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    A Fantasy, From Heaven To Hell – a Swingers Sexstory

    5 March, 2019 (16:02) | Swinger Sex Stories | By: admin

    by Dave Dee (address withheld)


    A fantasy becomes a reality, but when a husband gets
    his wish, there is a twist. (MF-cpls, swingers,



    Let me begin by introducing myself, I’m Dave now in
    the twilight of my years but still reasonably fit and
    healthy with an active imagination that can run wild
    occasionally. Sadly I was born before the sexual
    revolution and so have led a rather straight laced
    existence, sexually speaking. Currently and hopefully
    forever I am in a loving relationship with my partner
    Sally. We have been together for some time now, and
    the honeymoon period is well and truly over, but we
    still lead an active warm and loving sex life if a
    little bit stayed at times, and definitely nothing

    Back to my imagination I would never, nor could I ever
    contemplated an affair, I love Sally and would not
    wish to either hurt her. Saying that though, my
    imagination is forever seeking some form of sexual
    adventurism. Sally is not a prude by any means, but
    for example she will not even sunbathe topless in our
    back garden, which isn’t overlooked by any of the
    neighbors, just recently though on a weekend away I
    persuaded her to read an erotic short story with me
    when we went to bed, and my god was the sex great

    Life is hard, full of the same old mundane work
    routines, stresses and pressures of everyday living
    occasionally interspaced with the excitement and
    pleasure brought about by my over active imagination.
    So here I am, and I thought I would put pen to paper,
    ‘which is what they did in my day’, but now it’s
    fingers to a keyboard much easier, and much quicker,
    and this is my attempt to share some of my guarded
    thoughts with you, in the hope that they will bring
    joy or at least a smile to a wider audience, and
    possibly the odd stirring down below.

    Chapter 1: A fantasy in the making

    Whilst planning a surprise weekend away, in the new
    forest at a romantic little hideaway hotel I recently
    found on the internet, my imagination got the better
    of me and my thoughts were of contriving a meeting
    with our friends Peter and Penny.

    Now I don’t know about Penny, she and Sally meet up
    occasionally for coffee and a chat or a girly night
    out, but your guess is as good as mine as to what they
    talk about, whereas when Peter and I go to the pub as
    with all blokes, the subject, after football, gambling
    and work etc. always gets back to basics and sex, the
    lack of it or how you would like to give that new girl
    in accounts one, ‘she’d get It’ I would say tongue in
    cheek, just trying to be one of the lads, secretly
    knowing I had already undressed her in a game of strip
    poker we played the other night when her and Roger her
    boyfriend came round for drinks.

    But yes you guessed it that was In my imagination or
    fantasy which ever you want to call it, but god was
    she hot, long red hair, librarian style glasses and
    small perfectly formed pert and sensually soft to the
    touch breasts. But I digress, if I was too relay all
    my imaginative fantasies then this supposedly short
    story would be more like ‘War and Peace’, so back to
    our weekend away.

    Peter is younger than me, about Sally’s age, fit and
    quite good looking with a six pack as opposed to my
    own admittedly small ‘Party Seven’, depending on your
    age you may not remember those, but they were small
    kegs of seven pints of beer you could buy and take
    home from the off-license.

    Now I know Peter fancies Sally as he has on several
    occasions commented on her cute little bum, and I have
    watched him mentally undress her as us men have a
    tendency to do on occasions, and I must agree Sally’s
    arse is the best, and although Peter wouldn’t say it
    directly to me I am sure, if asked he would admit to
    wishing he could fuck her senseless given half a

    As for Sally, has she any desires to have another
    man’s hands fondle that cute bum, well obviously she
    wouldn’t tell me for fear of offending me, but maybe,
    just maybe she has an imagination that equals my own.

    Perhaps the thought of a good looking stranger slowly
    relieving her of her clothes and then gently arousing
    her with his new and unfamiliar touch sucking her
    nipples slowly moistening her vagina with his tongue
    and then teasing her clit with his fingers, slowly
    bringing her to the edge of a an orgasm and then
    entering her deep, and hard relentlessly pounding of
    her vagina with his huge penis, his balls slapping
    that cute arse noisily until she climaxes and orgasms,
    her whole body convulsing uncontrollably.

    Well I guess I will never know, maybe Penny knows,
    maybe girls talk about these things.

    Now for me personally I can completely separate the
    feelings of lust and love, for example Sally and I
    make sweet tender love, but occasionally I lust after
    her or maybe just sex, and following a hot steamy
    intense session, feelings of guilt come over me, for I
    feel I have just fucked her not made love to her.

    However in my fantasies those feelings of guilt do not
    exist I feel just an overwhelming sense of excitement
    and sexual satisfaction, so as for Penny, Peters
    partner then yes I would most definitely fuck her
    senseless I would lick her till she begs me to enter
    her and then I would push every inch of my cock deep
    into her hopefully wet, warm and inviting pussy,
    harder and harder whilst nibbling on her nipples until
    she orgasms, and no I would have no guilt, we both
    would be happy, sexually fulfilled and satisfied but
    neither of us would have betrayed our love for our

    Now in describing Penny, don’t get me wrong she is
    lovely, but she has, to put it politely a well-rounded
    body matched only by her huge and bubbly personality,
    but it is curvaceous rather than fat. Although she has
    had children her ample boobs appear to be positioned
    correctly and not around her waist, and her legs cut a
    nice shape especially when adorned with a pair of high
    heels. Penny is younger than me not difficult, I am
    always the oldest in any of my fantasies, she is no-
    where near as hot, or as sexy as Sally, but for the
    purpose of fulfilling my fantasy one could do a lot
    worse, after all I am no oil painting myself.

    So on my next night down the pub, I told Peter that I
    was arranging a surprise weekend away with Sally and
    suggested that he and Penny may like to join us, but I
    added that I thought it would be more fun if only he
    and I knew and that it would be a complete surprise
    for both the girls, he thought it was a great idea and
    that the girls would love it.

    So over the course of the next few meetings, we
    arranged the date made the bookings and discussed how
    and where we would bump into each other, I felt good
    but at the same time a little naughty I had not let on
    in the slightest about my fantasy and there was my
    friend Peter agreeing to a weekend away with Sally,
    myself and his wife Penny for what in my imagination
    no matter how farfetched, was likely to turn into a
    weekend of sex and debauchery.

    Over the coming weeks and as the date grew ever nearer
    my fantasies became more regular and more vivid always
    focused on our contrived meeting with Penny and Peter.
    Every time I began to think about it I would get a
    bulge in my pants, I began to think of numerous ways
    to get Penny naked, the more I tried to picture her
    naked, the more graphic my fantasies became my hands
    would caress her boobs with my tongue parting and
    lubricating her lips and clit in readiness for my

    My penis would enter her slowly and carefully at first
    but with each groan of delight I would push harder and
    harder until I could feel her pussy contract with an
    imminent orgasm at which point I would also let go and
    shoot long and hard my cum into her already over moist
    and dripping virginal heaven.

    What surprised me even more though, was the fact that
    I was also getting highly aroused at the graphic and
    detailed visions I was getting of Peter fondling
    Sally, his lips and tongue would caress her nipples,
    whilst his fingers teased her clit, she would moan
    with delight but would then take command herself,
    rolling him over on his back she would straddle his
    hard and erect cock and she would begin pumping him up
    and down harder and faster whilst his hands squeezed
    her small but perfect breasts and pinched her now
    erect nipples, feeling his imminent orgasm she would
    again take command raising herself off him.

    She would slowly begin stroking and licking his penis
    which was throbbing with anticipation each pass of her
    tongue was slow and deliberate up and down his moist
    penis well lubricated by a mixture of both their
    juices, with her tongue now encircling its purple
    head, it seemed to get bigger and his groans louder,
    all the time while she was doing this sally would give
    me knowing and loving glances I could sense the
    mischief in her eyes as she moved slowly and
    deliberately up and down his cock, during this
    particular fantasy which was so immensely graphic I
    came in my pants, at the exact same time as Peter.

    This was my Sally my partner the only women I love
    pleasuring another man, but she was pleasuring herself
    at the same time and she was loving it, it was sex she
    still loved me and there had been no betrayal of
    trust, and later we would be making sweet tender and
    highly sensual love, as would Penny and Peter.

    The weekend duly arrived and on the evening before we
    were due to leave Peter rang me to confirm the
    details, as we were just about done Peter said I’ll
    pack some extra booze, mate and a pack of cards they
    might come in handy, you never know we may get lucky,
    see you, and with that he hung up. I pondered for a
    moment, repeating his words to myself over and over in
    my head, and then I realized, maybe it’s not just me
    that has fantasies or a vivid imagination, I felt a
    little cheated and somewhat nervous, after all this
    was supposed to be my fantasy.

    Chapter 2: Realization of a fantasy

    Penny and I sat on the floor, I was open mouthed in
    disbelief but I could do no more than look on in sheer
    shock and amazement, Penny and I were, at this
    juncture just spectators we watched as she carefully
    unzipped and removed his pants and exposed his boxers
    his excitement was there for all to see his penis was
    acting like a tent pole and a small damp patch of pre-
    cum juices was clearly visible.

    As she pulled down his boxers his manhood released
    springing up, almost hitting her in the face she then
    took his ever hardening cock in her hand, slowly
    caressed it up and down the entire length of it shaft
    occasionally tickling, licking and sucking his balls,
    at times every inch of his penis disappeared into her
    mouth. Penny like I, was watching transfixed, as she
    witnessed Peter’s cock disappearing into another
    women’s mouth.

    An obviously experienced tongue would purposefully
    circle the tip of Peter’s cock and he would groan with
    heightened pleasure at which point she would slow up
    or move on to a fresh point on his body, god she was
    good, she wasn’t going to let him cum until he begged
    her, and even then I bet she would make him wait, the
    more he thrust his hips up to her the more she would
    move away tease after tease he was surely about to
    explode but she would not let him, she was in charge
    and he would do and behave exactly as she desired.

    She kissed him hard and bit on his lips, as she did so
    she moved his hands to her already wet pussy guiding
    his fingers to her pleasure point, my turn now she
    ordered, smiling sweetly at him as she grasped his
    hair, her fingers were intertwined within it, as she
    pulled his head down firmly towards her wan tent
    pussy. Laying back she spread her legs as wide as she
    could exposing her nicely trimmed bush and revealing
    her wet lips and her eager clit now slightly swollen
    with desire.

    Although all the attention so far had been directed
    towards Peter, she was clearly aroused, she held his
    head firmly against her pussy, his tongue, like a
    reptiles, searching out her pleasure points, and
    lubricating her already over wet, and now somewhat
    protruding lips, he tasted her sweet juices and
    slurped up the excesses of her dripping vagina, she
    was beginning to groan and writhe with enhanced

    Peter’s state of excitement had waned slightly but now
    she was squirming and moaning more and more as she
    came closer and closer to an orgasm herself, he now,
    again began to feel the urge to cum, sensing this he
    tried to pull up so he could enter her, but she held
    him firm and insisted he continued to eat her pussy.

    She screamed for more and pushed his head hard into
    her whilst herself thrusting towards him then, with
    total authority she cried ok ‘now’ and released him,
    he needed no encouragement as he positioned himself
    above her he raised and widened her legs and
    impatiently thrust his cock hard into her pussy there
    was no resistance her juices easing his entry, and
    after only one or two massive thrusts, and with every
    bit of his hugely swollen cock now buried inside her
    pussy he could last no longer.

    He groaned as he felt his cum working its way up his
    cock until it erupted from its tip squirting long and
    hard several times into the depths of her vagina, she
    felt the warmth of his juices and almost
    simultaneously, quivered, her entire body convulsing
    with pleasure, as her own orgasm, he held her firmly
    against him ensuring his cock was fully immersed in
    her right up to his balls her vagina now overflowing
    with a mixture of their combined juices.

    She also pulled him in as hard as she could, trying to
    get more and more pleasure until her orgasm subsided,
    after a few seconds of relaxation she said almost
    bluntly, and with a great deal of authority ‘Thank you
    Peter that was great’, with a little laugh he replied
    my pleasure and with a huge grin on his face, he
    rolled over towards her and planted a small kiss on
    Sally’s cheek, at which point she said with equal
    authority, ‘now go back and sit over there with David’
    until Penny or I decide what we want to do with you.

    Chapter Three: The weekend arrives

    It was a roller coaster ride from start to finish for
    Peter and me, as Penny and Sally stole the show, and
    ruled the roost, from start to finish and we were left
    to speculate over what we had unleashed? Yes you’ve
    guessed it my fantasy was now a reality, but not in
    the way I had imagined it.

    We arrived at the cottage ahead of Peter and Penny as
    planned, after unpacking I suggested we went for a
    drink in the bar downstairs, before going out for
    dinner. I positioned myself facing into the bar away
    from reception so as Sally had a perfect view of the
    door and would see Peter and Penny as they arrived.

    As we were just about to start our second round of
    drinks, Sally suddenly shouted, ‘Penny’ Jumping up as
    she did so, and rushing over, gave her a big hug, what
    are you doing here she remarked, I could ask you the
    same, Penny retorted, they then talked together for a
    while whilst Peter came across to me and said quietly
    seems to have worked mate, they don’t have a clue.
    What you drinking I said, I’ll have a pint I guess,
    and Penny will have a G&T. I went to the bar ordered a
    pint and made the G&T a double, thinking well what the
    heck let’s help get things going right from the start.

    The girls joined us and the conversations as always
    flowed easily, after a while I said we were about to
    go down into the town to get something to eat nothing
    posh just a curry or a chinky, why don’t you join us
    Sally added and they agreed, Penny said it had been a
    long journey so could they have five minutes to shower
    and change, go ahead, we’ll get another drink while
    were waiting.

    I went to the bar and got two more drinks, when I got
    back to the table, Sally commented on the fact I had
    bought her a large red wine this time, I said yes when
    did a woman ever take only five minutes to shower and
    change, she smiled and said I guess so.

    Peter and Penny came down the stairs and said ‘are we
    ready then’ and we all headed off into the town, as we
    rounded a corner Penny and Sally at the front
    commented on a very nice looking Italian restaurant
    and said how about here, Peter and I both
    simultaneously as one said yes that would be great.

    On entry we were greeted by a extremely well dressed
    and good looking young man, proffering what to me
    seemed like a fake Italian accent, as he led us to our
    table the girls followed him and nudged each other
    knowingly as they ogled his bum, and let out muffled
    giggles, I thought to myself the double G&T’s and
    large red wine had been a good investment, things were
    looking up.

    We ordered, the girls took a long time, as they
    appeared to be lapping up all the attention the young
    waiter was paying them, Peter and I added an extra
    bottle of wine for good measure. It was a great little
    restaurant with a good atmosphere, the music played
    quietly most of the time but occasionally between
    courses it would increase in volume slightly and
    people would get up and dance.

    Peter and I both asked the girls to dance but they
    repeatedly declined, that was until the young waiter
    asked and they both agreed without hesitation he
    danced with them both on several occasions with each
    dance he would hold them tighter and closer than the
    time before, with each dance the body language became
    more seductive, the girls appeared to be trying to
    outdo each other flirting openly, but on each occasion
    when they came back to the table they would whisper
    and giggle together.

    I swear they were trying to make Peter and I Jealous,
    but we too had had a few to drink and were quite
    relaxed, I for one was looking forward to returning to
    the hotel I hadn’t forgotten my fantasy for one
    moment, but it was the girls who cut the meal short by
    suggesting that we skip coffee and return to the hotel
    for a night cap, so we paid the bill and made our way
    back to the hotel, laughing giggling and joking all
    the way.

    Back at the hotel we ordered some more drinks the
    barmen looked less than happy I think he was hoping
    for an early night so one of the girls took pity on
    him and suggested he might like to let us have a
    couple of bottles of wine (opened) and some glasses
    and we would take them up to our rooms, he readily
    agreed and Peter suggested their room (probably
    because he had the cards there)but Sally and Penny
    both suggested our room, so with alcohol in hand we
    headed on up.

    We hadn’t been in the room long, before Penny asked
    whether we had any games we could play, Peter quickly
    suggested he had a pack of cards in their room, he
    would go and get them, ‘No Way!’ exclaimed Sally all
    you men ever want to do is get us girls naked by
    playing strip poker, Penny and I will choose the game
    won’t we, as she glanced at Penny and winked, ‘Bugger’
    I thought there goes my fantasy of a weekend of sex
    and debauchery, Peter looked a little dejected also,
    but asked well what do you suggest then, ‘Charades,’
    he added sarcastically.

    The girls giggled and conferred and then said ‘truth
    or dare’ but with a twist, sounds interesting I said
    how does one play it, we all throw a dice the highest
    wins and sets the question or dare and the lowest
    loses and has to answer or carry out the dare, sounds
    ok, but does anyone have any dice I asked, at which
    point Penny chirped up ‘I do’, nobody seemed to think
    it funny that she would carry a set of dice in her

    Before we started the girls insisted that they set
    some guidelines and rules and that we all must abide
    by them. Peter and I both agreed but the girls warned
    if you don’t you will be in big trouble, if you refuse
    to answer a question or carry out the dare you will be
    our slaves for the entire weekend agreed. ‘Ok
    whatever,’ we replied not thinking for one minute we
    were not man enough to answer or carry out any dare,
    again the girls grinned at each other.

    ‘Shall we have a couple of test runs just to see how
    it goes?’ Sally said, and with that we all through a
    dice I won with a six sally had a five and peter a
    three but penny lost with a one.

    I thought for a moment I wanted to ask an awkward
    question so she would opt for a dare instead, and then
    I could get her to strip off an item of clothing,
    nothing too much maybe shoes or something didn’t want
    to frighten them off at this stage, after all it would
    be more fun to see the girls strip slowly until they
    were naked and then get them to carry out some really
    sexy dares, “Ok,” I said smugly tell us roughly how
    many men you slept with before you married Peter, to
    my surprise and immense disappointment. ‘That’s easy!’
    she exclaimed loads thirty or more Peter always knew I
    was a tart that’s why he liked me.

    Somewhat shocked I took the dice ready for the next
    round and threw again, this time Peter won with a five
    Penny and I both had fours and Sally a three, my turn
    Peter said eagerly, now let me see he said Sally what
    can I ask you that would cause you severe
    embarrassment, I know have you ever watched a porn
    movie and fantasized about having sex with someone
    other than Dave, that’s easy ‘yes and no’, no I have
    never watched a porn movie but yes every time I see
    Robert de Nero in a movie I wish I was the leading
    lady opposite him so that it would be me he is making
    love too.

    We were all about to through again when Sally said I
    think we should change the rules slightly and the
    winner can dictate whether it’s a truth or a dare, I
    agreed quickly, thinking that now I can just get them
    to strip no silly questions, with that we threw again,
    This time Penny won with a six Sally had a five and
    both Peter and I had two’s, you two loose Penny said,
    grinning from ear to ear, with a really mischievous
    look in her eye, she turned to Sally and winked and
    then turned to us and looking straight at me and with
    no emotion in her face or her voice clearly said,
    David I want you to go over to Peter and give him a
    ‘Blow Job’ and don’t stop until I say so, both Peter
    and I were stunned into silence for a moment and then
    as one we said ‘fuck off no way’.

    ‘Ok then,’ the girls said, ‘you know the rules, you
    are now officially our slaves for the weekend.’

    We protested for a while but the girls held firm, so
    we reluctantly agreed, with that Penny barked out her
    orders and summons me to go and sit next to her on the
    floor, as she did this Sally also quietly but firmly
    demanded that Peter come and stand in front of her
    facing Penny and I and with that she turned her back
    on us and dropped to her knees in front of him, and
    took his Zipper in her hands, what happened next you
    already know, but it didn’t stop there.

    Chapter Four: A roller coaster ride from heaven to

    As Peter sat down next to me fully naked, with a huge
    grin on his face, Penny beckoned me to stand up and
    remove my shirt, as I did so she shouted to Peter
    don’t do that we haven’t finished with you yet, I
    looked at peter he was trying to slip his boxers back
    on to cover up his now limp manhood. Sally went over
    to him and removed them. ‘Who’s being a naughty boy?!’
    she barked, “you’ve made Penny very angry now, what
    are we going to do with you, perhaps we should spank

    Peter and I both laughed, ‘silence’ the girls retorted
    almost as one, and with that Sally sat down next to

    Penny led me over towards the bed and told me to lie
    on my back and raise my hands above my head, as I did
    so she quickly straddled me, simultaneously buckling
    my wrists to the metal bed head tightly with some
    leather straps, clipping them to the outermost
    corners. They were out of reach and I felt pretty
    trapped, and bit nervous, but it was followed by a
    strange quiver in my stomach and I could feel my cock
    harden quickly. ‘Time for a little fun,’ she said with
    a seductive smile, she turned, looked at me as if to
    say, Are you ready. Oh yes I thought now at last it
    seemed it was going to be my turn.

    Her smile grew as she began to kiss my stomach,
    reaching up, she slipped her hands under my shirt and
    ran her nails down my side, bringing them all the way
    down to the button on my pants, opening it and pulling
    down the zipper in one smooth movement. Grabbing them
    by my hips, she pulled both them and my boxers off at
    the same time, dragging them across my hard cock,
    letting it flip out like a spring.

    Finally, after they were all the way off, she walked
    across the room, dropping them carelessly on the
    floor, and went over to her handbag from which she
    pulled out two long cotton scarves and slowly turned
    around; her seductive looks now suddenly a bit more
    serious, my cock was firm and erect.

    The feeling of being tied down, coupled with that
    quiver of excitement was still running through me,
    this was a completely new experience; I hadn’t done
    anything like this before. Reaching across the base of
    the bed, she softly touched my right ankle. I extended
    it out for her, offering it with a smile. She tied it
    pretty tight. A bit more so than I expected, but not
    enough to hurt, she tied the other just as tight.
    Pulling them even tighter against the corners of the
    bed posts, I was left spread-eagle on, I could not
    even move let alone struggle.

    As she peeled off her clothes, performing a very sexy
    if a little amateurish striptease, I waited in
    anticipation, my excitement growing literally.
    Crawling up on the bed, she reached for my cock,
    holding it tight as she kissed and licked my waist and
    inner thighs, slowly, she brought her tongue up the
    side of my cock and then, in one smooth motion,
    engulfed my cock, bringing her lips all the way down
    to the base of my penis, the head reaching right past
    the back of her mouth and a little way down her

    The feeling was immense and nothing I had ever
    experienced before, she fondled my balls with one hand
    whilst supporting herself with the other, her head
    bobbed up and down on my cock, faster and faster, at
    the same time she stroked my balls with her silky soft
    hands, she continued pushing her face and those lips
    right down to the base of my cock, I pushed up to her,
    trying to keep up, then suddenly as she nibbled my
    penis ever so slightly I could feel myself ready to
    cum, I tried to pull back, but she wouldn’t stop, I
    screamed for her to stop, ‘I can’t hold on!’

    She didn’t listen. She continued relentlessly sucking
    my cock over and over again her ample and extremely
    soft breasts caressing my thighs as she did so, I
    convulsed like a freak and came in her mouth; she
    continued to suck my cock so hard I thought it would
    fall off, she held my cock firmly all the way into her
    mouth until I came repeatedly my cum squirting
    straight into her throat.

    Slowly, she allowed my cock to slide out of her mouth,
    licking it carefully around its tip with her extended
    tongue. I felt both wonderfully good and totally
    guilty at the same time all of this and I didn’t even
    get to put my penis in her.

    Damn it I thought to myself although it was great, the
    best blow job I had ever experienced, Peter got to
    fuck Sally, and I hadn’t got within a country mile of
    Penny’s pussy I leaned back and shut my eyes, my cock
    falling limp to one side, shrinking back to its normal
    size, lying there, I closed my eyes and fell into an
    exhausted, post orgasmic sleep.

    Soon I felt the warmth of a mouth on my cock, I
    smiled, not opening my eyes at first, it stopped and I
    then felt kisses on my neck, I opened my eyes and saw
    Sally she was gently and lovingly kissing and
    caressing my neck we exchanged loving yet somewhat
    mischievous glances, then I felt my heart race as
    Penny joined us and she started kissing my chest.

    I again closed my eyes and lay there thinking yes this
    is heaven, every man’s dream two women at the same
    time, but then the blow-job started all over again,
    but the kissing and caressing of my upper body hadn’t
    stopped, it took a second or two for the penny to drop
    then, my gut did a quick flip and in a panic I opened
    my eyes, Sally was still kissing my neck, but then I
    saw Penny was still kissing my chest, collectively
    they were blocking my view, so who the fuck was
    sucking my cock?


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