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    Alana Does Dallas – 2

    10 May, 2018 (16:37) | Swinger Sex Stories | By: admin

    by Holden Magroin (


    My wife and I continue our sexual adventures in the Big
    D. I get to again watch my wife while she hunts for and
    fucks big dicks. (MF, wife-exh, husb-voy, size,
    swingers, cream-pie)


    Part 2

    After our wild escapade of the night before, I woke up
    late Thursday morning and had to rush through a shower
    and shave before heading to the second day of my
    conference in Dallas. I decided to let my wife, Alana,
    sleep in since she had such a busy night.

    I arrived about 15 minutes after the first speaker
    started and grabbed a seat at an empty table in the
    back. As I sat there listening to the speaker I had
    trouble paying attention, as my mind kept playing over
    the events of the previous night when my wife had again
    fulfilled my fantasy by fucking another man while I
    watched. Her new lover, Ian, had an amazingly large and
    beautiful dick and I had even taken a turn sucking his
    cock during our wild night.

    As I sat daydreaming about the night before, Ian entered
    the conference room and took a seat next to me. He
    looked tired and this was no surprise considering all
    the activity of the previous night. We both sat
    listening for a few minutes, although neither of
    appeared all that interested in the subject. Finally I
    turned to Ian and quietly told him that I was going to
    go grab some breakfast rather than sit through another
    boring lecture.… Read the rest