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    A Fantasy Lived

    5 March, 2019 (15:49) | Gay Hookup Sex Stories | By: admin

    (MM, 1st gay experience)
    By UncleJoe85 (


    Unhappy at home, an older man seeks to fulfill his secret
    fantasy to be loved by another man.


    A Fantasy Lived, A straight man’s coming out (MM, oral,
    anal, romance)


    After 12 years of marriage, my wife and I have slowly
    drifted apart. It was nobody’s fault really. We all
    change with time and that which unites two people, does
    change. True, the twelve years difference between our
    ages did not help, but for me, something has always been

    I always considered myself to be a normal, healthy,
    heterosexual kind of guy. Never experienced what some say
    was typical childhood boy-2-boy experimentation. I always
    averted my eyes when sharing a shower in high school or
    in the military. However, I did sneak a peak once or
    twice when I knew no one would notice. The problem is
    that when I did see something I was ‘not supposed’ to
    see, it was difficult for me not to become aroused and
    zipping up was difficult.

    It’s always been my secret desire and fantasy to explore
    that which society then considered improper. With the
    introduction of the Internet, the posting of gay stories
    and pictures, my secret desire has grown from a simple
    “what would it be like” into a curiosity that just can’t
    be denied or ignored.

    Last Wednesday evening while my wife was busy with one of
    her charities, I decided to stop by Suncoast Resort in
    St. Petersburg, Florida, for a drink and hoping to meet
    someone to talk too. I’ve read many reviews posted in the
    news groups for this place. They made it sound like it
    was the place to be. An intimate piano bar, Tiki bar next
    to the pool, and restaurant. Lots of friendly and
    understanding faces. They were right!

    It was just after 5:00 when I arrived and my first stop
    was the piano bar for a Kahlua and cream to steady my
    nerves. Me in a gay bar? Hoping that no one recognizes me
    but scarred shitless someone would, I imagined the entire
    Tampa Bay area reading about it in the morning paper.
    Over and over my mind was asking, “What am I doing here?
    What do I say if someone starts talking to me?” Now I
    really started to get nervous. “I’ll have this one drink
    and then leave,” I thought. Funny how life throws you a
    curve when you least expect it.

    Sitting at the bar enjoying my drink and watching the
    activity at the Tiki-hut, I wasn’t paying any attention
    to who was coming and going from the room. That is until,
    “Nice hair” he said while running his fingers through
    what’s left my hair. I buzz cut it each spring and summer
    since it gets so hot here in Tampa. Turning to see who
    this person was, my stomach started to tighten as I
    looked into the eyes of a fantasy come true.

    “Hi, I’m Patrick and I love short hair. Haven’t seen you
    here before,” he said. Unable to force my mouth to say
    anything intelligent, I just nodded in affirmation.
    “What’s your name?” Patrick asked. “Jo..Joe,” I answered
    unable to say anymore. I just sat there staring into his

    As quickly as he arrived, he was gone, leaving me unable
    to talk and having to finish my drink in silence. Stunned
    and not understanding the feelings that consumed my
    emotions at that moment, I sat there unable to forget his
    soft touch, and his eyes. Those beautiful eyes. For the
    next hour, the only thing I thought about or wanted was
    to feel that touch again. Patrick was a few inches
    shorter than me, about the same weight but with more
    muscles. His hair was closely cut and he was sharply
    dressed wearing shorts and a gray Seminoles t-shirt.

    “Are you leaving?” Patrick asked as I paid my tab and
    started to leave the bar. “I was hoping to talk to you
    before you left.” he said. “Join me over at the table for
    another drink please and let’s talk.” Unable and
    unwilling to walk through the door, I accepted Patrick’s
    invitation and joined him at the table.

    “I can only stay for a few minutes.” I said hoping he
    wouldn’t see how scared was. “That’s OK, I can’t stay
    long myself.”

    For the next two hours we talked about our jobs, our
    families and interests. We found that we had more in
    common that not and I couldn’t help but notice the way
    his eyes glowed when he smiled. I also noticed what
    appeared to be something growing in his shorts. My own
    dick was so hard it hurt. Here I was sitting across from
    a man I wanted so much to touch. To feel his skin next to
    mine, our hands learning for the first time.

    “Look, I have to go meet a friend tonight but I really
    want to see you again. Are you doing anything on
    Saturday?” Patrick asked as he brought me back to the
    present. “Not really,” I answered. “Well, I usually go to
    the beach on Saturday morning’s and it would be great if
    you would join me.” Patrick said. Hesitating for only the
    time it takes to take a breath, I said, “I’d like that.”
    We made arrangements to meet Saturday at the Holmes Beach
    around 9:00, and we both left.

    Going on Saturday would be no problem because I could
    tell my wife I was going fishing. She hates fishing and
    never goes along. This way I know most of the day was
    mine to do what I wanted. And what I wanted to do was
    spend it with Patrick. The next two days were spent
    daydreaming and I was in a state of constant arousal.

    The drive to the beach on Saturday seemed like it took
    days, although the beach is only 40 minutes from my
    house. Patrick was already laying out when I arrived and
    he greeted me with one of his smiles. “Hey Joe, glad you
    were able to make it.” None of my daydreams prepared me
    for what I saw standing before me. Patrick was well
    tanned and his muscles were hard. They shined like he had
    just finished sparring 3 rounds with Mike Tyson. His
    swimsuit, if you can call it that, was one of those
    skimpy things and barely covered his well-toned ass. His
    dick distorted the front something fierce.

    “This is going to be embarrassing,” I thought. I’m not in
    as good of shape as he is and my dick was already hard
    and straining to escape my shorts. Patrick noticed my
    discomfort and started to chuckle. “It’s OK” he said,
    “you can change at the concession stand over there and
    I’ll wait for you here.”

    The concession stand was only 100 feet away and people
    were already busy buying cokes, ice cream and hot dogs.
    “Watch out for the birds. They’ll steal those dogs if you
    aren’t careful” the man behind the counter was telling a
    little girl as she walked off. I found the changing rooms
    and hoped that no one saw how hard it was for me to walk
    with my dick leading the way.

    “Well, here goes nothing,” I thought after changing. My
    suit was not as revealing as Patrick’s and hung loosely
    around my hips. The tenting my dick caused made me look
    like a rhinoceros. “Think about work, think about work,”
    my mind kept repeating while trying to will my dick back
    to softness.

    When I finally felt presentable, I returned to Patrick’s
    side and spread my towel next to his. I made sure to
    leave a couple of feet distance between us. If I didn’t,
    we both would have been arrested for what I was thinking
    of doing to him.

    “You better put some lotion on, we don’t want you burning
    and spoiling the day,” Patrick said. Before I could reach
    for my lotion, Patrick was squeezing a generous amount of
    his lotion into his hands and started to rub it on my
    shoulders. “Why don’t you lay on you stomach and I’ll get
    your back, then you can do mine,” Patrick said.

    “Are you sure you want to do this?” the left side of my
    brain asked the right side. “He’s just rubbing lotion on,
    that’s all” the right side answered. “Yeah, but if you
    lay down, you’ll lose control of the situation!” the left
    side retorted. “When was I ever in control of this
    situation?” the right asked and I laid down on my
    stomach. Unsure where this was going to lead, but I damn
    sure wanted it to lead somewhere.

    Patrick’s hands were spreading the lotion across my back,
    from side to side and from my shoulders to the top of my
    trunks. It felt like Patrick was rubbing every care in
    the world away. Every motion was recorded in my mind and
    I didn’t want him to stop even if world collapsed around

    Patrick finished with my back and started at my feet
    working his way up my calves and then my thighs. As he
    got closer to the bottom of my trunks, my dick started to
    grow until it was harder than it had ever been and my
    breathing became erratic. “Mmm…” was the only noise
    that escaped my lips.

    Patrick, knowing that he was taking me places I’d never
    been, started to rub a little higher and just inside the
    left leg of my trunks. Before I knew what I was doing, my
    legs spread apart a few more inches to give him more
    access. His fingers continued to climb my leg until they
    brushed against my hairless balls with a feather touch.

    “Patrick, I’ve never done this before but please don’t
    stop, you’re driving me crazy!” I said as he reached a
    little higher to cup my balls in his hand. A few soft
    caresses and then Patrick wrapped his fingers around my
    dick and squeezed.

    My hips jerked involuntarily and Patrick started to
    slowly slide his hand, up and down with a slight twist to
    the side. “I want to feel you cum on my fingers,” he
    said. “Keep that up much longer and I will,” I whispered
    as my butt started to rise and fall in time with each

    Remembering where we were and how many people were close
    by, “Not here, there’s too many people around. Let’s walk
    out into the surf. There’s no one out there and if
    anybody looks, they won’t see anything” I suggested.
    “Alright,” Patrick answered. We adjusted ourselves so it
    wouldn’t be so obvious how we felt, and we ran as fast as
    we could into the water.

    After making sure we were in water to our chests, Patrick
    took me by the arm and pulled me to him. As our bodies
    closed distance and our hands started to explore each
    other’s lotion slick body. As our touches became more
    demanding, we lowered our suits and let our dicks and
    balls sway with the natural flow of the waves.
    I reached between us and took his dick in my hand, a
    first for me! The memories of those secretive high school
    glances and repressed fantasies came rushing forward. My
    body announced my feelings the moment I touched him. My
    legs grew weak and I started to shiver.

    First the bar, now the beach. If you would have asked me
    last week if I would be here with this man, the answer
    would have been “No” without any doubt. But, there was no
    way I was going to miss spending the day at the beach
    with this guy. It was like my mind shutdown when I first
    looked into his eyes and I was operating on emotion only.

    With my shaking right hand, I moved his dick next to mine
    and rubbed the head up and down the length of my dick. I
    rubbed our piss slits together and slowly slid him down
    alongside my shaft. Down until he was resting in the
    pocket my balls make.

    Without any warning, “Patrick, I’m GOING TO CUM! OH,
    SHIT! AH, AH, AHHH…” was all I could say. I felt my
    balls tighten, my hips jerked once, and I could feel my
    cum racing up the shaft only to be shot out and float
    away with the current. “Oh Patrick, I haven’t done that
    since I was 11 getting my first feel of tits and my dick
    was still in my pants” I told him at the same time I was
    trying to catch my breath. Just touching this man had
    caused me to climax!

    I made a decision right then and there that was to change
    my life forever! “I want you inside of me” I begged him.
    Patrick smiled and chuckled, “Let’s go back to my place.
    We can clean up and see what else you can do.” We both
    laughed and walked back to our towels. I think we set a
    record for going from the beach to our cars. “Follow me”
    Patrick yelled across the parking lot and I did, not
    wanting to lose site of him or waste any time.

    Patrick’s house sat not more than 75 feet from the shore
    of the Manatee River. The place looked like it was
    transplanted from the Keys. Large windows to allow the
    breeze to pass through, bright colors, tile floors, white
    wicker furniture, a parrot in the corner of the living
    room and enough plants to open a nursery. In fact the
    whole house was set back from the road and could not be
    seen because of the ‘well taken care of’ plants
    surrounding the house. The back of the house was screened
    and the yard fenced. A concrete block pathway lined with
    lights led from the back porch door to a boat dock.

    Patrick gave me the 10-cent tour as we made our way to
    the back porch. “Find someplace comfortable to sit and
    I’ll get us a couple of drinks,” Patrick said. Looking
    around the porch, there were 4 chairs at one table and
    two 2-seat loveseats sitting across from each other with
    a coffee table in between. I sat at one of them and
    started watching the river drift by.

    “Here you go” Patrick said as he handed me a Kahlua and
    cream. “Beautiful out here isn’t it.” he said, more of a
    statement than a question. “I moved here 3 years ago from
    Marathon Key and was lucky to get this place” he
    explained. “While in Marathon, I worked for a couple,
    Bill and Ruth. They owned a hotel there and I was their
    manager for almost 5 years.

    Bill and Ruth used to travel from Marathon to Bradenton
    each year for their vacation until they just got to old.
    When Ruth died, Bill asked me if I would be interested in
    it. Never having seen the place, I took off one weekend
    and came up here. One look was all it took for me to go
    back, sign the papers and move,” he continued. “I can
    understand why. This place is like a little slice of
    heaven,” I replied.

    Patrick looked at me and our eyes locked onto each other.
    I don’t know who moved first but before either of us
    could say anything, we were holding each other and our
    passions were in overdrive. I raised my hands to frame
    his face, slowly rubbing his checks. Our eyes never
    looking away as we drew closer. My lips met his and as my
    mother always told me would happen, sparks flew! My
    stomach was doing back-flips and I was shaking like a

    First his mouth opened and my tongue found his, then his
    tongue followed mine back to me. Lifetimes could have
    passed us by and we would never have known. We were the
    only two people in the world at this moment. No words
    were spoken but we both rose and started walking wrapped
    in each other’s arms toward the master bedroom. I don’t
    think we ever broke our kiss along the way.

    “I need a shower first. Would you like to join me?”
    Patrick asked. Before I could answer, he pulled his t-
    shirt over his head and stepped closer. “More than
    anything!” I replied. Patrick pulled my t-shirt off and
    started to lower my shorts while I lowered his. With us
    standing there in only in our underwear, I went to my
    knees. My hands reached out and slowly slid them up his
    thighs until they reached the top of his briefs. I hooked
    my index fingers in the band on each side of his hips and
    slowly lowered them to the floor.

    His rock hard dick stood proudly not 6 inches from my
    face. “Well you’ve always wanted to see one up close, go
    ahead and touch it,” my mind said, willing my hands
    forward. I could feel the heat of his body as my fingers
    approached and then wrapped themselves around his shaft.
    I gave it a light squeeze and Patrick’s legs begin to
    shake. “It’s beautiful,” I said to Patrick. “You don’t
    know how much I want this, no need this inside me.
    Patrick, I want you to teach me how to please you and I
    want you as to be my first! The first man I suck, the
    first man I let fuck my ass.” I looked up into his face
    and that glow in his eyes told me everything I needed to

    Patrick started the shower as we both reached for each
    other. When the water had warmed, we climbed in and made
    our way under the showerhead. The hot spray felt
    comforting against our skin as we stood together. Between
    the heat of the water and the heat of our bodies, my head
    was floating as if I had just smoked a joint. We all have
    fantasies we never really expect to become a reality, but
    here I was living mine!

    I reached for the soap and turned Patrick around until he
    was facing away from me. I leaned forward pressing my
    chest to his back, my dick finding the crease between his
    ass cheeks. I wrapped my arms around his waist and
    whispered in his ear, “Patrick, you know I’ve never been
    with another man. I want to take my time and learn
    everything about your body. I want to know how to please
    you.” Patrick turned his head and our lips met. He kissed
    my shoulder very lightly and replied, “I’m your toy

    Patrick pushed his hips toward mine and gently squeezed
    his ass cheeks together. My dick was trapped between them
    and he was enjoying it. I started to rub my fingers
    through his chest hairs paying particular attention to
    his nipples each time my hand would cover a breast. As I
    let my right hand fall lower towards that hard hot shaft,
    Patrick leaned against me a little harder. When my hand
    touched his outreaching shaft, he squeezed his ass cheeks
    around me tighter and began to moan.

    “Not so fast Joe. Make him wait for it,” my mind kept
    telling me. I wanted so desperately to feel his cum boil
    up from his balls and feel it burn as it lands on my
    skin, but there was much more to explore and experience
    yet. I needed to let him calm down some so I stepped back
    a few inches and started to wash his back.

    His skin was so soft and yet his muscles felt so firm. I
    wasn’t using a washcloth so my hands felt nothing but his
    skin. I ran my fingers from one side of his back to the
    other, making mental notes each time Patrick winced or
    moaned in excitement. It was hard to believe that it was
    I causing him so much excitement. The feelings I had at
    that moment were new, fresh and was making me hornier
    that I had ever been with a woman. Just touching him at
    the beach started me climaxing, I hope I last a little
    longer this time.

    With his back clean and me shaking as much as Patrick
    was, I dropped to my knees so I could wash his feet and
    legs. Patrick lifted his left leg and rested his foot on
    my left thigh. My dick stiffened when I saw his foot so
    close to my crotch. When I reached for him, the back of
    my right hand touched the head of my dick and the side of
    my ball sack. My balls rose together in hopes that it was
    Patrick’s hand they felt. My balls would have to wait.

    I soaped and rubbed each leg until I reached the rounded
    bottom of his ass checks. I paid particular attention not
    to touch his dick or ball sack quite yet. My hands rubbed
    the inside of his left leg until they reached the
    junction between his legs. My fingers touched that area
    between the bottom of his sack and his asshole as they
    moved to his right leg. Patrick let out a gasp and spread
    his legs even wider giving me more access.

    “Oh Joe, that feels so good. Touch me again,” Patrick
    said as he lowered his hands and raised his ball sack out
    of the way.

    “Be patient.” I told him resisting the urge to do as he
    asked. I wanted Patrick as excited and frustrated as I
    was. I wanted him to cum so hard he would never forget
    this day.

    After finishing with his right leg, I moved my hands to
    the cheeks of his ass and started rubbing them together.
    Squeezing, letting his skin swell between my fingers.
    Patrick bent over a little exposing his puckered hole to
    me for the first time. I couldn’t help but exhale louder
    than normal when I saw it. I could see the muscles
    contract and release, the entrance to a fantasy, opened
    and closed. My eyes moved a little further down and
    between the tops of his legs. I could see the backside of
    his ball sack. The eggs it held inside moved up and down
    each time his ass hole winked at me.

    I rolled the bar of soap across each cheek and enjoyed
    watching them clutch at my hand each time one of my
    fingers reached the crease between them. When Patrick
    would release his muscles, I would run my finger down the
    crease, a little further each time I did. Suddenly I felt
    my finger press against his puckered hole. “JOE! AHH…
    STICK YOUR FINGER INSIDE!” Patrick screamed.

    I slowly pressed my index finger forward and it slid
    inside to the first joint. I began rocking my finger from
    top to bottom until Patrick started to push against me. I
    removed my finger and continued to slide it down until it
    touched his ball sack. “DAMN IT JOE, PUT IT INSIDE,
    PLEASE! DON’T TEASE ME LIKE THIS!” I continued to rub my
    fingers between his cheeks until his ass was as clean as
    a baby’s butt.

    Since this was my adventure and he did say that he was my
    toy for the night, I spread his cheeks wide and moved
    closer. As his hole was contracting, my lips opened and I
    place my tongue against his skin where the back ends and
    the ass crease begins. My tongue tingled when it touched
    his skin like one of those light static electricity
    shocks. I pulled him closer to me and ran the flat side
    of my tongue up and down several times. Both of us were
    reaching a plateau neither of us had been to before.

    The tip of my tongue started drawing circles around his
    contracting hole. After making a complete circle, I
    rolled my tongue into a tight “O” and pressed it against
    the opening. “Oh Joe, push it inside. You know I’m clean.
    That’s it, let it slide in and out.” Patrick cried. My
    tongue started to slide in a little further when
    Patrick’s knees buckled and he screamed “I CUMMING JOE,

    I held Patrick by his hips and tried to steady him. His
    ring muscles compressed my tongue to a size no larger
    than my little finger, then released it and let it unfold
    as his cum was pumped from his balls. No pussy ever felt
    like this! I was losing myself to this man and I wanted
    to give him as much pleasure as I fantasized receiving.
    Knowing that it was me turning him on and causing him to
    climax was a power I never dreamed I had.

    As his spasms subsided, I rose to my feet, kept Patrick
    facing away from me and hugged him close to me. I began
    kissing his neck just below his left ear and rubbed my
    hands across his chest. My dick was pressed down and
    between his legs as he began to sway forwards and
    backwards. “Not yet. Not until you’re inside of me, if I
    can hold off that long” I told him. “Well, you better
    hurry because I want you so badly” Patrick pleaded.

    Each time my fingers spread the soap across his breasts,
    I rubbed and pinched his nipples. They were hard and he
    moaned each time I did. I pulled Patrick closer and he
    leaned against me. He was now using me to help support
    him on his “rubber” legs. My right hand started to rub
    circles on his stomach, increasing the size of the circle
    with each rotation.

    As my hand came to the bottom of a large circle, I felt
    hair at the top of his crotch brush against my hand. I
    spread my fingers open and slide it downwards through the
    patch of hair, resting my hand flat against his abdomen,
    his still hard dick lodged between my fingers. I squeezed
    my fingers together and started to make a fist. When I
    did, his dick expanded and the loose skin he had was
    pulled into my hand. My left hand came up from the bottom
    and weighed his ball sack with my fingers. I began to
    roll his sack from one finger to another while my other
    hand slide further down and started to pull his foreskin
    up and down.

    In less than a minute, Patrick was humping my hand and
    his dick started to spasm. “Oh Joe, I thought you said
    you had never done this before. If that’s true, you’re a
    fuckin’ natural!” Patrick said while trying to keep from
    cumming again so quickly. I felt his dick grow even
    larger and his balls started tucking themselves away for
    one hell of a cum. I continued to pump his dick and moved
    my hand faster.

    I looked down over his shoulder just in time to see his
    seed shoot from the end of his dick. It flew to the end
    of the tub and landed on the bottom of the shower wall.
    Holding his dick while he climaxed was like holding a
    roman candle, feeling each new cum fireball as it
    exploded out his piss slit.

    This was just too much for me. Watching my hand trying to
    pump him dry and feeling Patrick jump each time a new
    flow of sperm would leak out, my own climax was upon me.
    “I’m coming along too Patrick” I told him. My hips jerked
    forward and Patrick closed his legs together forming a
    warm and wet tunnel. The head of my dick hit the back of
    Patrick’s ball sack making it bounce forward only to
    return and slap me. I push my hips forward as hard as I
    could and my cum bathed the back of his sack.

    “Oh man, sex with my wife has never been like this,” I
    told Patrick. Once I got my breath, I asked him, “Do you
    know the best part about what just happened?” “No what”
    Patrick asked. “There’s still more to come,” I said as I
    turned Patrick around to face me. I gazed into his eyes
    and brushed his lips with mine.

    We opened our mouths at the same time. His tongue
    searching for mine, mine searching for his. When I was
    younger and dating, girls I dated always told me I was a
    good kisser. It’s a good thing they never met Patrick or
    I would have gone dateless. Patrick’s kisses are like
    being sprinkled with Tinkerbell dust. His kisses will
    take you to Never Never Land!

    I broke the kiss and separated our bodies. “Now neither
    of us will be so quick to fire” I said sliding my hands
    across and down his chest, past his abdomen and wrapped
    my fingers around his shaft. I pulled his foreskin back
    exposing the mushroom shaped head and rubbed my thumb
    back and forth across his piss slit. When it was still
    standing proud and erect, I kissed his neck and let my
    tongue leave a wet trail to his nipples. Both were
    painfully erect and waiting for me to tease them.

    I closed my lips around his left nipple with enough
    pressure to make it uncomfortable, and I gently bit it.
    “Ouch!” Patrick cried but not once trying to stop me.
    First one nipple and then the other. Instead of returning
    to the first nipple, I lowered myself to the floor. I’m
    not sure which one of us was more excited.

    As I lowered myself to the floor, my tongue left a saliva
    trail on his chest and stomach reminding me of places yet
    to be explored. Like before, Patrick’s hard dick was no
    more than 6 inches away from my face. Unlike before, I
    took hold of the shaft and lowered my open mouth.
    Patrick’s legs again buckled and I stopped pulling his
    dick in my mouth. Only long enough for him to regain

    Of all my fantasies, this one has always been my
    favorite. I’m not dreaming, I really was sucking his
    dick. It felt fantastic but wasn’t what I had expected.
    It was much better than that! Patrick’s dick was hard as
    steel but felt so soft resting on my tongue. Because
    Patrick was uncut, there was extra foreskin at the end
    and I quickly sucked it between my lips. I pulled as much
    skin as possible into my mouth and I moved my tongue
    forward to taste it.

    His shaft expended and the foreskin was pulled from my
    lips. As it retreated, the mushroom tip exposed itself.
    My heart started beating faster and it was getting harder
    to breath. I couldn’t take my eyes off it. “It’s the most
    beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.” I thought. It looks like
    the Liberty Bell and the ridge next to the shaft flares
    much wider than the shaft. It’s rounded at the top and
    when I pinch it, the piss slit opens and closes.

    I placed the tip into my mouth and sucked on it like I
    was drinking through a straw. Guess that really is what I
    was doing anyway. His piss vein being the straw to his
    balls and the reservoir of his seed. Because Patrick had
    already experienced two strong climaxes and several
    smaller ones, I was hoping he wouldn’t cum while inside
    my mouth. This was the first time any man had been in my
    mouth and I am not quite ready to start drinking. Patrick
    tasted like soap but I didn’t mind getting my mouth
    washed out!

    Patrick began to move his hips forward causing his dick
    to slide further into my mouth. My hands were resting on
    his ass cheeks. I spread out my fingers and pulled him to
    me. “I want all of it,” I said, but with my mouth full no
    words were heard. I continued to pull him closer until
    the hair at the base of the shaft tickled my nose.
    Stopping at the bottom, I held him to me. My fingers
    squeezing his cheeks and my tongue tickling the top of
    his ball sack. “I wish there was enough room inside my
    mouth for his balls too.” I thought.

    “Remind me to marry you” Patrick said looking down at me.
    Patrick placed his hands on the side of my head and held
    them there. Not pushing or guiding, they were just there
    for support. He caressed my cheeks then moved his hands
    only to join them at the place he was pumping into me.

    Patrick meant what he said when he told me “I’m your toy
    tonight.” He was letting me move at my own pace and to
    orchestrate this dream come true. I pulled his dick from
    my mouth and told him while looking into his eyes, “You
    know that I’ll never be able to leave this alone, don’t
    you?” Patrick just smiled at me and closed his eyes.

    I could never have imagined the sensation of feeling
    Patrick’s dick slide down my throat. Or having it slide
    back out until just the head remained between my lips. I
    held his hips steady and moved my mouth up and down his
    shaft. My tongue could feel each blood vessel as it moved
    around and around the invading flesh. Each time my tongue
    made contact with the underside of his helmet, Patrick
    would spasm a little more and humped his hips harder.

    I pulled my mouth off his dick and ran my tongue down the
    underside until I found the bottom of his sack. Using my
    fingers to lift his balls, I opened my mouth and sucked
    one of them to the back of my mouth. My tongue rolled it
    from one side of my mouth to the other.

    Not wanting to neglect his other ball, I opened my mouth
    wider and let it join the first. I sucked on his sack so
    hard that my nose was soon pressed against the underside
    of his shaft. When I did, Patrick’s legs spasmed so much
    I thought he was going to fall on top of me.

    Strange noises were now coming from my mouth as Patrick
    continued to slide in and out. Like the noise someone
    makes when they eat without closing their mouth. We were
    not going to last much longer and I wanted my next cum
    while he was fucking me. I never wanted anything more
    than I did this. The only thing that scared me was
    enjoying it too much.

    We’d gone way beyond a one-time affair. Sex had never
    been this good and I really enjoyed turning Patrick on.
    Watching him shake and spasm just before he cums. This
    was exactly how I wanted my first time to be.

    One reason I wanted Patrick to be my first is a character
    trait he tries hide, he showed me how romantic man-to-man
    relationships can be. How can I return to my wife and
    sleep in the same bed after what Patrick and I were
    experiencing? I didn’t want to lose this man, ever!

    After a couple more strokes, I pulled his balls from my
    mouth and told Patrick, “Let’s get out of here. I want to
    feel you holding me while you slam this damn log up my

    “It’s a good thing to. I don’t think I could stand
    anymore without raping you!” Patrick said. “Last one out
    is straight!” I said pushing past him. I was not going to
    be the last one out of here! I wanted him now! I ran to
    his bed and flopped on my back.

    As I adjusted his pillows, Patrick came into the room and
    stood at the foot of his bed. “I wish I had a picture of
    you laying there,” Patrick said. “Why didn’t we meet
    years ago? Do you realize how much time we’ve lost?” he

    “So we lost some time together. We’re here now and this
    is not the last day we will be together. There’s plenty
    of time left to share. Now get up here and make love to
    me like you’ve never made to a man before!” I said
    opening my arms. “I want you to fuck me. Slide that log
    inside of me and make me your slut. Make me have your
    baby.” I pleaded with him.

    Patrick smiled and crawled between my legs on his hands
    and knees. He placed his hands on the outside of my hips,
    lowered his head and swallowed my dick whole. I tried to
    pull his face from my crotch telling him “I don’t need
    stimulation. I need that log in my ass! Patrick,
    stop…just fuck me please!”

    Patrick raised his head and looked up at me. He was
    grinning from ear to ear and started laughing. “What’s so
    funny?” I asked. “3 days ago we didn’t know each other
    existed. Then by chance we find each other and now we’re
    acting like a couple of 9 year olds learning about sex
    for the first time” he laughed.

    I pulled his body up until his ear was inches from my
    lips. “You make me feel like 9 again.” I whispered.
    “Patrick, lying here next to you, in your bed, makes me
    feel like I’m learning about sex for the first time. The
    feelings I have when your next to me is what has always
    been missing in my past relationships. I Love You
    Patrick. Please make love to me.” I kissed his ear.

    Patrick turned his head placing his lips on mine and we
    began to kiss. Our tongues started searching for the
    other. As the kiss grew in intensity, Patrick moved his
    body until it covered mine. He raised and lowered his
    hips making sure his dick and mine came in contact with
    each other during each stroke.

    My hips began an involuntary thrust back at him. I pushed
    one of my hands between us and took hold of his shaft. He
    was pressed so closely to me that it was hard to move his
    dick down between us. Patrick raised a bit and I rubbed
    the head of his dick back and forth across my balls and
    down to my waiting hole. He was leaking pre-cum and I
    spread it around and on my hole.

    His dick was now poised to start its inward travel.
    Patrick stayed in that position a long time. His eyes
    never let mine. “Are you sure?” he asked. “Yes” I said
    with no hesitation. He rolled a condom on and spread some
    lube on my ass and on his covered dick.

    I took a deep breath and Patrick slid the head inside. He
    held it there and asked, “Are you alright?”

    “Yeah, I Love you Patrick.” I said. He slide further
    inside. I could feel the rim around the mushroom head
    scrape the sides of my pussy as it tried to find the end
    of the tunnel. I felt each vein on his shaft as he pushed
    more inside.

    Further and further he pushed until he was in as far as
    he could go. I was shaking like an oak leaf during a
    summer storm so I wrapped my arms around him and pulled
    myself to his chest. I kissed his neck, his cheek and
    again tasted those lips. Laying back down, I grabbed my
    legs around the knees and pulled them wider apart and
    closer to my chest. When I did, he slid in another inch
    or so. He had no more to give.

    I was whimpering not from pain, but from the spasms
    inside my ass his dick was causing. I looked down to
    where we were joined and then back up at Patrick. Never
    have I been so close to another person. We were more than
    friends and lovers.

    We understood each other on a level that transcended the
    body or mind. It was as if we were the same person,
    pleasing ourselves, as only we know how to please
    ourselves. What Patrick did to me not only brought me
    pleasure, but it also took him to new heights. The same
    for the things I did to him.

    Patrick stopped, giving me a chance to adjust to his
    size. After a couple of seconds, “It’s OK, just don’t
    pull out.” I told him. “You’re dick feels so hot inside
    of me and I can feel each beat of your heart. Make me cum
    with you inside. Let me feel your dick open my womb and
    pump your seed inside of me.” I continued.

    Patrick hesitated no more and started to slam his hips to
    my ass. They slapped each other as they touched. The
    faster and harder he pumped, the faster and harder I
    thrust back at him. I was getting light headed and my
    dick was straining for release. Patrick’s dick was
    touching something inside that had me on the verge of a
    climax bigger than anything before.

    He pumped harder and I started to scream. “Fuck me…fuck
    me harder… Babe I’m getting close…Right there, rub it
    there… Babe… Babe…OH SHIT!”

    I lifted my ass off the bed and my cum boiled inside my
    balls. One more down stroke and my dick was pumping cum
    all over Patrick’s abdomen and my chest.

    My asshole clamped shut holding his dick so tight he shot
    his cum in the end of the condom. “I Love you too Joe!”
    Patrick collapsed on top of me. He wrapped his arms
    around me and kept his dick up my ass.

    We lay there together, not saying a word. We were
    committing this day to our memories. A memory to be
    cherished and relived over and over again.


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