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    Month: May, 2019

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    Black Sex Hookups

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    Best Hookup Sites Sexstories section features sexstories in all categories from swinging to lesbian, teens, interracial, gay bisexual and more. Get hot links interesting reads like how to create a great hookup ad. And get selfies from submitting members. Best Hookup Sites also has links to dating and webcam sites as well.… Read the rest

    A Life Changing Event -Lesbian Stories

    25 May, 2019 (10:31) | Lesbian Sex Stories | By: admin

    by Sonymdupe (


    Lesbian fan fiction involving two characters of the
    sitcom, “According to Jim.”


    People often wondered why Cheryl had actually married
    Jim. He was quite a bit older than she was. He was a big
    hairy ogre, she a stunning, sexy young woman. Truth was
    that Cheryl was very comfortable with Jim. In many ways
    intellectually his superior, yet Jim was able to provide
    Cheryl and the children with a great living. Cheryl did
    not like to have to work to provide for the family, and
    this situation suited her fine.

    On top of that Jim truly loved her, protected her and the
    kids, and in that respect he really needed her more than
    she needed him. And finally it did not hurt that he had a
    massive cock either. That meant that (after some gentle
    coaching) her sex life was truly satisfying as well.
    Cheryl did not feel the need for any changes in that
    department, until very recently that is.

    Cheryl and her sister Dana had just returned home from an
    early morning jog. The kids were in school, and with
    nothing better to do Dana had started joining Cheryl on
    her morning jogs. It took more than cooking and cleaning
    for Cheryl to keep the great shape she was in! Upon
    returning to the house, they both needed to take a quick
    shower. Dana was going to use the shower in the guest
    bedroom, but when she was just about to turn the tap on
    she realized that she had no towel to dry herself with.… Read the rest

    Accident – Lesbian Femdom

    25 May, 2019 (10:29) | Lesbian Sex Stories | By: admin

    by SubVee (


    A young submissive female in search of her true Fem Dom.


    It was a warm spring day. I had just finished work and
    I was driving down the highway, when I spotted a
    gorgeous cream-colored Benz. It was very clean and
    shiny like it was new. Inside of this vehicle sat a
    slender woman with brunette hair.

    As I passed her on the highway our eyes met. Her blue
    eyes went through my entire body, like the cold steel
    of a dagger. For the past two years I had been in
    search of someone who was just like me, what am I?
    Kinky, and very much into consensual slavery, or as
    some know as BDSM.

    On the outside I look like an everyday good girl, on
    the inside I consider myself to be a total submissive
    fem, and a lover of the dark side. As I continued to
    drive down the highway I noticed the cream colored car
    was still behind me. I continued driving until I saw
    the sign for my exit. As I drove off of my ramp I saw a
    huge traffic jam. It was outrageous and traffic was
    only moving about two miles an hour, and I still had to
    drive at least twenty more minutes before I could get

    I continued to sit in traffic listening to my stereo
    and looking in my mirrors, when all of a sudden I
    noticed the cream colored car approaching slowly on my
    left.… Read the rest

    ABBA: Tender Visit – Lesbian Stories

    25 May, 2019 (10:27) | Lesbian Sex Stories | By: admin

    by Raindancer (


    It’s a sweet, erotic encounter between Agnetha and
    Frida, the former ABBA-Singers.


    Agnetha put the newspaper she’d been reading down as the
    doorbell rang. It was ten o’clock in the morning.

    She opened the door, finding a very familiar figure
    standing in front of her.

    ‘Frida!’ she exclaimed at the smiling woman, wrapping
    her arms around her.

    Frida hugged her back.

    ‘Hi, little one! How are you?’

    ‘Good, good, come in! Coffee is on. Are you hungry?’
    Agnetha bubbled, pulling her friend inside to the

    ‘Hmmm, smells good. Did you bake?’

    ‘Yes, I’ll cut you a piece off. Give me your coat.’

    Hustling out to hang it and back in to offer Frida a
    steaming cup.

    ‘Thank you, dear.’

    They sat across each other at the table, grinning.

    ‘What brings you here?’

    ‘I’m in town for a few weeks, thought I’d say hello…’

    ‘This is really sweet. Can you spend the day?’

    ‘Yes, if you want me to…’

    Agnetha slipped her hand over Frida’s. ‘Of course I want
    you to…’

    Silence fell over the room, both women sipping coffee
    and nibbling cake.

    ‘Shall we go see the horses?’ Agnetha asked then.


    It was cold outside, they walked fast, not having
    bothered with jackets.

    The animals snickered, turning their heads, as they
    heard Agnetha come in. The stranger was eyed curiously.
    Frida got properly introduced to every horse, with
    history and character.

    ‘I would love to take a ride,’ Frida said.

    ‘Wonderful. I’ll get us something warm to dress in.’

    20 minutes later they were on their way.… Read the rest

    HypnoTV: 90210 -Lesbian Stories

    25 May, 2019 (10:26) | Lesbian Sex Stories | By: admin

    by MAW (


    Valerie hypnitizes Donna and Kelly for her own pleasure
    (FF-teens, oral, mast, mc, TV parody)


    Val didn’t even notice the work in front of her. All she
    could think about was Brandon and Kelly. Val couldn’t
    figure it out. She was tall, with full breasts, short
    dark hair and a gorgeous face. She had been living in
    the same house with Brandon for a few years now. She
    always wore outfits much like her current one, a black
    mini-dress with a dark shirt.

    So, why did Brandon keep going out with Kelly and not
    her? She had tried everything she could think of to
    break them up, all without success. She wanted Brandon,
    bad. But as long as he was infatuated with that blonde
    bimbo, she didn’t have a chance.

    Sighing, Val stood up from the table and decided to take
    a walk. She was seated in the lower floor of the
    library, checking research for a paper. School was a
    pain, but it did keep her closer to Brandon. Val shook
    her head as she walked along the aisles of the library.
    Not having had sex in two weeks did not help her mood
    any. As she marched down the aisles, her hand brushed
    against a book loosely and knocked it to the floor.

    Val reached down to pick up the book. She took notice of
    its title and paused. An idea slowly crawled into her
    head. Maybe, just maybe, it could work. A smile growing
    on her face, Val opened up the book and started to read
    it.… Read the rest

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