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    8 June, 2019 (21:31) | Asian Sex Stories | By: admin

    by Michael (


    Min Young-ju came to work for our small Phoenix based
    business just two months ago. She had an MBA in
    accounting and was willing to work for peanuts. My
    wife and I thought we were pretty lucky to get her.
    But we didn’t know just how lucky we were.


    The first time I saw Min Young-ju was the day she came in
    for a job interview. She was from Korea and new to our

    My wife and I have a small business in Phoenix and we’re
    always trying to find front office people, so it wasn’t
    unusual to give interviews at anytime during the week.

    The only thing I remember about her was that she never
    said a word to anyone, only to my wife during the
    interview, and that she was sort of cute.

    I was surprised when Cheryl told me that she’d hired her.
    But according to her resume she had an MBA in accounting
    and was willing to work for peanuts, so I guess we were
    lucky. At the time I didn’t know just how lucky.

    My wife Cheryl is an exceptional woman. She helped me
    build our business from the first, and the fact that she
    has pretty Scandinavian features and a sex drive like a
    man hasn’t hurt our relationship either.

    It’s nice to have a pretty wife, but kinky and pretty is
    one hell of a combination. I know how lucky I am. I’ve
    talked to plenty of my buddies to know just how special
    Cheryl is.… Read the rest

    A Game Where Everyone Wins

    10 May, 2018 (16:27) | Swinger Sex Stories | By: admin

    by Biguy13 (


    I get set up by a couple, only to end the night with a
    different partner. (MF-couples, bi, oral, anal, orgy,


    “And how do we play this game of yours?” I asked.

    “It’s pretty simple.” Sasha replied, “It’s kind of like
    the basketball game ‘HORSE’ except it’s different moves
    on your partner. So, when one couple does a move, the
    other couple has to mimic it to the best of their
    ability, and then it’s their turn to make a new move.”

    “Sounds like a plan babe. So it’s us verse them?” Said

    “HA! HA! Sorry, but there is a slight twist in this
    game. It’s going to be chicks verse dicks.”

    “Woah, this is bullshit! I spent my whole night dancing
    and talking with Lisa here, only to get cock instead of
    pussy?!” I was a little disappointed. Although I am bi,
    I still have a strong attraction to women. Tonight I
    was set up with Lisa (by Sasha and Corey) and the four
    of us when out to dinner and then a club. The moment I
    was introduced to Lisa, I just had to have her.

    “You’re a bit conceited.” Sasha giggled.

    “Fuck being conceited, why did you sound so nonchalant
    about getting ‘dick’?” Corey asked rather curiously
    with a hint of disbelief.

    Ah shit, I just stared at him with a slight feeling of
    embarrassment. But that went away as my eyes checked
    him out as he turned to look back at the girls.… Read the rest

    A Fantasy, From Heaven To Hell

    10 May, 2018 (15:50) | Swinger Sex Stories | By: admin

    by Dave Dee (address withheld)


    A fantasy becomes a reality, but when a husband gets
    his wish, there is a twist. (MF-cpls, swingers,



    Let me begin by introducing myself, I’m Dave now in
    the twilight of my years but still reasonably fit and
    healthy with an active imagination that can run wild
    occasionally. Sadly I was born before the sexual
    revolution and so have led a rather straight laced
    existence, sexually speaking. Currently and hopefully
    forever I am in a loving relationship with my partner
    Sally. We have been together for some time now, and
    the honeymoon period is well and truly over, but we
    still lead an active warm and loving sex life if a
    little bit stayed at times, and definitely nothing

    Back to my imagination I would never, nor could I ever
    contemplated an affair, I love Sally and would not
    wish to either hurt her. Saying that though, my
    imagination is forever seeking some form of sexual
    adventurism. Sally is not a prude by any means, but
    for example she will not even sunbathe topless in our
    back garden, which isn’t overlooked by any of the
    neighbors, just recently though on a weekend away I
    persuaded her to read an erotic short story with me
    when we went to bed, and my god was the sex great

    Life is hard, full of the same old mundane work
    routines, stresses and pressures of everyday living
    occasionally interspaced with the excitement and
    pleasure brought about by my over active imagination.… Read the rest