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    Category: loyal

    1969 – Part 2 – Slutwife Sex Story

    26 May, 2018 (19:49) | loyal | By: admin

    PART 2

    Telling Tom

    Melissa really didn’t want to tell Tom anything about
    what was going on. Tom had his own cute little swinger
    girl on the side for quite a while. That was one of the
    reasons that he told Melissa to go out and pick up
    someone. With all the discussions of free love, open
    sex, orgies, etc., it was Tom that opened the door for
    Melissa. And Melissa would have just left Tom out of
    the communications. Remember, he said that she didn’t
    even have to tell him.

    Tom was so egocentric that he missed out on learning
    about Melissa’s hardcore fantasies. Oh, he heard her
    say a couple of times that she thought about big black
    penises. But he never bothered to try to get the
    specifics – like that she wanted to be stretched big,
    that she dreamt of huge blacks pounding her over and
    over, that she thought that she would have made a great
    whore in another life, or that she recently became
    interested in the way that Nigerian men use the label
    Jezebel. And he certainly didn’t know that she had a
    masochistic bent for being beat with large penises
    until her vagina was completely changed. That is a
    fairly long list of what Tom did not know.

    But, now Tom also did not know that Melissa had just
    been stretched, and that some of that stretch is
    already permanent. That condition, and the fact that
    she wanted to go back for more, drove her need to tell
    Tom.… Read the rest

    I can`t chose the special manner to describe myself (I`m…

    20 March, 2015 (06:04) | emotional, life, love, loyal, manner, passion, pic, special | By: Get Laid & Hookup Tonight with Locals

    I can`t chose the special manner to describe myself (I`m beautiful, emotional,
    reserved, loyal, self- critical), but on the contrary I`ll show you a lot of reasons
    why you have to give me your love, your life, your passion… more »                       
    Read the rest