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    Butch Femme Hookups at Lesbian Personals

    25 November, 2019 (23:36) | Lesbian Sex Hookups, Lesbian Sex Stories | By: admin

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    Butch Femme Lesbian Hookup Sex Story
    The motorcycle roared by. No mufflers. It was a Harley Davidson fatboy. The driver dressed in black leather head forward till it turned into a gas station for a refill. The driver got off the bike and walked like any other biker with biker boots. The biker took off the helmet and revealed a brunette with piercing blue eyes.
    “Coffee light and sweet and two gallon refill” she said.
    The cashier was amazed a woman would take a role. She was an 18 year old doe eyed, black girl. Her father was a part time preacher and owned the gas station. She was totally in struck by the beautiful biker.
    “I’m another dyke on a bike. You see us everyday” she added
    “Yes but none so beautiful as you” she said.
    “One day I’ll take you for a ride. Maybe do a picnic together, Uh Sweetie?”
    “That sounds like fun to me” she said.
    They exchanged numbers and started texting then sexting each other. Before they knew it, it was time for the picnic.
    Liz was the butch. Not only a motorcycle rider, she owned a construction company that did the sets for the local tv studios. An accomplishment not many lesbians could call their own. She was very excited about meeting Donna. She needed a mature guide especially with a conservative preacher father. She knew she didn’t need to go all out rebellious but had to incorporate acceptance into her life as it was without rocking the boat.
    The headed to the beach. Donna loved the feeling of holding on to Liz as she powered down the road. Everything got quiet as the approached the big patch of blue through the shaded trees. It was midday during the week. The beach wasn’t crowded just a few people on an otherwise deserted beach. They got into their bathing suits and lay in the sun.

    They caught up on everything going on with each other as they rubbed suntan lotion on each other. It was soothing and calming and reaffirming.
    Donna couldn’t help but squeeze Liz’ nipples she then suckled them. Liz returned the favor and soon they were doing a 69 on the beach. Donna had her first squirting orgasm and then several more as Liz worked her charms. Donna went down on Liz’ wet pussy and got it squirting over and over again. They went to the ocean and cleaned up.
    It was the start of a new chapter for both of them

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