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    Hookup with Sexy Milfs for Rendezvous in Hotels, Public Places and Each Other’s Homes

    18 November, 2019 (04:15) | milf hookups, Uncategorized | By: admin

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    Jane was a secure middle aged woman with a great career in New York City. She’d been married, divorced and with her last kid finally off to college, she dreamed of the day when she could have another boyfriend. She tried with the kids around but they somehow always interfered with their opinions. Or the boyfriends had their opinions. Either way she thought not now. But when the fall came, she was sad at seeing her daughter off but at the same time welcoming the chapter her life would become.
    It didn’t take long. She kept herself in shape with daily jogs. Her tits were perky with the help of a pushup bra and cosmetic surgery. Her pussy was always shaved as she never liked the itch of hair growing back. She would look in the mirror and smile. Many of her friends back home were fat, overweight, sagging everywhere. She kept herself up and was proud of it.

    Surfing on her phone, she found a dating site. It seemed odd at first but she realized times had changed. Online dating was the new thing. At least initially. It was a way to get that first date. She signed up right away.
    On came a flurry of responses, many located near her. She took the time to assess each one and texted a member. He texted her back and it went from texting to sexting. She saw the massive cock he had and she was ready to try it. The date was set for Starbacks Coffee shop.
    Her new friend was Marlon, he looked like Jayz. Not the most handsome man but sure had a lot of swag. He owned several fast food joints after coming from the school of hard knocks and was doing incredibly well. Rental homes, second homes, no mortgages, stocks, bonds he was extremely financially secure.
    The coffee shop was full of exciting energy for both of them. He finally found a secure woman not a fwb and she the same. They both had kids and ex partners that were still in their lives and that was ok. And the chemistry was perfect. He stared her in the eyes and said “I love you”. He didn’t say it blindly. He said it with a man of honed instincts. She knew it and the look of disbelief washed away. She said “I love you too”.
    Marlon took a hotel room for the night at the Plaza. He invited her over. The door to his room closed and they practically tore each other’s clothes off kissing, squeezing and hugging. Marlon got on his knees and started licking her wet pussy. It was squirting over and over. She got down on her knees. First, she had to figure out how to take his massive cock. And she would use her hands and mouth. Precum oozed from his cock as his balls tightened.
    Marlon lifted her up and sat her on his cock. Cuppling her ass he rammed her pussy on his cock. She was so wet it was just pure pleasure. Faster and faster he fucked her till he came deep in her snatch.
    They cleaned up, left the Plaza hotel, went out for a play. And it was the start of a new day for them both.

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