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Carter Cruise is tutoring mischievous Kenzie Reeves for her biology exam, but all she has on her mind is lesbian fornication. Carter can see that Kenzie is into her and tries ignoring her pupils flirtatious advances.Kenzie says she needs extra attention from Carter which has nothing to do with her studies. Carter pretends to play coy, but Kenzie knows the word on the street is that Carter is not only good at tutelage, but lesbian intimacy is her #1 specialty.Kenzie kisses Carter's pierced boobs and takes off her thong, spits in between her lesbian lovers pussy lips and eats away at her asshole. Carter moans in euphoric delight and returns the favor to her slutty student. They embrace with passion and they both plunge with sexual excitement as they lick and finger each others pussy lips in a uncontrolled environment of licentious sex!

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And then, she must have slid off the bed onto the floor, her hot breath was right there, right on me. And then, I felt it. The wonderful sensation of a hot moist tongue sliding its way across my pussy lips. Again and again. Then softly, insistently pushing, getting inside a little bit. Licking. Then sucking.

She found my clit, engorged, and circled it with her tongue. She pushed my button and I almost squealed in delight. I lay back against the wall, an uncomfortable position but I hardly noticed, overcome with the sensations of Sara's tongue working me over. My hips lifted up, wanting more, wanting to get her whole tongue inside me, wanting her hot mouth to envelop my moist pussy.

It felt like my whole body was swirling down into a point right between my legs. Sara licked me, up and down my slit, sliding her tongue over my labia, probing into little folds of skin I barely knew existed. In moments that seemed to last forever, I listened to my ragged breathing in the darkness, while her tongue wormed its way into my pussy, mingling her saliva with my juices.

I was so hot I couldn't stand it. Her tongue was everywhere on and in me, flicking my clit and slurping away. My eyes were still clamped shut, flecks of red danced on my eyelids. Far away I heard a girl moaning in pleasure. The sounds were coming from me. Pleasure shot through me, I was high with delight. And then, very quietly, I said "Oh," and sighed.

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