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    A Breeding Performance -an Interracial Sex Story

    12 May, 2018 (01:33) | Interracial Sex Stories | By: admin

    by Karen Kay (


    A gorgeous blonde housewife teams up with a muscular
    hung black man to perform on stage for white male
    patrons. She encounters two major problems when they
    fly into Detroit to perform at a private show. (FFM,
    exh, reluc, intr)


    Dawn sat looking out at the wing of the plane as her
    mind drifted back several months to the first night she
    worked as a whore. She was well seasoned now with a lot
    of experience about black men.

    They all came to her for one thing. They wanted white
    pussy! Once the word got around that she was married
    she became very popular with the men wanting clean
    white pussy.

    She looked over at Lucy. She was asleep. Dawn
    remembered how she blamed her friend for getting her
    hooked up being a prostitute. The bills had been paid
    plus Dawn setup a personal account with more than on
    hundred thousand dollars.

    If Richard every found out he’d want to know where the
    money came from for sure. She loved her husband dearly
    but had to find a way in the future where she could
    tell him about the money. Maybe she would tell him an
    aunt left her the cash. He’d want to know everything.
    It’s just the way Richard was.

    She crossed her legs feeling the warmth coming from her
    pussy. She must have fucked hours last night. She’d
    been seeing a guy regularly. His name was Lance. Lance
    worked as a body guard for rich and famous people.… Read the rest

    After The Party – 3

    10 May, 2018 (15:57) | Swinger Sex Stories | By: admin

    by Ben1 (no address provided)


    The final part of my story about couple who’s swinging
    caused a big change in their lives. (FFM, swingers)


    PART 3

    I was still annoyed at Jean and her demanding ways of
    recent times. I did not like being used by her and she
    was changing all the time she was with John.

    I had decided that I needed to take a break from her
    and got a short lease on an apartment just to get my
    head together. I was still seeing Ann as often as I
    could. We were having lots of fun and great sex. She
    was becoming a real woman who enjoyed life and love.
    We were getting really close and our time together was
    special to me.

    One weekend when Ann was staying over with me she said
    she had a favor to ask. It was a big favor and I was
    under no pressure to agree she said.

    “What is it?” I asked, worrying that something had

    “I have this very close friend she said we were very
    close before we got together and well were always
    together. She is older than me she said and even older
    than you, not that you are old,” she said.

    “Thanks,” I replied.

    “Well, you see she lost her husband some years back
    and since then she has been alone. You can see the
    years are getting to her and I wanted to cheer her up.
    So I want to invite her over this weekend for a meal
    and a night out, is that ok with you.… Read the rest

    After The Party part 1

    10 May, 2018 (15:51) | Swinger Sex Stories | By: admin

    by Ben1 (no address provided)


    Wife becomes more adventurous after the events at a
    party they attended at their friend’s house. (FFM, bi,
    swinger, orgy)


    We had settled into a routine of having sex once a
    week at the weekends as we were working and were tired
    after the hard week. The sex was great and we were
    trying to keep the trill as high as possible.

    Jean came come home very late some nights from work
    saying that she had to stay back to finish some work.
    She would go straight to bed those nights saying she
    was very tired and needed to get her rest. This went
    on for a few weeks and even at the weekends we did not
    have any sex as she was too tired.

    One Friday night Jean came home late and said that one
    of the women was leaving and they were having a going
    away party for her on the Saturday night.

    On the Saturday Jean was getting ready and was having
    a few drinks as she did so. She was having a shower
    and I brought her in another drink, as I entered the
    shower room I noticed that she was shaving her pussy.
    I stood and watched her doing it, she completely
    shaved all her pussy hair off. Normally I do this for
    her and we would have great sex while doing so. I made
    a noise as I entered the room and Jean turned her back
    to me saying she was just finished and leave the drink
    on the unit.… Read the rest