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    Category: Lesbian Sex Stories

    Gia Derza is Almost Caught by Her Mom in Lesbian Sex Video Hooky Hookup

    22 December, 2019 (02:02) | Lesbian Sex Hookups, Lesbian Sex Stories | By: admin

    Gia Derza is sitting up in bed in her bedroom, looking mischievous. She checks her phone, seemingly seeing a text message, and types back. As she does, she says ‘Just getting started, see you soon…She climbs out of bed and does some quick jumping jacks to try to get herself feeling warm and a bit sweaty. She then hears her mom Chanel Preston calling outside the door, telling her to get up for school! Gia’s 18 now and almost graduating high school, so Chanel won’t have to do this for much longer! Gia jumps back into bed. Chanel enters as Gia groans and pretends to groggily stir, playing up being unwell. She tells her mom that she doesn’t feel so well.Chanel frowns and touches Gia’s forehead. Chanel leaves, returning moments later with a thermometer, telling Gia to put it under her tongue. Chanel then excuses herself to go get a glass of water.

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    gia derza in almost caught hooky hookup

    As soon as Chanel leaves, Gia tries to warm up the thermometer by rubbing it between her hands and putting it under an available light fixture. When she hears Chanel approaching again, Gia puts the thermometer in her mouth.Chanel arrives with a glass of water, putting it nearby, then checks the thermometer. Seeing that Gia does seem to have a fever, Chanel says that Gia should stay home, insisting that she’ll take the day off work to take care of her. Gia tries not to look crestfallen, meekly insisting that Chanel doesn’t need to do that.… Read the rest

    Lesbian Teens Hookup for Threeway Sex in The Babysitter

    21 December, 2019 (20:00) | Lesbian Sex Hookups, Lesbian Sex Stories | By: admin

    When teen Jenna Sativa comes home to hookup and make out with her hot Latina girlfriend Veronica Rodriguez, they meet the new babysitter Alexa Grace. Jenna’s little sister is fast asleep, so Alexa is hanging out on the sofa, all prim and proper. Jenna and Veronica decide to seduce her into a threeway. They sit on either side of her and tickle her skin with their fingers. When Jenna kisses her on the lips Alexa melts from the lesbian affection. She’s never been with a girl before.

    lesbian teens hookup for threeway sex

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    Without missing a beat, they peel off Alexa’s clothes and dismiss her weak objections. No one will wake up or walk in, they assure her. Before Alexa knows it, the lesbians are completely naked and diving between her legs. Jenna licks out Alexa’s pussy while she lies back in Veronica’s lap. Veronica sits on Alexa’s face while Jenna tribs the sitter. Alexa rims Veronica’s ass till she squirts all over the sofa! The sitter keeps eating Veronica’s ass, while Jenna and Veronica 69. Then Alexa cums on Jenna’s tongue while Jenna gets tribbed by Veronica. The girls rub each other’s clits till Veronica squirts her juices. Then the parents come home and the lesbians scatter, leaving Alexa alone on the couch! How will the sitter talk her way out of this predicament?!

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    Lesbian Tutor Hooks Up and Seduces Student in My Tutor

    21 December, 2019 (18:00) | Lesbian Sex Stories | By: admin

    Chloe Foster’s Social Studies exam is tomorrow. She isn’t a fan of Social Studies which makes it all so hard to study. Who memorizes useless statistics anyway? Dani Daniels! that’s who and she’s not shy about being a smarty-pants with her thick glasses and her preppy cardigan! She’s got other tricks up her sleeve too as we’ll soon find out. Chloe is desperate for some much needed study help and Dani is just what the doctor ordered. Dani shows up to Chloe’s bedroom ready to blow Chloe’s mind with her wits and her tits.Dani shares that she’s a lesbian and Chloe’s eyes light up with curiosity. Curiosity may have killed the cat, but curiosity has a much different gift for Chloe today.

    lesbian tutor seduces student in my tutor
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    Dani lets down her hair to get more comfortable meanwhile Chloe is intent on sizing up her smoking hot college tutor. More curious about college than anything else, Chloe practically grills Dani on her experiences. Realizing Chloe has something for her, Dani sizes up the possibility of getting a bit rowdy with Chloe. Chloe is all for it! Anything would be better than her Social Studies. It doesn’t take long before they’re caressing one another tenderly and making out on Chloe’s crisply lit bed. Realizing she’s not working with an amateur Chloe gets more excited than ever. Dani slowly stimulates the erogenous zones around Chloe’s soft ears and her long neck. Next, Chloe’s small and supple tits get a chance in Dani’s expert mouth.Chloe’s clothes continue to fall away from her body as Dani undresses them both.… Read the rest

    Young Neighbor – Older Woman Young Girl Hookup Sexstory

    21 December, 2019 (16:07) | Lesbian Sex Stories | By: admin

    by Heidi (


    New neighbor woman meets young girl next door.


    My husband and I moved to our first house when we were
    both 28. It was a nice neighborhood with modest homes and
    nice people. The couple next door were older and had two
    daughters – Ellen, away at college, and Sue, a freshman
    at the local high school. Sue was a popular girl with
    lots of friends coming over. We didn’t know her other
    than that she was really attractive. She was maybe five
    foot five, blonde and slender.

    Bob and I both worked so we didn’t see much of any of the
    neighbors. In June, however, I took a week off and
    decided to just hang around the house and get projects
    done. One of them was cleaning up the back yard and
    starting a garden. I was happy to put on my bikini top
    with some cut-offs and head out back to work.

    As I started working in the yard, I noticed Sue was
    tanning on a blanket in her backyard. She was lying on
    her back in a light blue bikini. Her tan was already deep
    and she looked beautiful. I couldn’t help but stare at
    her young breasts. They were small but very sexy – I had
    a hard time not looking at them.

    As I worked, I found myself continuously looking up at
    Sue. Eventually she looked up and caught my eye. She just
    smiled and waved at me. Then she rolled over onto her
    stomach.… Read the rest

    After Hours – a Lesbian Bdsm Sexstory

    21 December, 2019 (16:03) | Bdsm and Fetish Sex Stories, Lesbian Sex Stories | By: admin

    My hands were being held together. I felt something
    wrap around my wrists. What the hell? I opened my eyes
    and tried to turn around. I couldn’t see what was
    happening, but I soon realized that Sally had bound my
    wrists together with the cord from the vacuum cleaner.
    (FF, forced, 1st-lesbian-expr, work)


    I sat up straight, stretching my arms towards the
    ceiling. My eyes burned from staring at my computer
    screen all day. I had been at my desk since seven in
    the morning. It was now ten thirty at night.

    It has to be done this week, I was told. They told me
    on Wednesday. Nice of them. So here it was, Thursday
    night, and I was wondering how the hell I was going to
    finish the damn thing.

    I closed my eyes and wearily rubbed them. I was
    startled by the sound of a door closing somewhere on
    the floor. Who the hell else is here at this hour? A
    moment later, the loud whoosh of a vacuum cleaner
    echoed through the empty cubicles around me. Great.
    Just what I need.

    Once more, I focused on the job at hand. I was dimly
    aware of the vacuum cleaner getting louder, closer.
    Just another annoyance to make my day complete.

    The vacuum cleaner poked its way around the entrance to
    my cube, followed by a young blonde girl. To say she
    was surprised to find someone sitting there was an
    understatement. She let out a little yelp, her eyes
    went wide, and she actually dropped the handle of the
    vacuum.… Read the rest

    A Day At The Beach – a Lesbian Pussy Licking Sexstory

    21 December, 2019 (16:01) | Lesbian Sex Stories | By: admin

    By Phoebe


    I’ve always had a self-image problem. I don’t think
    that I’m very pretty and I know that I’m not
    comfortable in most social situations. Ever since I
    was in kindergarten I’ve been shy and quiet at
    school. But when I finally started high school things
    rapidly changed for me.

    It was about half way through my freshman year that I
    met Karen and her friends. I’d known who they were of
    course, because they were very out going and everyone
    saw them around school. It was in Freshman English
    that I found myself teamed up on a project with
    Karen. For some reason we hit it off right away and
    before I knew what I’d agreed to, I was going to the
    beach with “the gang” that weekend.

    I live in San Diego and the beach is only a few miles
    away from my house, but you could count on one hand
    the amount of times I’d actually been. Well, I was
    really nervous about my upcoming trip with “the gang’
    not knowing how to act or even what to wear. Being a
    14-year-old “very insecure” girl is no fun, let me
    tell you. I spent the rest of the week worrying about
    every little detail and imagining every little thing
    that could go wrong and was just about to throw in
    the towel by Friday.

    But it turned out that I wanted to go more than I
    wanted to stay safe. For some reason I was excited
    about this trip with my classmates, and I think I was
    also a little tired of always missing out on what
    looked like fun to me.… Read the rest

    A Clockwork Tangerine – a Lesbian Sextoys Sexstory

    21 December, 2019 (15:54) | Lesbian Sex Stories, Uncategorized | By: admin

    by Elsie (


    A girl borrows her brother’s wind-up sex toy. (FF,
    inc, mast, toys)


    I stole my brother Simon’s Tangerine. His security
    wasn’t exactly bomb-proof; he’d been using the same
    password since he was thirteen. Father was away at the
    wars; Mother was out doing her Good Work, Simon was
    courting; and the servants had all been sent home for
    the night. If ever the coast was going to be clear, it
    was now.

    I punched it into the alpha-numeric tumblers he’d
    installed on his closet door about the same time he’d
    started sprouting body hair and his voice had cracked.
    T-r-i-X-X-X-i-e was the name of the main character in
    his favorite pornographic serial. He’d had a manic
    crush on her for the first year or so of his
    adolescence, and I had followed her erotic adventures
    with a mixture of horror, fascinated disgust, and
    titillated lust.

    I’d been breaking into Theo’s closet to snoop around
    his pornographic picture-novels for about as long as
    I’d know what pornography is, and what to do with it.
    Trixxxie, with her impossible breasts and cartoonish,
    generic features, wasn’t something I masturbated to,
    but she had taught me all I’d ever wanted to know �
    and then some � about the mechanical aspects of sex.
    And there were plenty more picture-novels for me to

    I had whiled away many hot and sticky hours locked in
    Simon’s closet with a dirty picture-novel in one hand
    and one finger busy between my legs.… Read the rest

    Blackmail of a Tourist – an Asian Lesbian Sexstory

    21 December, 2019 (04:13) | Asian Sex Stories, Lesbian Sex Stories | By: admin

    by Sonya Esperanto (


    About a French tourist getting blackmailed by a local
    girl working in a Malaysian hotel resort to become her
    personal slave during her duration there. (FF, nc,
    intr, asian, bd, huml, v)


    It was such a warm day in Pangkor lsland, an island off
    the coast of Malaysia in South East Asia. Francesca
    Marceau was a French tourist staying all by herself in
    a motel. She rented a motel room, over-facing a large
    beach all by herself. Unlike other holiday resort parts
    of Malaysia, this one was one of the least crowded, for
    any season at any time.

    Francesca Marceau was an attractive French Brunette who
    bore a strong resemblance to that French actress from
    that hit 70s British sitcom Mind Your Language, and
    still fit at the early age of 30.

    At the moment, she was lying down by an unattended
    beach chair, trying to retain her tan. She had a two-
    piece red bikini on. It was only Autumn but she had to
    get away from France. But it was mostly because she had
    to get away from her ex-boyfriend and that her company
    was paying for her holiday, so she didn’t care too
    much. And besides, Malaysia had a nice temperature that
    always attracted European tourists to come.

    Just as Francesca was sat all by herself, she was
    reading her book: The Satanic Verses. She bought the
    book in France, after friends told her that it was such
    a controversial book. All she did was packed it in her
    luggage and opened it up, so that she had something to
    read while on vacation, and trying to get a tan, which
    was far easier for a French woman or a South European
    that anyone from England or Northern Europe.… Read the rest

    A Massage – Lesbian Asian Interracial Sexstory

    21 December, 2019 (03:51) | Lesbian Sex Stories | By: admin

    by Sweetmeat (


    I stopped at a combined nail and massage place on my
    way home from work one day, and not only got a massage
    but a mistress too. (FF, 1st-lesbian-expr, intr, asian)


    I guess you could say I’m a fairly lucky girl, I have a
    good paying job that I love and I live in a high rise
    only three blocks from my job in a middle size city. As
    for me, I’m a five foot six inch tall red head and
    weigh one hundred and twenty pounds with a thirty four
    C chest, twenty seven years old and have not been in a
    relationship for almost a year, ever since I broke up
    with my ex boyfriend. Every day I walk past a combined
    massage, nails and bikini wax business that seems to be
    operated by all Orientals and I keep telling myself I
    should try it at least to have my nails done.

    Well here it was, Friday, six in the evening and it was
    a long grueling week leaving my body a bit worn out and
    I was came to the nail place I thought, what the hell,
    a massage would do me some good, so I walked in intent
    on getting a massage. There was a short; five foot
    even, oriental which I later found out she was Japanese
    and she said she was just about to close the place up
    as she was the only one still there.

    I just about begged her for a massage, telling her how
    my week had gone and she did relent and said okay.… Read the rest

    Lesbian Students Hookup for Sex while Studying

    26 November, 2019 (21:10) | Lesbian Sex Hookups, Lesbian Sex Stories | By: admin

    Aria Lee and Jill Kassidy, two friends, study together, quizzing each other a bit. As they do, chatting about how challenging college is, Jill playfully puts her feet up on Aria’s lap. Aria is a bit surprised and flustered. She does nothing for a few moments, then seizes the moment and idly rubs Jill’s feet while being quizzed.After Aria rubs Jill’s feet for a period of time, Aria slowly begins rubbing further up Jill’s leg. Jill is surprised as she watches Aria. Aria doesn’t seem to notice she’s being watched. Jill continues to quiz Aria, though the questions start to become few and far between. Aria lightly caresses Jill’s leg, as if admiring it. Aria then idly rests a hand on Jill’s thigh, making it even more intimate by lightly squeezing or patting. She still doesn’t seem aware that Jill is watching her, lost in her own little world while mindlessly answering quiz questions.

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    Jill is now blatantly watching Aria with surprise and amusement, though Aria still doesn’t notice. Jill becomes aroused through all the touch. Jill bites her bottom lip then goes for it, trying to give Aria a kiss, although it’s more like a peck on the lips because Aria quickly recoils, surprised. Jill insists that Aria was giving her very strong signals.Aria is embarrassed, admitting that she’s been sexually frustrated lately and that she didn’t mean to send the wrong signals.… Read the rest