her. He was very happy
    and very intent with his work. The little blonde was
    huffing, puffing and grunting. One of the boys flagged
    Melissa and encouraged her to do something. Melissa was
    so trippy by then that she came around in a sort of
    ‘oh, yeah, I am here for something’ response.

    She looked up at the handles, which were wiggling and
    shaking according to the motions at the blonde’s rear.
    Melissa reached up, grabbed a handle in each hand, and
    pulled herself up to the position that she had seen the
    boy stop at. She actually found herself strangely, that
    is very strangely, turned on by seeing the breasts
    stretch out, and by hearing the blonde’s moans.

    Melissa personally decided that did not sound even
    close to a painful moan. Of course, it could be, as
    Melissa suspected, that Melissa had become a drugged
    sadist. So, as they did so many times a day back at bio
    sciences, she would test the given hypothesis. She
    raised her ass off of the floor and straightened out
    her legs, all while holding the handles tightly to both
    of her own breasts. Excellent rowing machine form by
    Melissa Thus, most of her weight was drawing down on
    the woman’s breasts. Now, by golly, Melissa obtained
    the kind of sounds that were more on the level of those
    that Melissa had made during the double fuck last

    ‘Much better ‘ ‘And, OK, I have verified that I am
    having a sadistic form of fun.’ Melissa was pulled up
    so close that she could examine even small changes in
    the blonde’s breasts.. The front sections, where the
    suction cups clamped, were long and pulled thin. At the
    base of each breast, where they anchored on her chest,
    a few vessels had burst. Melissa remained hanging with
    all her weight pulling down.

    The big white hand finally slipped in. And the blonde
    gave more of a yelp this time. He kept his fist still,
    while the other male participant began to shove his
    huge hand into her ass. The boy who had done her ass
    definitely helped widen the way. Still, it took the
    black man more than five minutes to pop in. The
    audience was watching all that and the sharp purple
    thong girl hanging from the blonde’s breasts. The two
    big fists started moving within the blonde’s bottom.
    And the audience loudly applauded, showing appreciation
    for the contributions of the three audience members who
    were now on stage.

    The boy nearest Melissa leaned over and inquired, “How
    are you doing?”

    “I’m doing fine.” And she thought that was very sweet
    to worry about her, but that she should, perhaps,
    clarify that she was not getting tired. She stretched
    her arms out and then pulled back, repeatedly,
    essentially doing a series of power pullups. Yes,
    Melissa was a very fit young woman. That the blonde’s
    breasts stretched more, and that they were bursting
    more? That just wasn’t the point to Melissa. Of course,
    the audience howled and clapped like crazy. For the
    blonde’s sake, they should not have rewarded Melissa.
    For she went right back into another set of pullups
    before settling back down to hanging around.

    The guys were fisting her lightly, apparently afraid
    that they might do damage. And, with those hands, they
    were right. The visual for the crowd was that of a pair
    of legs that were almost completely pulled apart. The
    guys thought that they should pull out. One of the boys
    supervising her rear thought that they might be
    interested in one last exercise. He suggested that they
    try to go ahead and open their fists as much as
    possible. When they did try that, she really panted,
    screamed and shook. They opened and closed a few more
    times, then started slowly pulling out.

    Both her ass and vulva stretched out grotesquely, as in
    the infamous scene where a female dog is knotted by the
    male. Finally, they both unscrewed. Two huge red holes
    remained. Melissa finally dropped off her end of the
    project, leaving the woman’s breasts truly stretched,
    at least to a degree, permanently… All three
    contributors were applauded as they went back to the
    audience. The sight barrier around the blonde’s head
    was removed, her wrists unstrapped, the belt removed
    and her ankles unlatched. The boys assisted her to a
    standing position, and she turned to the audience with
    red face and makeup running. Even so, she looked cute
    just standing there exhausted.

    Melissa had made her way back to her own three. Martin,
    Robert and Christopher all smiled as they shook her
    hand. Martin exclaimed,

    “You nearly tore her tits off ”

    “Ah, she’s tough. At least I think so. Anyway, I
    thought it was incredible. Really, I’m serious.”

    “Oh, Melissa, you’re just cold stoned crazy right now.”

    “Uh, maybe. Maybe you’re right. Maybe. But I did just
    love pulling someone else’s tits like that, especially
    with her not knowing who is doing it.”

    At that exact moment, her eyes scanned across the room
    to where the blonde was slowly piecing herself
    together. She already had her undies and skirt back on.
    She was standing there looking at her stretched and
    bruised breasts. One of her associates pointed at

    “Oh, shit. Let’s go to another area. Quickly!”

    The next section down was dedicated to gang fucking.
    Melissa and party stepped through the doorway just in
    time to see the first gang of six all finishing every
    hole of a dark Latin or Hispanic woman. They had her up
    on this room’s small stage area, laying over a bench,
    with one of the last men cumming in her ass. The truly
    final man came almost immediately after, deep in her

    Melissa was using the wild eye pumping mescaline to
    look around at who had participated. She was pleasantly
    surprised when she was able to note that the cum
    dripping and gooey used penises were all quite large.
    Many shapes, many colors, but all quite large. It was
    as if her own three fellows were just nice
    representatives at this event, that all females had to
    look great, and that the males seemed to be required to
    look at least good and be hung great. A rather secret,
    rather elitist, and extremely perverted ‘little or no
    rules’ swinging group? And she never suspected that
    anything like this was so close to campus.

    When she stepped through the doorway, Melissa was
    immediately noticed. As great as all the girls were,
    this little gymnastic body of hers was not common in
    1969. So, she was immediately admired, not only for
    what nature gave her, but for her conditioning. A yummy
    combination. While this area prepped for more action,
    her four person group decided to check another area.
    Martin wanted Melissa to see the ‘Take On The Big Man’

    That area had a crowd of 20 or so, only because nothing
    was really happening there. Then after she entered, the
    sort of MC type guy thought he should make his
    presentation again. He had already made it several
    times, with no takers. It was a challenge to any
    female. Would she be on stage and let an African with a
    giant penis fuck her? This was not a college student or
    professional from Nigeria or a similar crossover
    country. This man was from central Africa.

    He was seven foot tall, and pulled away a loin cloth
    that revealed a penis that looked like a log and was
    over 16 when soft. Since no one was on stage with him,
    the MC prepped more by saying that ‘this’ was the way
    it almost always went when he got to have a volunteer.
    The stage lights were dimmed close to black, and a
    little 8mm loop was projected onto a wall screen. In
    the loop, it showed him hard, which Melissa had no idea
    what that length was, and entering a white woman from
    the missionary angle.

    Well greased, he started in and immediately started
    fucking the woman with what he had in. The edits did
    long jumps through an unknown amount of time, showing
    him at various stages. At the end of the loop, the
    woman was frantically cumming on most of his shaft,
    seemingly oblivious to the tear that took her vulva
    almost to her ass. Then the loop ran out and the lights
    came back up. Even Melissa looked stunned.

    “Wow, if they can recruit someone, I would be

    Martin jabbed at Melissa, well, at least verbally, “You
    mean you’re not rushing right up there?”

    “Let’s check back with the gang room.” It was as good
    as any excuse, to avoid Martin’s taunt.

    Next door at the gangbang room, their version of their
    MC was announcing that they would have the next bang
    soon. He was asking if one of the ‘girls’ felt like
    going rounds with the guys. Melissa was unaware, that,
    just behind her, Martin and Robert were pointing down
    at the 62 sexpot. The MC pointed at Melissa,

    “Miss, something tells me that you might be interested
    in such attention.”

    She quickly looked around. Martin, Robert and
    Christopher were looking straight ahead,
    expressionless, with their hands now beside them or
    crossed behind their backs. They gave her the ‘you need
    something?’ look of assistance. She gave that sly sex
    smile of hers.

    And with that, she marched through the crowd to the
    stage. Clapping and whistles accompanied her. The MC
    took her hand as she stepped on stage. He twirled her

    “Isn’t that something, folks?” Heavy clapping and
    whistles answered him.

    “Do you want to give us your name?” A legitimate
    question in this building. Some people did not want to
    give a name, or, at least, a real name.


    “Is this your first time here, Melissa? Because I would
    remember someone like you, and I don’t.”

    “Yep, first time.”

    “Well, Melissa, in this room, the woman gets a lot of
    intense inspection and probing. The guys are our finest
    volunteers. They all have good equipment and nasty
    attitudes. The rest of us have a great time watching.
    The action is all up here, on and around this sturdy
    and cushy bench. And you can specify the maximum number
    of guys who might partake. OK?”

    “Sounds good so far.”

    “And Melissa, we need to get some basic understandings
    done. The guys wear no condoms. They are allowed to
    pick their favorite target area. And, if they rise to
    the situation, they are allowed to go at you twice
    during the evening. And you have to understand…” He
    looks at the small framed woman, places his hand at the
    top of her head, and shakes his head wistfully.

    “These men have large equipment; some of them have very
    large equipment. You need to be warned up front that
    women much bigger than you have gotten rips or tears on
    occasion. And we just send them to the medic room down
    the hall for any minor repairs that might be necessary.
    It’s never been more than minor, for the guys aren’t
    really trying to do that. I just wanted to make it
    clear to you, that is a possibility.”

    Her sexual smart-alec personal S&M preferences kicked
    in big time. She increased the excitement in the room
    by responding with, “And I don’t want to purposefully
    hurt them, either.” And expressive ‘ooohs’ and a some
    laughter filled the room.

    “Well, well, well… Hey, Melissa, could you, so to
    say, send us off with a bang and start things with a
    strip off of that cute outfit?”

    The MC started some very well known SW US Latin Rock
    music, you know, the music with one of the premier
    guitarists of the world at its lead. And Melissa began
    her strip. A little dancing, like at her aerobics
    classes, then the purple top came off, revealing those
    tight breasts sitting on trim muscular pecs. The
    audience had already been able to view her fantastic
    abs. That crowded room was continuously clapping. Then,
    after a few more cute moves, she reached down and
    unzipped the side of the purple mini. Dropped it to her
    ankles, stepped out and tossed it over to where her top
    laid. Then, everyone had this wonderful view of her in
    her purple string bikini and purple heels. Immediately,
    a louder crowd. Not long after, she rolled down and off
    the bikini bottoms, and stood there with her legs
    spread and her hands up in a ‘Ta-Da’ showgirl stance.
    Some guys almost rushed the stage then, without being
    invited. The MC palmed all those guys to hold on and
    hold back. In only her heels, the otherwise completely
    nude Melissa bowed to the audience.

    The MC walked over to her, and with the mike down to
    his side, told her how very nice she looked. Then he
    whispered in her ear, asking how many could he send up
    to work on her. He gave typical ranges, like 6, 8, 10
    even, mentioned late and hopelessly, the rare 12. Her
    answer was quickly given.


    He looked at the little thing again, and asked, “Are…
    you… sure?”

    She grabbed his mike from his side and spoke directly
    into it. Very loud over the house speakers, “Yes, I am
    sure. Twelve of your best, p l e a s e…”

    In response to that, many males muttered things like
    ‘ah shit, that does it’, and rushed the stage. More
    were casual, but still heading toward the stage. As
    they headed on down, the MC startled, abruptly stopped
    where he was going and what he was going to do. His
    mind suddenly acknowledged something that he had just
    seen. He backed up to Melissa and raised her left hand.

    Talking into the microphone, “Melissa, is that a
    wedding band?”

    The mike extended to her. “Yes, it is.”

    “Is he here tonight? Looking around the room.

    “No, he’s not here tonight.”

    “Ohhhhhh, uh huh Does he even know that you are here?”

    With her nasty sly smile engaged, “No, he doesn’t

    “All right guys, there is an extra turn on. Still more
    incentive for you to send this little lady home to
    hubby more than a little changed.”

    The MC gathered the fellows all to one wall for
    management. Melissa swung around to view her workout
    team. The MC was counting, as she scanned. No one was
    ugly. Against that wall, there was, what she
    considered, a broad spectrum of variation in penises.
    But, if these were anything close to average, and she
    suspected that they were not, then her husband Tom had
    a micro penis.

    Some were hardening with the thought of fucking what
    they saw in front of them. Melissa estimated that the
    very smallest of the group would grow past 8 , at
    least. The longest were as long as Martin and Robert,
    growing toward that 12 mark. Straight poles, ultra
    thick, mushroom heads, crooked, just about everything
    was over there. One white guy almost struck her as
    having elephantitis of the penis, until he started
    lengthening and getting muscular hard. So, that was
    something else, not elephantitis.

    ‘This is so great seeing these guys lined up to fuck
    me. Such a nice common goal to have ‘ were the kind of
    bitchy thoughts that she was having. Then she thought
    back to what Martin had said about her drugged state.
    ‘Maybe I am just drugged crazy?’ In her brain, she
    paused for a micro second. ‘Nah, I’m sure that I know
    what I’m doing. I’m sure that I will agree with these
    same choices, later. I think…’

    The MC finished counting. There were 14. Someone,
    perhaps the last two up there, were going to have to go
    back to the audience. And, he started to indicate that
    would be the decision. Melissa stopped him, saying that
    it was OK. The 14 should stay. The MC looked a little
    exasperated, but then smiled real big and shook his

    “Start one or two up, Melissa. The rest will follow the
    lead.” All done with the biggest smile yet.

    The little svelte panther walked over to a white guy
    with a thick one that was approaching, perhaps going
    past, 10 in length. Yes, indeed, by the time she got
    there, it had gone past 10 . She smiled into his face,
    held it, then stroked it and pulled him over to the
    bench. She sat him down facing the wild crowd. There
    was lube near the bench, but she needed none yet. She
    started sliding down onto him. Some guys in the
    audience could not stand it and had to start jacking
    while watching. She hesitated slightly near the base,
    then sat down all the way and kissed him while screwing
    her tight butt on him.

    Another guy came up behind her and gently pushed her
    forward, putting the one she was screwing down upon the
    cushioned bench with her on top of him. That second
    fellow was a black man with a penis that was almost
    identical to Martin’s caliber. He did use the lubricant
    and started into her ass. Soon the two guys were doing
    an excellent job of doubling her.

    The music drowned out most other stage sounds at this
    point. They sawed away with intensity for at least 15
    minutes. Then, in sort of rapid fire, they both came.
    She came up looking like she was having a great time.
    Cum dripped out of both holes, as a third man
    approached. This was a guy that she had noted earlier,
    longer than Martin, heavily veined and with a much
    larger mushroom head. He had her flip over onto her
    back. She could see this enormous shaft aiming right
    between her legs. She smiled a nervous smile and
    fluttered her eye lids. He steadily inserted himself.

    She was gasping and squealing with this one. He was
    different. She could verify immediately that he was
    exceptionally big. He stroked her full length for
    another 10 to 15 minutes, came in a gushing manner and
    left her gaping. Melissa felt very strongly that she
    had Martin, Robert and especially Christopher to thank
    for their stretching preparations, and that the round
    the clock large dildo that she had used, along with
    those three fellows of hers, were the only reasons that
    she did not split during that last fuck.

    Speaking of Martin, Robert and Christopher. They took a
    look at the line up and decided that her show was going
    to take up a significant part of the evening.
    Christopher was the first to say that he wanted to
    visit the orgy room, where he could grab a mixture of
    girls to screw. Robert agreed and went with
    Christopher. Martin stayed a while longer, through at
    least the next guy.

    That next stage assistant was into oral. He wanted
    Melissa to move away from the bench. He put a towel
    down on the edge of the stage, and had her get on it
    with bended knees. He wanted everyone to see him fuck
    this pretty ‘girl’s’ face. He stuck his wide white
    penis into her mouth. She began some great tongue work,
    and finished making him hard. Then he began to fuck her
    throat. Much frothing, some gagging, but a continuous
    smooth fuck of her throat.

    It did look impressive to see that pretty face fucked
    like that. He was holding onto her hair like bicycle
    handles as he came. She swallowed almost every bit,
    then remembered that the crowd might want verification.
    So, she licked a bit onto her lips, letting the last
    dribble down her chin. The viewers did seem to
    appreciate that maneuver. Martin clapped in approval,
    along with everyone else; then, he left for the orgy
    room also.

    The guy, who she had mentally joked about having
    elephantitis, was next. And no he did not have such a
    dysfunctional state, for now he was long and defined.
    He was, however, like John Holmes of that same era, a
    rather soft thick. He took Melissa back to the cushion
    bench. He placed her on her side, with her face toward
    the audience. Then he picked up her right leg, making
    her do a high scissors, and started into her sideways.
    Due to her intense workouts up to that moment, he was
    able to plop the fat thing into her in less than a
    minute or so. And he did his deep and wide strokes,
    varying angle and depth, providing good visuals, and
    what Melissa considered many excellent orgasms for her.
    She was very pleasantly surprised with this penis

    Sixth on the list was another white fellow, with medium
    width and a quite long straight look. He started off
    mildly rigid. He stood Melissa up for the crowd, took
    her closer to them and had her bend over and grab her
    ankles. A little lube and he was quickly demonstrating
    a side view of himself going in and out of her in that

    He finally got very hard and straight. I was very
    entertaining to watch it go in and out with this view.
    One of those, ‘where did that go in her’ views. Another
    10 to 15 minute fuck that was considerate of everyone’s
    schedule, and then he burst, running down both of her
    legs. Of course, at this point in the show, it was
    impossible to say whose goo was actually oozing out.

    The next two kept her standing. A stocky white guy had
    her put her arms around his neck, hop up and stick
    herself on his already hard and elevated penis. As she
    slid down on him, a black man, who was very wide, got
    her ass. They also showed the audience a side view,
    this one of them sawing Melissa. The method and
    combination of penises put great stress on that
    perineum area between the two holes, stretching not
    only the edges, but sort of pulling it downward and out
    in addition. Those two got rough. They both were trying
    to bounce the small woman up into the air as much as
    they could. It was a good picture for everyone there.

    Her head and its long dark hair was flipping all about,
    and the rowdy crowd seemed to really like how such a
    double showed off her muscular legs and pronounced
    muscular butt. When they were through, both of her
    holes were bright red, pooched out and draining pink
    tinged ooze. After she was down on her purple heels,
    they and the MC had her back up closer to the edge of
    the stage, with her ass directed at the audience.

    Then they had her bend over and grab her ankles, which,
    of course, was always super easy for Melissa. People in
    the audience were allowed to come up and give close
    inspection. As they were looking at her “pussy’ and
    ass, she was closely looking at their expressions
    upside down and listening to the comments. She got the
    idea that they were happy with the results, so far…

    A white number nine took her back to the bench once
    again. However, he had her get on all fours, then tuck
    her knees under her and stick her rear back and up
    high. A perfect level for him to walk right up and poke
    her. Equipped with a very hard, curved up, and thin 11
    , his angle was going to stretch her vagina into a
    slightly different direction than most other fucks. A
    balanced exercise program? And he did. Being hard and
    pointed, he truly poked. His stretching was directly
    along the backside and height of her vagina. Her
    reaction to this guy started with her interpreting him
    as a painful stab. But soon, she adjusted and received
    him as just another unique variation in a long line of
    great fucks tonight.

    However, his shape did put stress deep in her. And,
    instead of outside edges, her vaginal pouch was
    stretched to his new and sharply defined shape, way up
    high. She was poked and stretched harshly at that
    specific point. So, by this number nine, she had a
    ragged vulva and anal edges and a deep vaginal poke.
    When he came, 10 minutes or so later, he pulled out a
    slightly pink tip, with her gooey drippings increased
    once again. Much of that was pink streaked drainage
    down her inner legs. The audience was always there to
    clap when they saw a climax of any part of the show.

    Number ten, a football player size black man, wanted
    her to stay in that exact position. But he went for her
    ass. He lubed up his own 11 , which was slightly less
    hard but thicker than number nine. He smoothly went
    right in her dilated ass. As it was for the vagina,
    this position was intense for the anal root. He
    apparently was on some sort of drug also. In his case,
    he had much energy, while remaining very erect. He slid
    in and out of her ass with increasing frequency. Soon
    he buried it up to his large balls. It looked like he
    might even be trying to get them into her too.

    A lot of ooohing, aaaahing, ouching, ughs and other
    variations came from the down under Melissa. But this
    guy was actually making her cum through an ass fuck She
    did not know that was possible until that moment. And,
    maybe twenty minutes later, when he came, she could
    feel the large penis jerking and, she thought, the warm
    cum hit her inside. He withdrew, leaving her ass with
    more ragged red edges and cum starting to spurt out.

    Eleven and twelve apparently had worked as a team in
    the past. They watched all of her fucks closely. They
    offered only a slight variation, yet still a variation,
    within those evening performances. One white guy with a
    fat 10 laid down on the bench with his feet kind of
    aimed at the audience. Then he had Melissa sit on him,
    turned around with her face also slightly angled toward
    that audience. He took her vagina. The other team
    member wanted oral, so he walked up to Melissa and put
    his penis in her mouth. Both men fucked away at each
    end. The MC, knowing that the show was coming down to
    the last two, changed the look of the show slightly by
    swinging a small spotlight on the oral portion of this

    The clarity of Melissa’s face fuck was appreciated by
    the crowded audience. The action certainly helped some
    people from various parts of the room see better. The
    guy in her mouth came quickly, oozing out the sides of
    her mouth (with Melissa’s tongue assistance of course).
    As they had so consistently done about any type, the
    audience applauded that particular cum. The other,
    under her, continued to screw away at her.

    She moved forward and then back and down, in order to
    help. That produced a pretty intense bang. They kept
    that up for another five to ten minutes, then he
    gushed. And with his position, he got most of it
    returned back to him, making for a thick gooey crotch.
    Melissa popped up, looking refreshed, perhaps on her
    second wind. She was going to need it.

    For the last two to perform with Melissa tonight had,
    with good reason, saved themselves for last. Two large
    black guys, who seemed to know each other well, and who
    the crowd muttered about and seemed to know, took her
    to a slanted portion of the bench. One sat back on the
    slant, then had Melissa sit on him. She was starting
    down on him with her ass, while he and Melissa faced
    the audience. She decided he was big, the biggest thing
    up her ass to date. The other man, who was much bigger
    than either Martin or Robert, putting them both to
    shame, started in her vagina. She was thinking that
    this guy must be related to the ‘BIG’ guy down the
    hall. With the two in her, she felt that there really
    wasn’t much room for her.

    Everything was pushed out of the way by these guys.
    They started fucking her, building up to full steam
    quickly. She was very red in the face, screaming,
    panting, and with multiple thuds interrupting that
    breathing. Melissa saw and heard the audience applaud.
    She watched them give thumbs up and applaud louder for
    the two fuckers when both of Melissa’s holes ripped
    just a little. The crowd could see her all stretched
    out, with almost no distance between the holes, and a
    little bleeding to trace. These fuckers were making her
    fit them.

    They both grabbed her waist simultaneously and ground
    into her. Much popping, snapping, squeals, even moans
    came from Melissa. That rowdy crowd was rowdier than
    ever. They intensely watched these two work, for they
    had seen them do this before. The one fucking her
    vagina reached down and spread Melissa’s legs gymnast
    wide. The purple heels were as far apart as they could

    After that he grabbed Melissa’s arms, one at a time,
    and placed them just under each knee. Melissa
    understood and grabbed hold of her own leg spread. She
    knew that they were going to batter her hard. She
    looked down at her vulva and ass. They were over
    filled, with a now pink combo of all the previous cum
    spewing out the sides with each stroke. She knew that
    for this special round, she was definitely the M, and
    they were definitely the S.

    They wanted to actually split her, and she was going to
    hold her legs spread wide and let them try their best?
    Worst case? Melissa had talked to her friends with
    children and knew all about episiotomies. She decided
    that women were repaired between the vulva and ass all
    the time. She could do as well, if necessary. After
    all, Melissa was pretty sure that was how the 19 year
    old African woman had gotten her scars, especially
    since she had not had a baby. The MC knew what was
    going to happen and had directed two spots right at her

    Melissa approved. If this was going to happen, then she
    wanted the crowd to see well. And she leaned back on
    the guy under her and pulled her legs apart even wider.
    As the two men started getting serious, Melissa
    concluded one last abstract, and that was, that this
    type of action must be why the medic is down the hall

    The crowd almost trampled each other, trying to move
    closer to the stage, so that each might be able to see
    Melissa’s bottom better. The black penises were like
    pistons plunging in and out of Melissa. The two men
    started radically twisting and churning up Melissa in
    assault fashion.

    She kept hanging on to her legs, as she tore a little
    every four or five strokes. The crowd was watching her
    get bigger directly in front of their eyes. Her vaginal
    opening was torn the most, with a jagged line headed
    for her ass. The crowd was whistling, yelling and in a
    constant rhythm of clapping.

    Though her head was usually thrashing around, Melissa
    would occasionally and momentarily hold it still to
    check out her condition. She could not help but see the
    up front section of the audience at such a moment. Even
    though the two men were pounding her, she gave an extra
    second of attention to the tightly packed crowd closest
    to her bottom. There, only a few feet away from her
    bottom, was the blonde in the black outfit. It was the
    blonde whose breasts Melissa had stretched. She was
    yelling for the men to ‘Rip her apart ‘ And she gave
    the two men a big double thumbs up.

    Melissa once again threw her head back onto the guy
    beneath her. Being the masochistic athlete that she
    was, she was able to keep holding her legs wide, even
    while these two men were busy trying to divide them
    farther. They were in perfect rhythm with the music, as
    they reamed away. The man in her vagina repositioned
    himself. He put one large arm in front of each leg, and
    leaned forward, taking her legs with him. That flipped
    them up and over her. Then both men screwed even
    stronger. She was squealing as she ripped a lot. The
    crowd, especially the blonde, was ecstatic.

    But the men weren’t done. They pumped her for a while,
    with a more straight line fuck that was intended for
    their own steady stimulation. Then as they both got
    closer to cumming, they paid more attention to the
    crowd’s chants of ‘Finish her!”

    Melissa had been back to orgasms with their straight
    line fucking. She was not going to waste any of the
    evening. Still, she could not help but hear the loud
    crowd chant ‘Finish her ‘. One thought she had, was,
    that if this were another woman, like, say, the blonde,
    she would be right up front also, yelling for the guys
    to do their best.

    Another was that she knew what a split would be. She
    knew that she would get sewn up. With the way Melissa
    was thinking, it was a certification as a truly ‘loose’
    woman. She had known for quite a while that she would
    soon be loose by some method and then more easily take
    big guys. These people screaming for her to be ripped,
    did not think that she would go away. In fact, they
    must have figured that Melissa would have to come back,
    just to get the size of penises that she would need. Of
    course, all this thinking and figuring, everything
    since her last consideration of ‘Finish her’, all that
    occurred in one of those micro second intervals.

    The music was building again, and so were the two men.
    When it rarely could be heard, Ker splop, slurp, foomp,
    sounds that really did need to be written in cartoon
    language, were coming out of Melissa. The man on top
    twisted while bearing down and pushing down, the man
    underneath had his penis traveling in, up and out,
    trying to fling Melissa forward. When the men did their
    final jerking, while cumming, the two forces literally
    met, suddenly connecting the rip from the vagina with
    the one coming from her ass. She was really split. The
    crowd whistled, yelled and clapped its own roar of
    approval, as the little blonde twirled, doing a sort of
    Irish step-dance celebration.

    The guy on top smoothly pulled out of Melissa’s large
    vertically gaped vagina, and the one under her picked
    her up and off of his penis. Her ass was slightly
    oblong, leaning toward that connection with the vagina.
    He sat her down on the vinyl cushions of the bench. She
    sat there with her hands on her spread knees, in a sort
    of jock position. She was keeping that bottom down to
    minimize bleeding. The MC held up her finger with the
    wedding band, and said into his microphone something
    about her having a lot to tell ‘hubby’.

    She did not have to worry about going to the medic, for
    he had come to her. He ran over to this gang area, well
    prepared, when he was told what was happening. He had
    her hold a large Kotex pad under her as he took her to
    an adjoining side room that was occasionally used when
    there was such need.

    In there, he reassured her that her meat and muscle
    beneath was not divided, that, after he did some tight
    suturing, she would, as she had predicted, have a very
    well defined episiotomy type line. He numbed her up
    with Lidocaine, and stitched her perineum tightly, with
    many fine sutures. This man had obviously done this
    before, many times. And that was what he was telling
    her; in addition, he told her that, after a couple of
    days of ice and a couple of weeks of healing, he
    expected to see her back here again. He was a nice guy.
    But he also worked for the house that night and wanted
    to encourage a quality item like Melissa to surmount
    her ‘little’ modification and return to the club.

    She thanked him with a kiss on his cheek, and told him
    that she ‘owed him.’ After her own 14 rounds, that
    comment to the medic, and, finally, the return of her
    sly sex smile, she left to watch Martin, Robert and
    Christopher in the orgy room. Tonight, she knew that
    she needed to strongly encourage that the complete
    satisfaction of those three be done in that room, and
    with other women.

    ‘Well, anyway, just for this night.’


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