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    Outpersonals Gay Bisexual Hookup Site Review

    Outpersonals is one of the top gay and bisexual hookup sites online. There are millions of members from around the world making it a popular destination for meeting fellow gay and bisexual men. Women into gay and bisexual men are also members but you’ll find it’s primarily men seeking men. Members include twinks, bears, daddies, Asians, Latinos, Blacks. Those looking for sex only and long term relationships. There are several ways to hookup at Outpersonals giving members flexibility with reaching out to members.

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    Outpersonals Sign Up
    Signing up is easy. Just fill out a simple form with birthdate and creating a username and password. Your email is used to send a confirmation and that’s it. The free membership gives you a chance to look around but to get the best out of the site, a paid membership is best. Filing out the profile is best. If you only have a username and password, members can’t find out much about you. There are some excellent features about Outpersonals that allow members to check you out without compromising your privacy though. There are several levels of membership.
    Membership Levels

    Outpersonals Free Membership
    Free as noted about, the free membership gives limited access. You can chat in chatrooms and webcams and receive messages but can’t message members for more. You can create a profile and browse members’ profiles but only get limited views.
    Outpersonals Silver Membership Costs and Benefits
    1 Month $23
    3 Months $42
    1 Year $104
    The silver upgrade allows members to view full profiles, private photos. With the silver plan members can contact fellow members, save searches, appear first in other members’ searches and used the advanced search feature. Silver members can contact other members and send ice breakers to interested parties. Members also get extra data storage for photos and videos of members.
    Outpersonals Gold Membership Costs and Benefits
    1 Month $30
    3 Months $52
    1 Year $125
    The gold membership includes everything in the silver membership plan but gives even more data storage. The increase in data storage is good for saving members photos and videos who you might want to contact.

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    Outpersonals Webcams and Chatrooms
    Outpersonals is not only a dating and sex hookup site but also functions as a social media site. You can chat in chatrooms and video cam chatrooms where members are broadcasting almost all the time. Checking out members is great especially if they are located near you. You can literally check out your next partner from their broadcast show. You can also broadcast yourself and attract new partners. There is also a hopping chatroom with members from around the world chatting at any given time.

    Outpersonals Members Blogs
    A great way to meet people who might be interested in you without compromising your privacy is to create a blog. Blogs show the world what you’re interested in and where you spend your time. And members can see this and find someone with shared interests. It’s a great starting point for any connection.

    Interest Groups at Outpersonals
    Another great feature of Outpersonals is the interest groups. Members can create a group as an online meeting place for members. There are thousands of groups and you can join for free. Some of the groups include Tranny Lounge, Butt Fucking, Long Island Man to Man Hookup, Oral Service for Married or Bi, Cleveland Bi-sex group, top looking for bottoms, White Men for Black tops , and more. And if you can’t find a group with your interests, you can create your own!

    Outpersonals Magazine
    The magazine section also has forum on many topics. You can post questions or answers on various subjects including:Breaking Up, Building a Relationship, Dating, Dating Safety, Erotic Stories, First Dates, Fitness and Health, Poems, Sex Secrets, Life in the Closet, and more.

    outpersonals magazine

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    Outpersonals Succes Stories
    volvo09 said
    while surfing last nite I came across the hottest guy from Nashville. You know he wasn’t extraordinary in any way but I was so turned on by his pic as he lowered his white shirt down just above his bare ass. We chatted on IMC for awhile and my cock was rock hard and dripping with excitement. I felt my heart racing which I suppose is a little wierd for just a chat encounter. He’s about 500 miles from me but I want to go see him so bad I’m going to make point of swinging through Nashville on my next trip north. Its funny, I viewed dozens of really hot guys this past week but this guy really lit me up. I guess chemistry is still alive and well. I hope everyone can find their hot guy on here. It takes alot of looking.
    ricky21ug said
    well being gay is wonderful but to me in my country uganda it has not been good because i dont have apartener eversince my partener left me i only masterbate which cant help me at all because i have tried as hard as i can but still i have not met anyone good for me my life is full of loneliness i need someones help thank you
    VanyaVanya said
    I have been out and active in the M2M scene for nearly 30 years. After the end of a 16-year relationship, and the death of my 2nd partner, I found it hard to get back into the dating scene. Then I found OP’s Manly-Men group.

    The Manly-Men group gave me the opportunity to meet lots of great guys and to hook up with me with similar interests as mine, particularly other men! I became a Calendar Guy on M-M, wrote the jingle for the group, and was asked to lead discussions! I continue to be active in the discussions and find that I rank second only to the group moderator for number of postings to the group.

    Join Outpersonals for Free click here

    My interests continued to grow (as did the bulge in my pants) and I began exploring OP in general. I wrote my first blog, added to the polls, and became a defacto expert on health and sexuality on the magazine. I feel as though some of the guys who post regularly are part of my online family (although I’d prefer to have sex with all of these guys than to have them be part of my family!).

    Participating in OP gives me much joy. It’s damn fun, gives me the chance to explore my beliefs and feelings, provides a pool of sexy, hot, horny men to fuck around with, and helps me to feel like I’m contributing to my community. Who could ask for anything more?

    But of most importance, OP has given me a voice as an openly gay, proud, Midwestern, hairy, husky, nearly-50-year-old man! Thank you, OP, for letting the real Vanya-Vanya stand up!

    Vanya-Vanya aka John aka “The Amazing Vanya”

    ed76006 said
    Im fairly new to m4m, newly bi. Ive been iso a big muscular well endowed black man from the very beginning. Its only been a few months, but its the fantasy that got me started. Ive met a few that were close on other sites, and had fun. Today I found it here. Exactly what I had been looking for actually found me. It was everything and more, again, and again. If I had been on any other site chances are it never would have happened. Outpersonals has so many features you dont see anywhere else. It felt sooo good…
    HARLEQUIN2008 said
    I have always been a workaholic and didnt have a lot of time to meet other guys, then I decided to join outpersonal and my life has changed I’ve met so many really nice guys there hasnt been one that hasnt been nice, kind and charming now instead of working so hard I relax with all my friends across the world, so a big thank you to outpersonal for giving me the opportunity to meet such wonderful people.
    Angrycoc83 said
    Let me start by saying a big thank you to Outpersonals. Thanks to OP, I have found the man of my life on here, actually he found me!

    In short, this is my story:

    I was broadcasting my cam, he paged me. We started to chat to each other. Then from complete strangers, we became very good friends and eventually this friendship became a love relationship. Of course we met and the feelings we have for one another is stronger than what we thought it would be. Our love is like that special feeling we have for one another that one can really experienced until one meet that special someone who is like a dream in reality and being with that person makes you think:”Am I dreaming or is this reality?”. Now, we are well and truly living this dream in reality, thanks to OP. Words cannot convey my gratitude to OP, thank you, thank you and thank you again coz my gratitude is endless.

    I wish everybody good luck on OP, and if you are looking for your soulmate, believe in yourself, believe in destiny and please always be honest to one another coz love, well true love, it will find its way.

    To love and be loved in return, is the best feeling your heart can ever experienced. We have experienced it and I hope you will too. May you find that special person with whom you can truly be yourself and live the life you have always been dreaming of together. All my good wishes to you all and remember to always being honest. If you have not found your heart delight yet, go and look for him now coz he is there somewhere waiting for you and I hope with all my heart you will find him or he will find you!

    Good luck to you all and thank you for taking your time to read the story of my life! Take care xxx

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