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    Accidental Opportunity – Interracial Hookup Sexstory

    18 October, 2018 (03:44) | Interracial Sex Stories | By: admin

    by MisterMistaken (


    A young man gets more than he bargained for when
    scouting out a suburban home for a future robbery.
    Things go MUCH better than he ever planned. (Fm, voy,
    intr, mast, oral)


    Author Note: As my handle might imply, I’m a HUGE fan
    of “mistaken identity” stories. I just love the idea of
    someone being fucked while thinking they’re fucking
    someone else. Especially when they find out later the
    truth and it changes them.

    I also prefer “stroke” stories rather than long novels.
    I only need a story to last me a few minutes, I mean
    we’re not doing Shakespeare here, geez!

    However, I could only find online a scant dozen or so
    of my favorite kind of stories. Frustrated, I decided
    just to write my own. Here is my first. I hope you
    enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.


    Nate was a slim, wiry, but muscular young black man. In
    his line of work, you have to be. He was a kid of the
    streets. His father taught him from the age of 7 how to
    break into places without making any noise and without
    leaving a trace. However, where his father was a very
    large man who had to take great care to not break
    anything getting into houses, Nate was slender enough
    to slide into even the smallest of entryways.

    So needless to say, his father Leeroy made more and
    more use of him as they moved their schemes further
    away from the neighborhoods that they knew. Now that
    Nate was 14 and could be sent to Juvenile Hall, they
    also had to get smarter. In their most recent robberies
    they performed two break-ins, one to “scope the place
    out”, learn the home’s weaknesses, and one to get the
    job done. It worked out a lot better in suburbia when
    you knew what to expect.

    This afternoon, Leeroy led Nate up to another typical-
    looking house, yet another treasure trove of valuables
    nestled in a home that was the clone of all those near
    it. He took his son to the side.

    “Nate, I’ve been scoping this place out for a couple
    days now. These folks look like they’re in and out all
    the time, they all seem to keep their own separate
    schedules. Luckily, these types are the types that
    usually WRITE DOWN what they’re doing everyday. So,
    we’ll need to take this one slow. I saw one woman, one
    girl, and one man. The woman’s the hottest redheaded
    bitch you’ve probably ever seen, kinda looks like that
    Angie Everhart mixed with Peggy Bundy trash.

    “You know the type, curves in all the right places and
    then a little something extra all around. The girl is a
    skinny little blonde, looks about your age. Hot as
    hell, but definitely jailbait. The man? Well, let’s
    just say the balding little weasel doesn’t look like
    he’ll give us any trouble, as long as he doesn’t know
    anything. You know the deal. You get in, do your
    scoping, take as much time as you need, and then find
    your own way home. I’ll be expecting some damn good
    info when you get back. If you get caught, just book it
    like I taught you. No streets, just keep low. Got it?”

    “Alright Dad, I can do this.”

    “Don’t fuck this one up, this looks like the mother
    lode right here, these people look like they’re almost
    ready to move to a new house, which means this one is
    filled to the brim with the best crap. Got it?”


    Leeroy got into his truck and sped off, leaving Nate to
    get the job done. Being early afternoon, it was the
    perfect time to get in before anyone else was around.
    In these kinds of neighborhoods, the kids was still at
    school, the man at work, and the wife was out doing
    whatever wives do during the day. He would have
    probably an hour or so before anyone came back. Since
    most of the families in this neighborhood were almost
    the same, the whole area was like a ghost town.

    Nate walked back behind the house, making sure to stay
    low to the hedge just in case there was anyone around.
    Once he hopped the fence into the backyard, he took a
    look around.

    “Man, these people are obviously pretty rich, but they
    sure don’t spend much time around here,” Nate thought
    to himself. The backyard was mostly bare, except for a
    lonely-looking barbecue grill propped up against the
    siding. Nate approached the back door and tried it out.
    Locked, of course, but you always try the simple things
    first. He then tried the sliding glass door on the
    patio. It slid right open!

    “Man, what idiots, what’s the point of locking the back

    He walked casually into the house and started looking
    around. Beautiful retro furniture everywhere, even an
    old-style refrigerator. A ‘fridge that just happened to
    have everyone’s schedules on it, perfect. He took a
    good long look at it. The names? We’ve got Wendell,
    Elizabeth and Jessica. It looks like Wendell is some
    sort of corporate salesman, he has travel plans listed
    all over the schedule. It looks like he was just out
    yesterday to a city on the coast for a meeting with a
    client. He is scheduled to be back late tonight, then
    he’s not out of town again until next week.

    “Damn, that sucks.”

    Elizabeth’s schedule looks pretty empty. Looks like she
    makes her own schedule. The only things listed on hers
    are bingo nights and some get-together next week with
    some girlfriends. Looks like she’s going to be home
    tonight as well. Jessica had her school schedule and it
    looks like she’s in Junior Varsity cheerleading. The
    schedule shows her spending the night over at her
    boyfriend’s house.

    “Man, they’ll let girls get away with anything now.”

    Looking around some more, he took a mental inventory of
    all the valuables and their locations. He scanned out
    the house for all the places where they may hide their
    valuables, along with hiding places just in case he
    might almost get caught. Looks like the main bedroom
    had a TV and a nice large closet with blinds that you
    could see out of but not into. Perfect. He went back
    downstairs and found a picture of the family, which
    confirmed everything that his dad said and more.

    The wife was one of the hottest older women he’d ever
    seen. Even though she looked well into her 40s, she had
    those big puffy lips that you would just love to see
    around your cock. Voluptuous and sexy, and fiery red
    hair to boot. He got a little stiff just looking at
    her. The daughter looked like that skinny little blonde
    from American Beauty. Cute, but not really his type.
    Too small. He liked some meat on his women. The man was
    just as wimpy, small, and weasely looking as the old
    man said.

    He took a final look around, and then found their
    answering machine.

    “Perfect chance to find out the rest.”

    He pressed the play button. There were a couple
    messages to Wendell about some deals or something, then
    he heard the man himself, apparently calling from
    wherever he went to.

    “Honey, I’m sorry, but I won’t be able to make it back
    tonight, they’ve delayed my flight because of a
    lightning storm. It looks like I won’t be able to make
    it back until sometime late tomorrow. I know I told you
    not to wait up for me anyways, but I wanted to make
    sure that you knew what happened so that you didn’t
    worry in the morning. I love you honey, bye.”

    “Damn,” Nate thought to himself. “This guy’s stuck out
    there, his little girl’s over at her boyfriend’s
    house… leaving only the hottest chick that I’ve ever
    seen all alone…”

    Right there and then he hatched a plan that may have
    been foolish to some, but when you’re young and horny,
    you’ll do crazy things to get what you want. He deleted
    that message and set the machine to treat all of the
    other messages as new ones. He then grabbed a bite to
    eat out of the refrigerator and made himself at home.

    Later that night, Elizabeth rolled her van up the
    driveway, which was Nate’s cue to disappear. He ran
    upstairs and took a few cushions from the girl’s room,
    heading straight for the master bedroom’s closet. He
    made himself comfortable and hid himself with some
    clothes that were on the closet floor. Then the
    fourteen-year-old boy waited patiently for his target,
    like a tiger calmly awaiting its prey.

    Elizabeth came into the house carrying groceries, a bag
    of fast food, and a video. She put away the groceries,
    and then sat down to watch TV while she ate her dinner
    on the couch. Hearing the sound of the TV, Nate decided
    to give himself a little nap and wait it out. After she
    was done eating, Elizabeth cleaned up after herself,
    and then took the video up to the bedroom. She then put
    the video in and turned on the TV, starting to undress.

    When Nate heard the sounds of people fucking, he woke
    right up and looked out through the blinds. He got a
    perfect view of this lovely older woman slowly removing
    her clothes, bit by bit while she watched the video.
    She was getting obviously aroused, as she finally
    removed her black lacy bra and started massaging her
    own voluptuous breasts. She then lay back on the bed
    and slowly removed her panties, giving Nate a full view
    of her succulent pussy.

    He was in heaven and couldn’t wait to get a taste of
    it. It looked pink, and soft, and almost entirely
    hairless, aside from a red “stripe” that seemed like a
    perfect landing strip to guide his way. It took
    everything he had to sit still and not burst out of
    that closet, especially when he had to watch her finger
    herself to climax.

    After she was done, she cleaned up the mess she had
    made and then he watched her as she made her way to the
    bathroom. She closed the door most of the way, and then
    headed straight into the shower to clean herself up.
    Nate carefully and quietly stepped out of the closet
    and crept over to the door that was cracked open. He
    spent the next fifteen minutes in heaven as he got to
    watch the silhouette of this vixen lather and wash
    herself clean. Before she finished, he carefully crept
    back into the closet and hid himself once more.

    After she got out of the shower and dried herself off,
    she headed back into the bedroom. She then walked over
    to the closet and slid open the doors. The fear of
    being so close to being caught, along with being so
    close to his nude fantasy, made his heart pound a
    thousand beats a second. If he wanted to, he could
    literally reach up and touch those beautiful naked
    breasts that taunted him so, hanging there and swinging
    gently like ripe fruit. But he had to keep himself
    under control, or he might not get what he wanted most.

    After an excruciating minute of searching, Nate watched
    Elizabeth find what she was looking for, a silky silver
    negligee. She took the garment and closed the closet
    doors, walking back to the bed. Nate breathed a deep
    sigh of relief. She slid on the negligee and then slid
    herself into bed, turning off the lamp on the night
    table. Nate waited and waited, listening for the tell-
    tale change in breathing that would show that she had
    fallen asleep. It was then that he struck.

    Finally leaving his hiding spot, he snuck quietly
    across the room. He stripped down to nothing and let
    his still-hard dick fly freely. He then lifted up the
    sheets at the foot of the bed and carefully slid under
    them. He could barely make out the muscular calves of
    his dreams in the dark. Guiding himself between them,
    he started slowly breathing on them, letting the heat
    of his breath stimulate her skin.

    Then, gentle kisses on the skin, working his way up
    slowly. He could smell that he was already starting to
    affect her. Her legs started moving slowly as he got
    further and further up, kissing gently her knees, and
    then the soft and tender flesh of her inner thighs. He
    could hear her mumbling quietly in her sleep now, half

    “mmmMMMmmm honey… it’s been so long since you’ve done
    that… mmmm….” her voice trailed off.

    He took that as a cue to continue on and to kiss and
    taste the sweetness of her vaginal lips. He felt her
    stiffen for a moment, and then relax again as he used
    his lips to part hers, sliding his tongue inside of her
    slowly. Her legs were spreading wider for him, as he
    could feel her get wetter and warmer, her breathing
    becoming heavier. He let his tongue explore her from
    the inside out, letting it act as a snake looking for a
    new home. The strange motions pleased her and startled
    her at the same time, as she was fully awake now.

    “honey, that’s new, where did that come from?”

    She started to reach her hands down to pull him up for
    a kiss, but Nate knew that one kiss would seal his
    fate. He caught her hands and lifted them up above her
    head, holding them both together with one of his. He
    then took his other hand and placed a finger over her
    soft lips, shushing her quietly.

    “oh my…. dear… this is so new… I love it. As you
    wish,” she murmured.

    He then kissed her neck gently and worked his mouth
    down her body, taking the extra time to suck and
    sweetly bite her nipples. As he kissed his way back
    down her body, he picked the tenderest pieces of flesh,
    those on the sides of her stomach, the gentle curves
    reminding him of the form that he saw naked only an
    hour ago. He then let his hands slide down and caress
    her butt cheeks as he let himself dive right into her
    pussy with strong and powerful strokes. This new energy
    surprised her and drove her over the edge, and he could
    easily feel her vaginal muscles tensing and releasing,
    over and over around his tongue. Keeping it up, he kept
    squeezing her butt cheeks as his tongue drove her over
    the edge and beyond, her back arching as he worked his
    oral magic.

    Finally, he changed his method, turning is tongue into
    a hard and straight phallus, working it in and out of
    her quickly, while turning it up at the end to hit her
    most sensitive point. This was too much for Elizabeth,
    as she screamed and squirmed, her whole body convulsing
    and shaking as she climaxed. Nate sucked off all of her
    sweet juices and relished the taste of them as he
    finished pleasuring his new secret lover.

    Elizabeth’s body started to relax, and her breath
    started to calm, as Nate kissed his way back up her
    body. He then slid to the side, and lay down on the bed
    next to her, taking a moment to breathe the fresher air
    outside of the covers.

    “mmmm….. honey, it’s never been like that before,
    that was amazing… ” she said, her mind lost in a
    swirl of lust and contentment. “And I think you liked
    it as much as I did, didn’t you…” she said, sliding
    her hand over and gently, but barely touching his rock-
    hard cock. All that he could afford to let out was a
    gentle “mmmmmm.”

    “I think it’s your turn, sweetie,” Elizabeth said as
    she slid down under the covers and headed towards his
    manhood. Nate was in a mood of pure joy and
    anticipation, all of his fears were gone as his dream
    woman headed south to engorge herself on his cock.

    She worked her way down, and then kissed his balls,
    letting her lips slide up them to his cock. She let her
    lips then start to kiss the length of his cock. She
    started to wrap her hands around his member when she
    just started to notice…. just how large his cock was.
    It was at least twice as long as her husband’s ever
    was, and three times thicker. Her face turned white for
    a moment and her whole body stiffened. This was NOT her
    husband. She was in bed with a complete stranger! She
    stopped dead.

    She then thought of what she had just experienced, the
    affection and lust that had just been displayed. The
    things that this man has made her feel. This wasn’t
    just some intruder, this was her secret wish fulfilled.
    Always trying to be sexy for her husband, and never
    being young enough or thin enough for him to be happy,
    her life had gotten more and more loveless and
    lustless. She had rented the porno for just that
    reason. Since he was gone for a few hours, at least SHE
    could satisfy herself before she went to bed.

    But here, in her bed right now, was some stranger who
    had shown her more affection and more sexual desire
    than her husband had in years. She knew that it was
    wrong, but she wanted this now more than ever.

    Nate was nervous when she stopped for a moment. Did she
    know? Was he caught? In that one moment of silence and
    stillness, all of his previous fears had just come
    back. His cock started to soften from the fear.

    “Oh no you don’t!” Elizabeth thought to herself. She
    opened her mouth wide and committed to the act, sliding
    her mouth slowly down the head of his cock, and working
    his meat tool like a pro. Nate was in heaven as his
    manhood was consumed by this experienced older woman.
    She lifted her mouth up and down his penis slowly,
    while opening and closing her mouth gently to stimulate
    his large muscle.

    When she got to the end of his cock, she licked the tip
    and then worked her way back down again. His softness
    immediately disappeared and was replaced by a rock hard
    piece of flesh. Elizabeth felt this change, and was
    enjoying her chance to finally cut loose again. She
    knew what she wanted, and she knew that he wanted it
    too. It was a refreshing change for once to feel that.
    She sucked on him and took him deeper and deeper into
    her throat.

    Nate was overcome with sensations that he had never
    felt before, he knew he wouldn’t last for long like
    this. Elizabeth could tell from his motions and the
    feeling of him inside her mouth that he was nearing
    climax. However, this is not what she had in mind. Not
    at all. She wanted to see the face of her secret lover,
    this stranger who had changed her life. She quickly
    lifted herself up and repositioned herself so that she
    was straddling his chest so that he couldn’t move, her
    ass cheeks resting on his pecs, his penis starting to
    feel cold and lonely. She reached over and pulled the
    chain on the night table lamp.

    With a click, Nate saw Elizabeth’s beautiful face up
    close, and Elizabeth saw Nate’s for the first time. At
    that moment, the panic came right back as he looked up
    at her. She had him trapped.

    Elizabeth had a slight look of shock as she gazed down
    at her new lover. First, the fact that he was black…
    she had never been even remotely interested in black
    men. And then she saw the youth that was in his face.
    This boy couldn’t be much older than his daughter!
    However, this young black man had shown her more
    pleasures in the last hour than her husband had shown
    her in years. She looked down at that young black face.
    She then spoke to HIM for the first time.

    “What’s your name?”

    He gulped. “Nate,” he said weakly.

    “And how old are you Nate?”

    In a state of panic, it was all that he could do to
    belt out the truth. “Fourteen.”

    She was right, he was just one year older than his
    daughter. Something about that send a naughty chill up
    her spine. Then she noticed that this amazing young boy
    looked scared for his life. She smiled down at him, and
    then asked him in her sweetest voice, “And how old do
    you think I am, deary?”

    Her smile confused him, but made him much less nervous,
    he replied truthfully, “I don’t know ma’am, but I don’t
    care. When I saw you, I just saw the most beautiful and
    sexy woman I’d ever seen.”

    Elizabeth’s smile widened into a slightly devilish
    grin. She reached back behind her and grasped his cock
    with her hand, making sure that it was still rigid. It
    was a little soft, but as soon as her hand wrapped
    around it, it hardened again instantly.

    “I am 46 Nate, old enough to be your mother, and right
    now, from where I’m sitting, I have this intruder
    trapped. I could do anything to him right now. What do
    you think I should do?” She said, with an evil smile.

    Looking worried again, Nate said weakly, “I don’t know

    She smiled down once again at his worried young face,
    and then she let go of his cock. She lifted her
    negligee up and off of her body, and threw it across
    the room. She then bent over and pressed her lips
    against his as her hand once again reached back and
    grasped his cock. He was unresponsive.

    “Kiss me boy,” she said calmly as she squeezed his
    cock. He did as she commanded, returning the pressure
    of her lips with his own. She kissed him long and hard,
    pumping his cock slowly as her tongue slid inside his
    mouth. She French kissed him deeply for another couple
    of minutes, giving him a gentle hand job the whole
    time. She then lifted herself up and slid back,
    straddling his hips. She looked down at him with lust
    in her eyes as she slid herself down his slick pole.

    Amazed at this turn of events, Nate’s worries finally
    disappeared, and he accepted his perfect fantasy with a
    smile. As she started to slide up and down his rock-
    hard cock, he let his hands start to explore her body.
    He slid his hands up and down her sides and then
    caressed her ass. He cupped her voluptuous breasts and
    massaged them, pinching her nipples gently as she rode
    him. Elizabeth then leaned over again and kissed Nate
    long and deeply, her pussy slowly grinding against his
    manhood. Both of them were in heaven.

    She then entwined her fingers with his and leaned back,
    taking the rest of his cock into her. Elizabeth rotated
    her hips around, feeling him fill her completely. She
    then started to ride him faster and harder, pressing
    her pussy hard against his groin. Bucking hard against
    him, she sped up more and more, riding him harder and
    harder. Feeling the lust shared between them, and
    feeling his long and thick member buried deep within
    her, her pussy contracted and exploded all at the same
    time, sending ripples of pleasure through both of them.
    Not able to hold back any longer, Nate bucked upwards
    as fast as he could, ramming his cock into her pussy
    hard. His whole body arced as his own climax exploded,
    his semen pumping steadily into her.

    Released from months of pent up sexual urges,
    Elizabeth’s whole body shook with pleasure, as their
    motions slowed down to a halt. She got off of Nate and
    laid down next to him, looking lovingly over at her new
    toy. They would make love three more times that night.

    Later on, as the morning sun started to pierce the
    night sky, Nate realized that he had to go. Getting
    dressed, Elizabeth looked up at the boy, and asked,
    “that was wonderful… will I ever see you again?”

    He smiled at the woman of his dreams and said, “…as
    long as you keep that sliding door unlocked.” He winked
    at her and then ran off into the night.

    The End

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