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    Lesbian Students Hookup for Sex while Studying

    26 November, 2019 (21:10) | Lesbian Sex Hookups, Lesbian Sex Stories | By: admin

    Aria Lee and Jill Kassidy, two friends, study together, quizzing each other a bit. As they do, chatting about how challenging college is, Jill playfully puts her feet up on Aria’s lap. Aria is a bit surprised and flustered. She does nothing for a few moments, then seizes the moment and idly rubs Jill’s feet while being quizzed.After Aria rubs Jill’s feet for a period of time, Aria slowly begins rubbing further up Jill’s leg. Jill is surprised as she watches Aria. Aria doesn’t seem to notice she’s being watched. Jill continues to quiz Aria, though the questions start to become few and far between. Aria lightly caresses Jill’s leg, as if admiring it. Aria then idly rests a hand on Jill’s thigh, making it even more intimate by lightly squeezing or patting. She still doesn’t seem aware that Jill is watching her, lost in her own little world while mindlessly answering quiz questions.

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    Jill is now blatantly watching Aria with surprise and amusement, though Aria still doesn’t notice. Jill becomes aroused through all the touch. Jill bites her bottom lip then goes for it, trying to give Aria a kiss, although it’s more like a peck on the lips because Aria quickly recoils, surprised. Jill insists that Aria was giving her very strong signals.Aria is embarrassed, admitting that she’s been sexually frustrated lately and that she didn’t mean to send the wrong signals.… Read the rest

    Teen Lesbian Hookup Story – A Dark And Stormy Night

    25 November, 2019 (22:35) | Lesbian Sex Hookups, Lesbian Sex Stories | By: admin

    By Ann Douglas

    * with apologies to a certain long eared beagle.

    A sudden flash of lightning filled the small
    cabin, causing the transistor radio to momentarily
    crackle with static. A few seconds later, the June
    night was filled with a resounding crash as the sound
    of thunder caught up with the light. The storm had
    been raging for a little over two hours, alternating
    between violent clashes in the sky and the steady
    patter of rain against the windows.
    “That was a good one!” Exclaimed the dark
    haired girl as she clapped in appreciation of the
    sudden illumination.
    “You wouldn’t think so if we were out
    there.” Replied her companion as she pointed out
    the large bay windows to the lake beyond.
    “But we’re not, are we?” The first girl
    retorted in an exaggerated pout. “Sometimes you can
    be such a worrier.”
    “You’re right.” The first girl answered. “But
    one of us has to have some sense. Otherwise you’d
    have us out on the lake because you’d get a better
    “Hey that’s an idea.” Robyn said in mock
    seriousness. “We could take one of the boats down
    by the dock and…”
    “Don’t even think it….” Valerie cut her
    off in a dead stop tone.
    Both girls then broke into laughter.

    All in all, watching the storm and snacking
    on popcorn and the wine they had snuck out of the
    liquor cabinet wasn’t the worst way the two 17 year
    olds could spend the night. Of course it wasn’t what
    they had thought it would be when they come up to
    the lake two days before.… Read the rest