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    A Day At The Beach – a Lesbian Pussy Licking Sexstory

    21 December, 2019 (16:01) | Lesbian Sex Stories | By: admin

    By Phoebe


    I’ve always had a self-image problem. I don’t think
    that I’m very pretty and I know that I’m not
    comfortable in most social situations. Ever since I
    was in kindergarten I’ve been shy and quiet at
    school. But when I finally started high school things
    rapidly changed for me.

    It was about half way through my freshman year that I
    met Karen and her friends. I’d known who they were of
    course, because they were very out going and everyone
    saw them around school. It was in Freshman English
    that I found myself teamed up on a project with
    Karen. For some reason we hit it off right away and
    before I knew what I’d agreed to, I was going to the
    beach with “the gang” that weekend.

    I live in San Diego and the beach is only a few miles
    away from my house, but you could count on one hand
    the amount of times I’d actually been. Well, I was
    really nervous about my upcoming trip with “the gang’
    not knowing how to act or even what to wear. Being a
    14-year-old “very insecure” girl is no fun, let me
    tell you. I spent the rest of the week worrying about
    every little detail and imagining every little thing
    that could go wrong and was just about to throw in
    the towel by Friday.

    But it turned out that I wanted to go more than I
    wanted to stay safe. For some reason I was excited
    about this trip with my classmates, and I think I was
    also a little tired of always missing out on what
    looked like fun to me.… Read the rest

    Asian Sweatergirl

    8 June, 2019 (21:45) | Asian Sex Stories | By: admin

    by Fuzzysweaterlover (address withheld)


    An Asian girl I date loves to fantasize about having
    sex with other men while having sex with me. (MF, exh,
    mast, asian)


    This is all a true story of a sexy Asian girl I’m
    dating… I started dating this hot Asian girl and at
    her suggestion, posted a number of pictures of her on a
    sweatergirl website which began an explosive run on her
    fantasies as she saw the number of men who responded to
    her photos all telling her what they would like to do
    to her!

    What I love about her is she is a fantasy lover and
    loves handjobs and fucking all while wearing soft fuzzy
    sweaters! She loves the feel of these sweaters on her
    skin and I do too… soft angora or mohair as we fuck.
    It all started when we went to one of our restaurants
    we go to and there’s a waiter there she thinks is hot
    and I could see them looking at each other so the next
    time we went, I had her wear this super fuzzy hot pink
    sweater and he could not stop looking at her and vice
    versa. I knew I was going to have a hot time that

    She had some to drink and I asked her to go pay the
    bill up front where he was at and I could see them
    talking. When we got in the car, she started rubbing my
    cock. I asked her if she was thinking about him and she
    said yes.… Read the rest

    Asian Cam Surprise

    8 June, 2019 (21:32) | Asian Sex Stories | By: admin

    by Billy Bond (


    Asian wife learns sexual exhibition while she also learns
    about the Internet from her husband.


    I was looking at my favorite porn site on the net; it had
    some of the best nude Asian women I had ever seen. As I
    clicked through the different thumbnails, I became very
    aroused. My cock was growing in my boxers, I loved to use
    the Internet as foreplay before having sex with my wife

    I looked at my watch, cursing the time I had again spent
    on the computer when I heard a shuffle on the stairs
    above me. I looked away from the porno site just in time
    to see a glimpse of someone darting her eyes through the
    oak railing of the entertainment area of the basement.

    I began closing the jpegs and sites quickly but not quick
    enough, the next thing I saw was my 5’0 Asian wife Kim
    standing right over my shoulder leering at my 21″
    monitor, still filled with pictures of nude Asian women,
    some very young, others in several forms of rope bondage.

    Kim, my wife of eight years was now giving me that
    shameful look, she had caught me before, chatting with
    lonely women. This was new. She could see my fantasies.
    In the past I could deny anything because Kim did not
    know perfect English and never really spent much time on
    the computer. She knew even less about the Internet, now
    it was blatantly obvious where my interests were.… Read the rest