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    A B C – an MMF Wife Sharing Sexstory

    5 March, 2019 (15:55) | Swinger Sex Stories | By: admin

    by Tony Tiger (


    An unexpected adventure at a conference. (MMF, wife-
    sharing, swingers)


    I’d just checked into my room at the mountaintop resort
    where the conference was being held. As I pulled back
    the curtains to enjoy the view, a man on the next
    balcony waved to get my attention. When I opened the
    window he explained that they were locked out of their
    room. I called the front desk and the clerk laughed,
    “Happens all the time.” The desk clerk and I opened the
    sliding door for the couple who were lightly dressed for
    the cool day.

    I was offered a glass of wine, which turned into two,
    and cheese and crackers. They were taking a getaway
    night because the husband, Adrian, was an engineer about
    to go into a very busy project. Brenda, his wife was the
    mother of two teenagers which put them somewhere around
    forty. We visited for an hour until it was time for my
    opening reception and their dinner.

    As we walked back through the room I noticed that one of
    the beds was very much “slept in”. Considering that I
    rescued them about an hour after check in, it appeared
    that they hadn’t delay enjoying the amenities. As I
    left, Brenda gave me a warm hug and asked me to knock on
    their door when I returned to my room so she could
    “thank me properly”. Hmmmm…

    A couple of hours later my knock was answered by Adrian
    in a robe. We stopped at the beverage nook for glasses
    of wine before I followed him to the window end of the
    dimly lit room. Brenda was asleep under a sheet in the
    first of the twin queens in the room. We sat in the
    chairs flanking the balcony door and talked quietly.

    After a bit Brenda stirred, looked over at us, got up
    and walked nude to the bathroom. When she came out she
    walked over to me, twirled slowly around, and said,
    “Would you like your reward now?”

    I looked over at Adrian who smiled and nodded. I did the
    same to Brenda and stood up. In front of me was a pretty
    typical middle aged mom who took reasonably good care of
    herself. From the top, dishwater blond shoulder length
    straight hair, a pretty face even without makeup,
    matronly tits with nice hang and erect nipples, a
    rounded but not protrouding belly above a neat light
    brown muff, the hips of a mother on top of nicely shaped
    legs. An attractive package.

    She unbuttoned my shirt then knelt down to undo my
    pants. I was well on my way to hardness when she dropped
    my drawers and helped me out of my shoes and pant legs.
    She kissed the head of her new friend and glanced at her
    husband who was watching intently.

    We didn’t speak as she led me to the shower where we got
    acquainted with each others’ bodies as we soaped and
    then towelled off. We returned to the bed that she had
    already been fucked at least twice in.

    Adrian had put a towel over the wet spot and was sitting
    naked on the other bed ready to watch the show. Brenda
    laid me on my back and treated my dick to caresses,
    licks, and sucks for a few minutes. I wondered if she
    would expect me to eat her freshly fucked cunt but,
    after a few minutes, she straddled me and lowered the
    first pussy I’d had in quite a while all the way onto my
    ready rod.

    The hot silky grip was incredible. I reached for her
    tits and pleasured them as she, eyes closed, began
    moving on top of me. Her husband was walking around to
    see this sexy sight from every possible angle. As I bent
    my head up to suck her hard nipples I could see, out of
    the corner of my eye his erection getting closer.

    He probably wanted her to suck on him but his wife’s
    eyes were closed as she concentrated on our pleasures.

    In spite of a feeble attempt to withhold my climax, I
    soon blasted cum into this sexy sheath. Brenda opened
    her eyes as she felt the hot pulses and smiled at me.
    After a few cunt squeezes on my pecker she rolled off
    onto her back. Adrian was in her almost as soon as she
    spread her legs. He hammered her snatch as I watched.
    She hadn’t orgasmed with me but soon wrapped her legs
    around her husband, slammed her hips against him even
    harder, and wailed as she twitched and jerked.

    I could see Adrian’s balls tense as he fired his load in
    with mine. They lay together panting for a while and
    Adrian rolled to the far side. Brenda whispered, “I’ve
    NEVER cum like that! I’ve never felt more female in my

    Adrian propped himself up on an elbow and asked, “Not
    even when we were dating?” She shook her head. Adrian
    looked at me and said, “That needs some explanation.
    Brenda was dating my best friend when we met. He got her
    cherry. We hung around a lot and he knew I liked her
    too. One night down by the river we had scored a case of
    beer and were quite a way through it.

    They’d been fooling around a little in the car but then
    got out with a blanket and fucked right next to the car.
    I could hear but not see them. My friend got back in and
    told me to go get some… it was ok. That was my first
    piece. She dated both of us separately from then on
    although we still did stuff together as friends.”

    Brenda interrupted, “Sometimes I would do one of the
    guys in the afternoon, we would go to a show or dance as
    a trio, and I would do the other guy afterwards. I
    really liked both of them. It worked pretty well with
    nobody ever talking about it overtly until Adrian
    proposed and I accepted. His friend was a gentleman and
    found another girlfriend. They came to our wedding and
    we moved for college soon afterward. I haven’t seen him
    since. Yours is only the third cock I have ever had.”

    Adrian added, “I never saw her with my buddy and have
    wanted to watch her fuck ever since we got married. We
    live in a small town and just never found the right guy.
    Thank you for going along with this.” I replied, “I’ve
    always wanted this too so you’ve fulfilled one of my
    fantasies.” Brenda had been fondling both of our cocks
    as we talked and mine was ready again. This time she
    pulled me on top and Adrian joined in with his mouth and

    It was very interesting to feel him rubbing her pussy
    and my cock as I stroked. He even cupped my balls gently
    for a while. Brenda wanted to change position and rolled
    on her side facing away from me, then raised a leg for
    my reentrance. They made out as I filled and refilled
    her vagina with my hard shaft. I cupped and caressed her
    top tit and Adrian worked in the bottom one.

    I felt his fingers rubbing her clit with our combined
    cum and, when he sensed my climax, he held my balls as I
    sprayed his spouse’s cervix with extramarital semen. I
    stayed deep as he frigged her to a nice orgasm.

    Figuring that they needed some alone time, and knowing I
    needed sleep for the meeting tomorrow, I kissed Brenda
    goodbye, high-fived Adrian, wrapped a towel around my
    waist, grabbed my clothes, and left. I heard the bed
    banging against the wall as I drifted off to sleep. At
    6:30 my bedside phone rang and a familiar female voice
    ordered, “Open your door!”

    I did and Brenda slipped in and dropped her robe.
    “Adrian got his watching thrill last night and now I
    want some private time with you.”

    We showered and I surprised her by heading for the Y.
    She was still reddened and puffy so I figured that they
    had fucked a lot after I left but I didn’t care. She
    asked me to be gentle as her cunt was understandably
    tender. The taste of the combined juices was better that
    I expected. She had a small climax before I moved up and
    in with my rested pecker. Of course it went inside
    easily and then I moved gently as we talked.

    It was a lot about feelings and how the sex was both
    wicked and good. Wicked because it wasn’t her husband’s
    sperm inside her, and good because my cock was different
    and thrilling. I praised her willingness to be
    adventuresome, and how exciting and satisfying the sex
    with her was. She told me that their sex life had
    decreased in quantity and quality over the years and she
    hadn’t felt very sexy as she aged. Now she did after
    seeing how she turned me on. Their sex life would
    certainly be hotter too.

    She didn’t tell Adrian that she sometimes still thought
    about his buddy and now, for sure, would happily screw
    him again if she had the chance. She thought that their
    marriage was strong enough that some more adventures
    would help rather than hurt and it was Adrian’s turn for
    some “strange”.

    I told her I admired that unselfishness. We picked up
    the pace and it wasn’t long before she was fucking me
    with more abandon than the night before. We expected
    that Adrian was listening when we had a big noisy
    finale. I kissed Brenda goodbye and had to hurry to get
    to my meeting.

    As you might imagine, I had a helluva time concentrating
    on the talks at the meeting so I got my laptop and
    started to write this story. I wondered just how many
    times Brenda got fucked during the 19 hours she was at
    the lodge. I had cum in her pussy three times.

    I figured that Adrian had done her just before I rescued
    them, possibly again after dinner before my return, once
    in front of me and at least once after I left, also
    probably in the morning before and after she visited my
    room. That was at least eight fucks between us with the
    possibility of more if he was capable of it. And I’d bet
    that their sex life at home was going to be pretty hot
    for a while too.

    They had checked out by lunchtime. We hadn’t exchanged
    last names or contact info so I hope that they read this
    story and contact me at my author’s email. I’d love to
    see them again.

    Author’s note: This story is partly based on a real
    incident and partly on wishful thinking. Have you
    figured out the title yet? The ‘A’ and the ‘B’ are
    pretty easy. The ‘C’ could stand for Cock or Cunt but I
    prefer Copulation.


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