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    Category: Gay Hookup Sex Stories

    A Fantasy Lived

    5 March, 2019 (15:49) | Gay Hookup Sex Stories | By: admin

    (MM, 1st gay experience)
    By UncleJoe85 (


    Unhappy at home, an older man seeks to fulfill his secret
    fantasy to be loved by another man.


    A Fantasy Lived, A straight man’s coming out (MM, oral,
    anal, romance)


    After 12 years of marriage, my wife and I have slowly
    drifted apart. It was nobody’s fault really. We all
    change with time and that which unites two people, does
    change. True, the twelve years difference between our
    ages did not help, but for me, something has always been

    I always considered myself to be a normal, healthy,
    heterosexual kind of guy. Never experienced what some say
    was typical childhood boy-2-boy experimentation. I always
    averted my eyes when sharing a shower in high school or
    in the military. However, I did sneak a peak once or
    twice when I knew no one would notice. The problem is
    that when I did see something I was ‘not supposed’ to
    see, it was difficult for me not to become aroused and
    zipping up was difficult.

    It’s always been my secret desire and fantasy to explore
    that which society then considered improper. With the
    introduction of the Internet, the posting of gay stories
    and pictures, my secret desire has grown from a simple
    “what would it be like” into a curiosity that just can’t
    be denied or ignored.

    Last Wednesday evening while my wife was busy with one of
    her charities, I decided to stop by Suncoast Resort in
    St. Petersburg, Florida, for a drink and hoping to meet
    someone to talk too.… Read the rest

    A Fainting Spell in the Jacuzzi

    5 March, 2019 (15:47) | Gay Hookup Sex Stories, Interracial Sex Stories, Slut Wife Sex Stories, Swinger Sex Stories | By: admin

    by Bhuralund (


    On vacation, a little nookie in the jacuzzi between
    husband and wife heats up to a boiling point when she
    faints and some strangers walk in… (MMF, nc, MM-bi,
    wife, intr, voy, cuck, alcohol)


    My wife and I were on vacation. Vacations usually mean
    drinking bouts for both of us as we hardly ever drink
    otherwise. So the third night, after we were dead drunk
    we decided to go to the Jacuzzi. I know they all say
    that after having alcohol it is not a very good idea to
    go in Jacuzzi but hey, like I mentioned we were dead
    drunk and not thinking straight. We were also dressed
    for cocktails and not for a soak in the Jacuzzi.

    It was past midnight and there was no one around in the
    resort. The Jacuzzi was as we thought it would be –
    empty. I turned the motors on, and my wife took off her
    clothes and jumped in buck naked. I followed suit. Soon
    we were frolicking in the bubbling water like two small
    kids, defying our middle aged mindset.

    Being naked in Jacuzzi – and with so much alcohol in my
    blood – made my cock stir up. Soon it was floating up
    in the water and I was trying to float so that only the
    hard cock was visible above the surface. My wife,
    slightly tingly with the booze, was trying to suck my
    hard cock, her big breasts dangling like swinging
    pendulums. She rolled the spongy head of my uncut cock
    in her mouth and swirled her tongue around it sending
    dizzying waves of pleasure down my spine.… Read the rest

    A Day to Forget

    5 March, 2019 (15:45) | Gay Hookup Sex Stories, Tranny Hookup Sexstory | By: admin

    (MM, tv, 1st-gay exp)
    by Dave (


    A Bad Day brings about an unforgettable experience


    It was a rainy and cold night when I entered the smoke-
    filled bar just off the Interstate. A series of personal
    defeats had sent me home for the comfort of my most
    recent lover. My unexpected early arrival found her in
    the arms of another and after a flurry of ill
    contemplated accusations, we were soon on our separate

    Fearing further confrontations, I eased my wheels into
    the unimposing parking lot and with a dash of cologne
    entered the dimly-lit room awash in the mid summers rain.
    My full intention was to drown my sorrows in solitude and
    seek solstice in the motel next door for the night.

    The entire day had been most uniquely revealing, and now,
    sitting peaceably at the colorful bar, I began to recount
    the day’s defeats with a more speculative eye. My second
    glass was all but empty when she approached from out of
    nowhere. Her husky voice and bedroom eyes were a
    tranquilizer unto themselves, and I found myself
    expounding unceremoniously on her feigned interest.

    She was firm but gentle, goading me to reveal my
    innermost desires while remaining attractively aloof.
    Within a short time spell, she had learned far more from
    me than I ever cared to divulge to anyone, and I found
    myself groping for phrases to keep her from overcoming
    the last vestiges of my privacy.

    Somewhere through the gloom I remember cautioning myself
    that she was undoubtedly a professional, and more than
    likely, one with designs on my material assets rather
    than my physical ones.… Read the rest

    A Day At The Naturist Beach

    5 March, 2019 (15:43) | Gay Hookup Sex Stories | By: admin

    by Tom Hull (


    A couple go to naturist beach. It is her first time.
    Sexual play between the couple in front of a nude guy
    takes place. Then the action moves into the dunes where
    they have a threesome. (MMF, exh, 1st-bi-expr)


    Vanessa had never been to a nudist beach before but she
    was aware that I had been to the one at Morfa Dyffryn
    in Wales. It was a huge beach, beautiful sand backed by
    sand dunes and much of it was given over to nudist
    bathers. You have to work about a mile along the beach
    before you come to the nudist part. Vanessa thought we
    had made a mistake until a naked man walked past us
    displaying his wares for all to see. She looked at me
    and bit her lip and smiled, amazed to see such a site.

    We walked a little further on until we were feeling
    distinctly overdressed in our shorts and tee shirts. We
    walked over to the edge of the dunes and picked a spot.
    As I was unpacking the bag and laying out the towels I
    had my back to Vanessa and was talking to her.

    “Don’t feel that you have to strip off,” I said,
    bearing in mind this was her first experience of a
    nudist beach. I needn’t have worried, when I turned
    round she was stark naked. I laughed and then stripped
    off myself feeling the usual tingling of excitement but
    with an extra edge because I was with her.… Read the rest

    A Day at the Gloryhole

    5 March, 2019 (15:41) | Gay Hookup Sex Stories | By: admin

    by Wantsum (address withheld)


    I was spending the afternoon at the adult book store
    and decided to visit the booths. (MM, oral, glory)


    I had a day off and the wife was out of town. I was
    sitting at home looking at porn on the internet and
    decided it would be fun to go to an adult bookstore and
    see some action in the flesh. Even though I was
    straight (I thought) I loved watching other guys jerk
    off through a gloryhole.

    I had been in the booth for about five minutes when
    someone entered the booth next door. He dropped his
    shorts and jacked off to a video and left. I was really
    hot and pretty soon another guy, jacked-off and left.

    I was about ready to leave when the door opened in the
    next booth and someone stepped in. I was looking
    through the hole and when he put money in and started
    the video, I could see him standing up rubbing his cock
    through his pants, which is a BIG turn on for me. I
    could see by his hand it was a black guy.

    It wasn’t long before he unzipped his pants and pulled
    out the most beautiful cock I have ever seen! It was an
    ebony monster, perfectly shaped, and it had to be at
    LEAST nine inches. I watched, feeling hotter than I
    could ever remember. He noticed me and turned toward
    the hole.

    He placed that beautiful monster through the hole and I
    took it in my hand.… Read the rest

    A Day at the Beach

    5 March, 2019 (15:40) | Gay Hookup Sex Stories | By: admin

    by Otis Holmes (


    Man takes his wife to a secluded nude beach and they
    meet a stranger who opens their eyes. (MMF, bi, exh)


    It was a hot late July day. I was working out of the
    house as usual. My wife, Anne who works in town had
    taken the day off to go to the beach with friends.
    Around 10 as she was getting ready to leave her friend
    Mary called to say that she couldn�t make it, her son
    had come down with the flu and she had better stay home
    with him. Anne was a little disappointed but said she
    understood and perhaps they could do it another time.

    I was not getting a lot accomplished myself. Seems like
    July and August people are in vacation mode and if you
    can reach anyone they�re really not focused. “What the
    hell,” I thought, “I�ll take Anne to the beach, it�ll
    be a nice little get a way.”

    I thought I�d take her to this little nude beach I
    learned about while chatting on the net. Anne didn�t
    know about it and I thought the shock might do her

    On the way there Anne talked non-stop about this and
    that. I don�t know really, I was totally caught up with
    my imagination and what I thought might happen once we
    got there. I must admit I was getting quite aroused
    just thinking about the possibilities and had quite the
    woody as we pulled into the parking area.… Read the rest

    A New Beginning – a Gay Hookup Sexstory

    26 May, 2018 (12:51) | Gay Hookup Sex Stories | By: admin

    by Zula (no address provided)


    A husband’s sexuality is challenged in front of his
    wife. (MM, 1st-gay-expr, anal, control, intr, huml)


    A New Beginning

    Lindsey groaned in frustration. It had been so long
    since she had felt a real hard cock inside her pussy.
    Damn! What was the matter with him, she thought as
    she looked at his shamed face. He hadn’t even been
    able to cum himself. For years, she had overlooked
    his reluctance to initiate sex and invariably when
    she did start it, it was unfulfilling and strained.

    Her husband, Steve, refused to go to the doctor. No
    doctor- no prescription. No prescription- no viagara,
    or anything else. Well, she was fed up with his limp
    dick! His trying to please her with his tongue was no
    longer good enough. She even hated his moustache
    sweeping her pussy. She wanted a real man to fuck!

    The doorbell rang. Steve looked across at the bedside
    alarm clock. What time was it? Hhhmm 8:30. Who would
    be coming around at this time of the evening? Still
    it was a good excuse to leave Lindsey before they got
    into the same old pained argument about his
    performance – or rather the lack of it in bed.
    Grabbing his housecoat, he hurried out of the
    bedroom, closing the door.

    Lindsey watched him go. She was angry, but that
    didn’t stop her hand from finding her slippery cunt
    with her fingers. Slippery not from excitement but
    from the KY jelly they had used on his penis, trying
    to make it hard and his tongue.… Read the rest

    A Memorable Fourth Cock – Gay Hookup Sexstory

    26 May, 2018 (12:47) | Gay Hookup Sex Stories | By: admin

    by Hornyalias (


    A true story, just a month old, of a married man’s 4th
    bisexual encounter – but first happy experience. (MM)


    I would like to tell all the readers of my 4th bisexual
    gay experience, which occurred a few weeks ago in
    Spain, whilst on vacation with my wife and 2 children.

    Why 4th? Because after finally confronting my inner
    feelings at 37years of age, married for 16 years, with
    2 children, the first 3 experiences were just that – an
    experience. Nothing special, certainly nothing relaxed,
    planned or erotic, just snatched chances, that happened
    so quick and were over before I had time to
    ‘appreciate’ things. All 3 resulted in me on my knees
    sucking a cock, and on 2 occasions I had my cocked
    jerked off. However, nothing glamorous or worth sharing
    with this fine site.

    The 4th is.

    The holiday: 2 weeks at a Spanish Island, hotel with
    about 1000 guests, 3 pools, 3 bars, and hot!

    The sequence of events, as best as I can recollect, of
    this fantastic event.

    On day 1, we went poolside and grabbed our sun beds. It
    was damned hot, so we took refuge under umbrellas, with
    shades on. The kids were soon wet, wife soon
    sunbathing, I was checking on the talent available.
    Nothing much struck me, a couple of stunning ladies
    wandered past, one topless, one not, but a promising

    As I perused the other sun worshippers I noticed 2
    couples with healthy tans. Both couples looked late
    50’s easy, oiled up, all 4 looked in shape.… Read the rest

    A Morning on the Beach – a Gay Hookup Sexstory

    26 May, 2018 (12:45) | Gay Hookup Sex Stories | By: admin

    by Anubis (address withheld)


    A twink goes from virgin to expert, thanks to an older
    man. (MM, 1st-gay-expr)


    The year that I turned 18 was a busy one for me. I had
    just taken my A level exams at college, and was waiting
    to see if the results would allow me to go to the
    university of my choice. I had a long hot summer to
    wait, and spent the summer living in a holiday chalet
    that my parents owned on the Norfolk coast. I spent
    every sunny day on the beach, and in the evenings
    worked as a barman in a large holiday village nearby.

    I had a lot of sex that summer, working in a holiday
    village meant a constant supply of women who considered
    sex an essential part of the holiday experience, my
    partners ranged from girls of my own age to well
    preserved married women in their 40s. However, I sensed
    that something was not quite right, I made love to the
    ladies because it was the thing to do and sometimes my
    conquests were very insistent, not because I felt that
    I wanted to do it for its own sake. I was also aware
    that I was attracted to men, not all men you
    understand, but some guys really got my pulses racing.
    I knew that I wanted to explore them sexually but only
    had the most basic knowledge about what form that
    exploration would take.

    One fateful day I walked down to the beach to find a
    chilly breeze blowing in from the sea.… Read the rest

    A Hot Night in Peru – a Gay Hookup Story

    26 May, 2018 (12:38) | Gay Hookup Sex Stories | By: admin

    by Anubis31 (address withheld)


    He gets caught by the Peruvian Army. (MM, reluc, 1st-


    Many years ago I worked for a British bank in Lima,
    Peru. I had an American girlfriend, Susan, who worked
    for a US airline. We were invited to a wedding in a
    small village, just outside the city. We drove there in
    Susie’s beaten up old Buick and found the village
    without any problems. The party was great, the people
    were very friendly, and we had a great time, although
    we had a bit to drink and had been smoking pot. We took
    our leave of our hosts and started driving back into
    Lima, unfortunately getting hopelessly lost. We ended
    up on the perimeter road of a military airfield and
    were just turning the car around when an army jeep
    suddenly appeared.

    A young captain, a sergeant, and two soldiers got out,
    covering us with a variety of weapons. The officer
    informed us that as we were in a restricted area, were
    breaking the curfew, and foreigners to boot. He would
    have to hand us over to the Internal Security Police.
    This terrified us both, as people who fell into their
    hands sometimes disappeared off the face of the earth.

    Susan tried to threaten the soldiers with the “I am a
    US citizen,” routine but it was no good, then she tried
    to sweet talk them into letting us go. The officer
    conferred with his men, and decided that as we didn’t
    appear to look like terrorists they would let us go,
    provided we co-operated completely with them.… Read the rest