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    Asian Seamstress

    8 June, 2019 (21:44) | Asian Sex Stories | By: admin

    by Esperanza (


    A married man visits a tailor shop and ends up having
    sex with the seamstress. (MF, affair, exh, asian)


    My cock just erupted, blast after exciting blast of
    warm horny male cum into the air and onto the floor as
    the lady next to me looked on. The expression on her
    face was stunned and then awkwardness � all in one. But
    not horrified or angry � that sent a signal to my brain
    and cock. All was not lost. This sort of humiliating
    experience might not turn into a disaster.

    It started when my wife dragged me downtown to an
    indoor flea market area to buy cheap clothes, pants,
    shirts and jackets, which could then be tailored, again
    cheaply, to look expensive. Since we were in an Asian
    and Latino section of the city, the store had a large
    staff of seamstresses who basically worked cheap and
    did a great job.

    This clothing store had the flair of a family-style
    restaurant. You know, the old type of place where the
    customers sit at large tables of 12 or more people, and
    where you do not know the person sitting next to you.
    But you do it because the food is so good you put up
    with the lack of style and comfort. Well, this clothing
    store had racks and racks of clothing and changing
    stalls which were not well concealed from the shoppers
    so that you could basically see the person in the
    dressing stall taking off her dress or putting on a
    bra.… Read the rest

    An Escort for the Wife

    8 June, 2019 (19:20) | Uncategorized | By: admin

    by Starfire Mayo (address withheld)


    A husband hires an escort for his wife in Bangkok.
    (MFF, wife, bi, size, prost, swing, asian)


    Kim and I had been married for five years now. Kim is a
    very beautiful brunette (Bust 34C Waist 24 Hips 34
    5ft5″). She had received a strong catholic upbringing.
    Sex had never been her strong point for her or a
    central part of our marriage and as time went by she
    seemed to lose interest in it.

    At first I did nothing, then I started to buy her
    naughty underwear and hire porno films to watch
    together to spice up our relationship. This seemed to
    work better than I expected. Seeing other women getting
    shafted by studs and men swapping wives aroused her and
    we would end up screwing like rabbits. When I broached
    the subject of actually going further and really doing
    a wife swap she declared firmly that she would never
    consider it. I did not give up though. I just decided
    to make it happen.

    We had gone to Bangkok for our holidays and we were
    staying at the Marriott. It was a plush room with two
    king size double beds. Looking through the Yellow Pages
    under ‘Escorts’ I found an advert for couples and shows
    and phoned them up. I told the man on the end of the
    line that I was looking for a couple to come and put on
    a sex show in my hotel room. I wanted the man to be
    handsome and virile.… Read the rest