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    Asian Delight 2: Imagination

    8 June, 2019 (21:40) | Asian Sex Stories | By: admin

    by Black Demon


    A beautiful young Asian woman imagines what it would
    be like to take a big black man. (MF, intr, cheating,
    asian, oral, anal, cons, cuck)


    Author Note: This is a fictional story intended for
    Adults only!


    The beautiful Asian bank teller cringed as the huge
    black customer appeared before her to make a deposit.
    Being a minority herself, Cindy believed all people
    should be treated equally and had no hatred towards
    blacks, but this giant black man gave her the shivers.
    She cringed at this coal black monster who grinned at
    her, felling as if his cold dark eyes were stripping
    the clothes right off her body.

    Cindy Matsukawa shook nervously when she gave Mr.
    Billy Campbell his money. She stood at a mere 5’2″,
    112 lbs, very fair complexion with long flowing black
    hair. She froze with fear as a large black hand made
    contact with her dainty hand.

    Cindy gasped and was speechless as the grinning
    customer began caressing her soft tiny hand. Cindy was
    powerless to jerk her hand away but merely shook in
    revulsion. Just before another customer got in line,
    Billy leaned over to whisper to her, “Imagine your
    lovely hand jerking off my long black cock! Bet you
    can’t get your fingers to go around it? See you soon,
    honey!” Then he disappeared, leaving Cindy shaking
    with fear.

    Born and raised in the United States, Cindy was
    brought up with the oriental customs by her loving and
    caring parents, who had emigrated from Japan.… Read the rest

    A Birthday to Remember – A Swingers Sexstory

    5 March, 2019 (15:57) | Swinger Sex Stories | By: admin

    by Young Writer (no address provided)


    The best birthday gift a guy can get. (MMF, swingers,
    oral, anal)


    It was my 19th birthday, my girlfriend Ashleigh had
    turned up early to help me with preparations before my
    group of friends showed up for the party, however,
    this never happened.

    7.30 pm and the doorbell rang, it was mine and
    Ashleigh’s friend Rebecca wearing a tight red corset
    which showed off her luscious breasts, I offered her a
    glass of champagne and me and her finished off the
    bottle between us as Ashleigh doesn’t drink.

    An hour later not expecting anyone else to turn up we
    ordered a Chinese and got down to the nights
    entertainment, it started with a game of singstar then
    after a bit more drink we started playing twister, I
    spun the wheel, right hand red, Rebecca slid her hand
    to the right, mine also landed on red, a few turns
    later she was on all fours with me behind her, her ass
    right in front of my face, the sight of her bent over
    turned me on and my cock grew hard. “What’s that

    I noticed Ashleigh staring and pointing at my erect
    cock, Rebecca fell on purpose to see what was going
    on, both girls stared and I blushed in embarrassment.

    “Think someone is horny,” giggled Rebecca as she gave
    Ashleigh a wink then pleaded with her to rub my cock.

    Ashleigh stared at her for a minute then grabbed her
    neck, “His cock is mine!”

    Very turned on by her neck being grabbed Rebecca threw
    my girlfriend to the floor and started kissing her
    neck, Ashleigh moaned loudly as her neck was being
    caressed with soft kisses, then shoved her tongue in
    Rebecca’s mouth, my cock grew even harder watching the
    two girls make out, I couldn’t contain it any longer,
    I ripped off my jeans to reveal my throbbing 9inch
    cock, the two girls looked at each other and instantly
    poked out their tongues and ran them up and down the
    shaft till pre cum dripped on their tongues, Rebecca
    pulled Ashleigh’s hair and guided her mouth towards my
    dick.… Read the rest