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    Gia Derza is Almost Caught by Her Mom in Lesbian Sex Video Hooky Hookup

    22 December, 2019 (02:02) | Lesbian Sex Hookups, Lesbian Sex Stories | By: admin

    Gia Derza is sitting up in bed in her bedroom, looking mischievous. She checks her phone, seemingly seeing a text message, and types back. As she does, she says ‘Just getting started, see you soon…She climbs out of bed and does some quick jumping jacks to try to get herself feeling warm and a bit sweaty. She then hears her mom Chanel Preston calling outside the door, telling her to get up for school! Gia’s 18 now and almost graduating high school, so Chanel won’t have to do this for much longer! Gia jumps back into bed. Chanel enters as Gia groans and pretends to groggily stir, playing up being unwell. She tells her mom that she doesn’t feel so well.Chanel frowns and touches Gia’s forehead. Chanel leaves, returning moments later with a thermometer, telling Gia to put it under her tongue. Chanel then excuses herself to go get a glass of water.

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    gia derza in almost caught hooky hookup

    As soon as Chanel leaves, Gia tries to warm up the thermometer by rubbing it between her hands and putting it under an available light fixture. When she hears Chanel approaching again, Gia puts the thermometer in her mouth.Chanel arrives with a glass of water, putting it nearby, then checks the thermometer. Seeing that Gia does seem to have a fever, Chanel says that Gia should stay home, insisting that she’ll take the day off work to take care of her. Gia tries not to look crestfallen, meekly insisting that Chanel doesn’t need to do that.… Read the rest

    Asian Lesbian Yoga Instructor Alina Li Teaches How to Have Lesbian Sex in My First Yoga Class

    21 December, 2019 (22:19) | Asian Sex Hookups, Lesbian Sex Hookups | By: admin

    Veronica Rodriguez is more excited today than ever before. Finally, her yoga outfit has arrived in the mail, and it’s time for her friend Alina Li to give her a first ever yoga lesson. Veronica is hoping that it will change her life, but she doesn’t realize yet to what extent! Alina is pleased to instruct her friend but, as you’ll see she’s not too pleased about Veronica’s new outfit.Veronica is surprised when Alina gets a bit too hot for yoga, taking off her top to reveal her small natural breasts.

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    Alina quickly evens the odds by taking off Veronica’s new yoga top, and soon the nubile gals are out of their constricting clothes and into their birthday suits to connect deeper with their surroundings. As the lesson continues it’s apparent that Alina has a thing for Veronica, and with a few erotic touches we see Alina correct Veronica’s posture, and stimulate her to the point where she’s putty in Alina’s slender fingers.Veronica is a shy girl, but Alina knows just how to pose the right questions to convince Veronica that what she’s feeling is right. Alina feels Veronica’s perfect tits, and asks her if she’s ever kissed a girl! Veronica’s admits she’s not yet tasted the kiss of a woman, and soon, the shy girl is transformed to a sensual goddess, enjoying devotional worship from Alina’s expert tongue. Their passionate roll on Veronica’s deck results in her mind being blown by Alina’s proficiency in licking and fingering.… Read the rest

    Hot Lesbian Threeway Sex Hookup in Sisters Divided

    21 December, 2019 (20:38) | Lesbian Sex Hookups | By: admin

    August Ames is lying on her bed studying for Math, when her step sister, Janice comes in and wants to have a sex hookup. August being a good girl, tells Janice that she needs to study. August takes a break to write in her diary, revealing she’s extremely happy she has Janice as a sister, but admits their personalities clash and sometimes, it feels like murphy’s law. Her sister new friend Carmen is a bad influence on Janice, but August can’t do anything except stay true to herself and be a good girl. Carmen Caliente shows up to their house ready to party since Janice Griffith and August parents are gone for the weekend, but August promised her mom there would be no parties while they are gone. It looks like August will have to put a stop to their party plans before things get out of hand!

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    Hot Lesbian Threeway Sex Hookup in Sisters Divided

    Carmen, figuring out what would be her best strategy to infiltrate and stop this so-called party her sister and Carmen are going to have, decides that in order to do so, she’ll have to be one of them …a bad girl. She pretends that she needs help with what to wear for this outdoor party they were planning on attending. August, using her sweet charm, diverts their attention away from the whole party with her initiating some fun time in their parents bed. August takes off her shirt, where she wants to practice what they did the last time they were alone.… Read the rest

    Lesbian Teens Hookup for Threeway Sex in The Babysitter

    21 December, 2019 (20:00) | Lesbian Sex Hookups, Lesbian Sex Stories | By: admin

    When teen Jenna Sativa comes home to hookup and make out with her hot Latina girlfriend Veronica Rodriguez, they meet the new babysitter Alexa Grace. Jenna’s little sister is fast asleep, so Alexa is hanging out on the sofa, all prim and proper. Jenna and Veronica decide to seduce her into a threeway. They sit on either side of her and tickle her skin with their fingers. When Jenna kisses her on the lips Alexa melts from the lesbian affection. She’s never been with a girl before.

    lesbian teens hookup for threeway sex

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    Without missing a beat, they peel off Alexa’s clothes and dismiss her weak objections. No one will wake up or walk in, they assure her. Before Alexa knows it, the lesbians are completely naked and diving between her legs. Jenna licks out Alexa’s pussy while she lies back in Veronica’s lap. Veronica sits on Alexa’s face while Jenna tribs the sitter. Alexa rims Veronica’s ass till she squirts all over the sofa! The sitter keeps eating Veronica’s ass, while Jenna and Veronica 69. Then Alexa cums on Jenna’s tongue while Jenna gets tribbed by Veronica. The girls rub each other’s clits till Veronica squirts her juices. Then the parents come home and the lesbians scatter, leaving Alexa alone on the couch! How will the sitter talk her way out of this predicament?!

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    Read the rest

    Lesbian Students Hookup for Sex while Studying

    26 November, 2019 (21:10) | Lesbian Sex Hookups, Lesbian Sex Stories | By: admin

    Aria Lee and Jill Kassidy, two friends, study together, quizzing each other a bit. As they do, chatting about how challenging college is, Jill playfully puts her feet up on Aria’s lap. Aria is a bit surprised and flustered. She does nothing for a few moments, then seizes the moment and idly rubs Jill’s feet while being quizzed.After Aria rubs Jill’s feet for a period of time, Aria slowly begins rubbing further up Jill’s leg. Jill is surprised as she watches Aria. Aria doesn’t seem to notice she’s being watched. Jill continues to quiz Aria, though the questions start to become few and far between. Aria lightly caresses Jill’s leg, as if admiring it. Aria then idly rests a hand on Jill’s thigh, making it even more intimate by lightly squeezing or patting. She still doesn’t seem aware that Jill is watching her, lost in her own little world while mindlessly answering quiz questions.

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    Jill is now blatantly watching Aria with surprise and amusement, though Aria still doesn’t notice. Jill becomes aroused through all the touch. Jill bites her bottom lip then goes for it, trying to give Aria a kiss, although it’s more like a peck on the lips because Aria quickly recoils, surprised. Jill insists that Aria was giving her very strong signals.Aria is embarrassed, admitting that she’s been sexually frustrated lately and that she didn’t mean to send the wrong signals.… Read the rest

    Lesbian Class President Wannabe Hooks Up with Fellow Student for Votes

    26 November, 2019 (20:58) | Lesbian Sex Hookups, Lesbian Sex Stories | By: admin

    Kendra Spade is determined to become class president in her senior year of high school. As she visits fellow students to see if she can count on their votes, she arrives at Maya Kendrick’s house. Although Maya tries to avoid her, Kendra steamrolls her way into the house to enthusiastically give her spiel. However, Maya’s not sold on Kendra’s boring, predictable campaign promises. When Kendra asks what’s important to Maya, Maya insists that the school’s GSA needs some help!

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    Although Kendra’s trying her best, she doesn’t initially know what a GSA is, which loses her points in Maya’s eyes. She quickly recovers, gushing about how important the GSA is and how she’ll do her best to get more attention for it. Even so, Maya’s not convinced… so she asks Kendra to prove her commitment to the community and cause.Kendra’s not sure HOW she’s supposed to prove herself until Maya makes a move on her, kissing her.

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    Although Kendra’s not experienced, and this is WAY outside her comfort zone, she’s determined to win Maya’s vote and is willing to do whatever it takes.Once they start getting hot and heavy, Kendra’s worries fade away as she lives in the moment with Maya.… Read the rest

    Teen Lesbian Skater Girl Hookups with Black Haired Girl

    26 November, 2019 (20:47) | Lesbian Sex Hookups, Lesbian Sex Stories | By: admin

    It’s after school at the skatepark. A skater boy does tricks while his teen lesbian, bisexual, girlfriend, Sarah sits off in the shade, looking hot and sipping her soda. Sarah does this every day … wait around while her boyfriend skates and hangs out with his buddies. She is clearly very bored. Decked out in her cute little wannabe skater chick outfit, her body glistening with sweat, all Sarah wants is some attention … and to get out of this concrete furnace! Three other skater kids arrive at the park and go say hi to her boyfriend. Sarah rolls her eyes. Great, she thinks, now we’ll be here forever! One of them is a girl that she does not recognize. The black haired girl, Jenny (Gia Derza), notices Sarah off to the side. She gives Sarah a long look before breaking from the pack and skating over and introducing herself. Sarah also introduces herself and asks the girl if they go to the same school.

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    ‘Nah, I dropped out six months ago … the day after I turned 18,’ Jenny laughs. ‘I wish I could have done that for my 18th birthday,’ Sarah laughs back. ‘But my parents would kill me!’ The girls eye each other.… Read the rest

    Butch Femme Hookups at Lesbian Personals

    25 November, 2019 (23:36) | Lesbian Sex Hookups, Lesbian Sex Stories | By: admin

    Lesbian Personals is the hot place for butch femme hookups. Meet those lovely masculine butch girls who rule. Meet sugar and spice femme girls who love to please and let you be the boy. Lesbian Personals has them all and with members around the world, you will find your next hookup. It’s free to join and check out but first you have to sign up.

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    Signing Up
    It’s easy as creating a username and password, wait for your email confirmation and you’re in. From there you can place an ad and get responses. The best membership is paid and can cost from $30 for a month and nearly $100 for a year. The most popular is the three month plan at around $50. The three month plan gives lots of time to hookup and meet several potential new lovers.
    The webcams and chatrooms are hopping with sexy ladies looking for love. Join in and you might get lucky.

    Check out the user groups for special interests like kinky, bdsm, bbw and the Lesbian Personals Naughty Community group. Check them out your sure to find a group that has similar interests. If not you can always start your own and attract new members.… Read the rest

    Lesbian Hookup Story – After The Party

    25 November, 2019 (22:50) | Lesbian Sex Hookups, Lesbian Sex Stories | By: admin

    by Rogue Writer (


    Two girls meet at a party and go find some privacy for
    their own party.


    NOTE: This is adult material, so if you’re too young to
    read sexually explicit things please stop reading this
    now. The same goes for adults who don’t like this stuff.
    This story should not inspire you to do anything more
    than have a good time.

    Please send feedback to Without
    it I will only get worse.


    I was sitting in my living room that Sunday morning,
    working on the broken clasp of one of my anklets, my
    favorite anklet. The most expensive piece of jewelry I
    owned, it was a silver chain studded with diamond chips
    given to me by an ex-girlfriend. But the price tag was
    hardly the reason I cherished it. She gave it to me last
    year for my twenty- fourth birthday and I considered it a
    sign of how she felt about me. I was in love with her and
    it was her way of saying she felt the same.

    Frustrated, I tossed aside the anklet and the pair of
    needle nose pliers I was using to fix it. I needed to
    lift my spirits. My eyes found the small bong sitting on
    the coffee table and my mind thought about watching some
    Saturday morning cartoons stoned.

    A tempting idea until I remembered the ex and I used to
    do that together. I looked at the windows and decided to
    let the exhibitionist in me take a shot.… Read the rest

    Lesbian Mature and Teen Hookup Sex Story – After Hours

    25 November, 2019 (22:46) | Lesbian Sex Hookups, Lesbian Sex Stories | By: admin

    by Ann Douglas

    Susan Ann Clancy sat quietly in her six
    year old Ford Escort in the parking lot for Krazy
    Kate’s Video Store. For the third time in the last
    half-hour, the forty-six year old high school
    history Teacher checked her watch. Then the
    short haired redhead looked out the window to
    the small sign on the store’s door that listed the
    hours of operation. The store closed at eight
    o’clock, her watch had read seven fifty.

    The short woman, only five three, got out
    of her dark blue coupe and quickly entered the
    small establishment. The store itself was rather
    unpretentious, a far cry from the mega franchises
    that dominated the video market these days. In
    fact, Krazy Kate’s carried less than a third of the
    selection of most stores. What it did have, was a
    very loyal clientele and an owner who not only
    carried the latest popular hits, but many little
    known films that couldn’t be found anywhere else.

    Susan walked over to the row of the latest
    new releases and picked up the newest of romantic
    comedies. She pretended to be reading the back of
    the box. Actually, she was waiting for the girl
    behind the counter to finish with the thirty
    something man ahead of her.

    The man paid for his rentals and bid the
    girl a good night. No sooner had he exited the
    door, Susan moved up to where he had been

    “Hi,” the young girl who Susan guessed
    wasn’t more than nineteen smiled.… Read the rest