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    Millionaire Mate – Hookup Site for Wealthy Partners

    Millionaire Mate is a great dating website that showcases the money and success of their members. While most of the members are wealthy men, there are also wealthy women. And there are also younger members looking for the older, successful partner either men or women. It’s a great site for those looking for partners of substance. How do they weed out those looking for monied partners? Millionaire Mate has an optional in depth sign up process.

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    From Single to Wealthy Boyfriend

    The initial membership is free and can be done with a few clicks of your computer. The fully completed profile has many questions all tailored to get as thorough a background assessment as possible online. Question include hobbies, how you see yourself, how you get around the dating world, sports and activities. The more you answer, the more complete profile and you can have more compatible matches. The in depth questionaire is not required though if you just want to check the site out.
    Membership Costs
    There are three levels of membership:Free, Silver and Gold.
    Free is just that with limited access to profiles.
    One Month $36
    Three Months $54
    One Year $150
    One Month $45
    Three Months $90
    One Year $225
    One of the benefits of Millionaire Mate is they weed out those who have money with verification of members backgrounds by Millionaire Mate employees. You can’t have it better than that. Of course, having money doesn’t mean you will have a compatible relationship but it’s at least a step in the right direction for those looking for wealthy partners. If you don’t have money, you could be looking for friends with benefits. There is standard relationship hookup there there too. The older wealthy man or woman hooking up with the beautiful young woman or hot stud! And they could last or be a filler till the right situation comes along.
    Reaching Out to Members
    Members are encouraged to use video profiles. Fellow members can view and be viewed. You can also check out whose looking at your profile and videos and reach out to them via the messaging system. This is one of the great features of the site. It has its own messaging system and you don’t need to get any emails at all.
    At Millionaire Mate, members are encouraged to start blogs. This is a great way to show your interests be it travel, sports, fashion, or anything you are into. Fellow members can see your blog and contact you if interested. Similarly, you can browse blogs and message the blog owners who you might be interested in meeting!
    Millionaire Mate is a great site for those looking for members of wealth and taste both male and female. The fees are low compared to actual dating like going to a restaurant or out for drinks. You get much more up front in terms of backgrounds of members than you would at many websites and can guarantee you have at least a person with money. Millionaire Mate is also great for those who don’t have money looking to hookup with those who do. Many wealthy men or women are looking to hookup with hot young girls and guys. This is a great place for them as well.
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    Join Millionaire Mate for Free Click here