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    Asian Date

    8 June, 2019 (21:36) | Asian Sex Stories | By: admin

    by Billybond06 (


    A military man discovers his Asian wife having an
    affair by accidentally finding a video tape. (MF, exh,
    v, mast, oral, anal, bd, asian, military)


    While my wife and I were stationed in the Southwest
    with the military, I had a 4-month affair with an
    attractive married woman that lived nearby. At that
    time, Ji young, my Korean wife was double shifting as a
    waitress at a local Asian restaurant. Ji young, who
    goes by an American adopted name, “Jina,” finally found
    out about the affair when she found a hickey on my

    I admitted everything to her and she went into a rage.
    I couldn’t blame the affair on anything except the fact
    I needed sex and Gina was too tired, too stressed all
    the time, and my illicit partner was as ready as I was.
    (“Pat” and I both had had great sex over the time of
    the affair).

    Jina and I had both just turned 30 (only months apart)
    when the affair ended. Jina was at the peak of her
    sexual attractiveness (in my opinion) at that time. At
    the time, she had long black hair that made her look
    like a teenage schoolgirl. Her 34c tits and long eraser
    nipples made her stand out from other flatter-chested
    Asians. She still has the roundest ass and nicest
    bubble butt around. And she is only 5’0 and 103lbs.

    Immediately after the affair, our communications
    obviously broke down; Jina began drinking while hanging
    out with friends and also began gambling; something I
    did not understand about her.… Read the rest

    Alana Does Dallas – 3

    10 May, 2018 (16:39) | Swinger Sex Stories | By: admin

    by Holden Magroin (


    The final chapter of our wild stay in Dallas. I once
    again get to watch as my beautiful wife takes on
    multiple lovers. (MF, exh, voy, oral, bi, wife, cream-
    pie, orgy)


    Part 3

    While my wife, Alana, did her make-up and dressed for
    our final evening out in Dallas, I went down to the
    hotel bar to meet our new friend Ian. Just the night
    before, Ian had spent the evening in our hotel room for
    a night of wild sex, including fucking my wife and
    having both Alana and I suck his cock. I was looking
    forward to more of the same for our last night here.

    When I met up with Ian, he was sitting at the bar
    drinking with two guys, both of whom looked barely old
    enough to be in a bar. As I joined them, Ian introduced
    them as Jason and Andrew, both of whom were seniors at
    Baylor and working in the hotel as bellmen. They had
    just gotten off work and were having a drink before
    meeting some of their fellow students for a night on the

    I bought a fresh round of drinks for the four of us and
    we spent the next half hour drinking and talking
    football. They love their football in Texas.

    Alana finally joined us and she was looked absolutely
    stunning. She had on a short, black dress that was very
    low cut and showed off her body well. She also had on
    black stockings that I knew were held up by a garter
    belt.… Read the rest

    Alana Does Dallas – 1

    10 May, 2018 (16:34) | Swinger Sex Stories | By: admin

    by Holden Magroin (


    My beautiful wife makes me her willing cuckold again as
    we spend a wild three days in Dallas. I get to watch her
    as she finds several well hung men to give her pleasure.
    (MMF, bi, oral, wife, husb-voy, cuck swingers, cream-
    pie, size)


    Part 1

    My name is Matt and I love to watch my wife Alana fuck
    other men. In case you did not read our previous story,
    “Alana”, which can be found in Directory 68, allow me to
    give you a little of our background. My wife Alana is
    strikingly beautiful, with amazing green eyes and long,
    thick dark hair. She is 37 years old and she still turns
    heads as she walks down the street.

    She is 5’4″ tall, and even though she carries a little
    extra weight in her butt and thighs, she has an amazing
    body. She has three young sons from a previous marriage
    and when we met her once spectacular D-cup boobs had
    sagged from breastfeeding. As a wedding present I had
    paid for a top notch surgeon to redo her tits to their
    original glory, and she is now a perfect embodiment of
    sexiness and beauty.

    I am 41 year old successful attorney. I was a confirmed
    bachelor when Alana and I met a year ago. I keep in good
    shape and have always enjoyed a healthy sex life. In
    contrast to my confident demeanor in business, I have
    always had a slightly submissive side sexually, due
    mostly to my feeling that my not quite six inch dick was
    on the smallish side.… Read the rest

    A Game Where Everyone Wins

    10 May, 2018 (16:27) | Swinger Sex Stories | By: admin

    by Biguy13 (


    I get set up by a couple, only to end the night with a
    different partner. (MF-couples, bi, oral, anal, orgy,


    “And how do we play this game of yours?” I asked.

    “It’s pretty simple.” Sasha replied, “It’s kind of like
    the basketball game ‘HORSE’ except it’s different moves
    on your partner. So, when one couple does a move, the
    other couple has to mimic it to the best of their
    ability, and then it’s their turn to make a new move.”

    “Sounds like a plan babe. So it’s us verse them?” Said

    “HA! HA! Sorry, but there is a slight twist in this
    game. It’s going to be chicks verse dicks.”

    “Woah, this is bullshit! I spent my whole night dancing
    and talking with Lisa here, only to get cock instead of
    pussy?!” I was a little disappointed. Although I am bi,
    I still have a strong attraction to women. Tonight I
    was set up with Lisa (by Sasha and Corey) and the four
    of us when out to dinner and then a club. The moment I
    was introduced to Lisa, I just had to have her.

    “You’re a bit conceited.” Sasha giggled.

    “Fuck being conceited, why did you sound so nonchalant
    about getting ‘dick’?” Corey asked rather curiously
    with a hint of disbelief.

    Ah shit, I just stared at him with a slight feeling of
    embarrassment. But that went away as my eyes checked
    him out as he turned to look back at the girls.… Read the rest

    A Birthday to Remember

    10 May, 2018 (15:47) | Swinger Sex Stories | By: admin

    by Young Writer (no address provided)


    The best birthday gift a guy can get. (MMF, swingers,
    oral, anal)


    It was my 19th birthday, my girlfriend Ashleigh had
    turned up early to help me with preparations before my
    group of friends showed up for the party, however,
    this never happened.

    7.30 pm and the doorbell rang, it was mine and
    Ashleigh’s friend Rebecca wearing a tight red corset
    which showed off her luscious breasts, I offered her a
    glass of champagne and me and her finished off the
    bottle between us as Ashleigh doesn’t drink.

    An hour later not expecting anyone else to turn up we
    ordered a Chinese and got down to the nights
    entertainment, it started with a game of singstar then
    after a bit more drink we started playing twister, I
    spun the wheel, right hand red, Rebecca slid her hand
    to the right, mine also landed on red, a few turns
    later she was on all fours with me behind her, her ass
    right in front of my face, the sight of her bent over
    turned me on and my cock grew hard. “What’s that

    I noticed Ashleigh staring and pointing at my erect
    cock, Rebecca fell on purpose to see what was going
    on, both girls stared and I blushed in embarrassment.

    “Think someone is horny,” giggled Rebecca as she gave
    Ashleigh a wink then pleaded with her to rub my cock.

    Ashleigh stared at her for a minute then grabbed her
    neck, “His cock is mine!”

    Very turned on by her neck being grabbed Rebecca threw
    my girlfriend to the floor and started kissing her
    neck, Ashleigh moaned loudly as her neck was being
    caressed with soft kisses, then shoved her tongue in
    Rebecca’s mouth, my cock grew even harder watching the
    two girls make out, I couldn’t contain it any longer,
    I ripped off my jeans to reveal my throbbing 9inch
    cock, the two girls looked at each other and instantly
    poked out their tongues and ran them up and down the
    shaft till pre cum dripped on their tongues, Rebecca
    pulled Ashleigh’s hair and guided her mouth towards my
    dick.… Read the rest